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Sunday, 31 March, 2002, 16:32 GMT 17:32 UK
Crossroads: Your views
Britney Spears with co-star Anson Mount
A new string to Britney's bow?
Britney Spears follows the tried and tested route of many singers before her as she attempts to make the leap from pop princess to screen diva.

In her debut film, Crossroads, Britney plays Lucy, a bright high-school graduate with a talent for music who meets up with two childhood friends after years apart.

"She appears to have an ability to act, yet is seriously hampered by being a world famous pop singer," wrote the BBC's Michael Osborn.

"It is difficult to appreciate that she is playing another character, not helped by her fictional role being all too similar to reality," he added.

But what do you think?


Could have done without the singing.
Dee, UK

I think that Britney, is a terrific singer and I suspect she'll be a great actor too.
Kayleigh, England

Britney is just brilliant pop singer and film star too. Her work in this film is super and after seeing her film I fall in love with her.
Tariq , Pakistan

I only went to see the film to see Benny on a big screen

NJ Fleming, UK
I am Britney's #1 fan so of course I went to see it on opening night. I absolutely loved it. So much I went to see it two more times. I think Britney was excellent in the movie and I think the movie was the best.
Shannon, US

I only went to see the film to see Benny on a big screen. I was sickened to see Britney Spears in his role.
NJ Fleming, UK

The movie is about as superficial as she is.
Deb, Bonney Lake, USA

I think Britney is great in everything she does and other are afraid that she will conquer other areas faster than other actors/singers have already tried. Britney has the will and courage to take steps into things she has never tried before and I am proud of her.
Jedika Ramos, USA

The only reason people are going to see it is because they want to see her barely clothed

Erin, Canada
I think she is so obnoxious. Obviously people like her - look how filthy rich she is. I wouldn't pay a penny for a CD or to go to one of her films. I think Christian Aguilera has a singing career. She has talent. I think Britney Spears has a personality disorder. She woke up one day thinking she was Madonna.
Brandee, USA

I went to the advance screening of the film yesterday and once again Britney has really shown her critics how talented she is. She blends in so naturally to the film and should be praised to have complete the film given her very tight schedule. Fans of Britney will love this movie, but those that aren't are sure to still enjoy themselves.
Chessy, England

I'm not a big fan of Britney, but I did take my daughter to see the movie and was surprised that Britney can actually act

Name Here
Britney can't act, and her movie sucks. The only reason people are going to see it is because they want to see her barely clothed like she always is. Once her fans realise she's a no-talent bimbo, she'll be history, and by what happened in London, that backlash is soon to come.
Erin, Canada

I'm not a big fan of Britney, but I did take my daughter to see the movie and was surprised that Britney can actually act. I think the movie was cute.
Christi, USA

Haven't seen the movie and don't plan to. This is to Adam - where is it written that Christians can't spend the money they earn on shopping sprees? If God gives someone the talent to make money, He certainly won't mind if they go shopping. Last year, after 9-11, Britney donated about $1m to the relief effort for victims of the attacks.

Just because someone is a famous Christian who enjoys a lavish lifestyle, that doesn't mean they don't support charities and help the poor. Unless you have access to their bank statements, you have no right to judge her or anyone else.
Kira, USA

I think Britney did a really good job. Sure it was a bit tacky at the start when she was singing but the acting was good. I'm not a fan of Britney at all but the movie had a good storyline which teenagers will be able to relate to. I would recommend it to people.
Adam Swaisland, England

I must admit I went to it to see Britney in her underwear - but about 15 minutes into the film I had to say I was pleasantly surprised that she can actually act

Paul, USA
I think Britney is a victim of her own hysteria; she has more entourage than talent.

Could someone also please explain to me how a self-professed Christian is able to indulge in £50,000 spending sprees, when just a fiver of that could save a life?
Adam, England

I saw the film but it was not true to the original 70s TV series. I mean I don't remember any singers but I hear Benny could sing in the shower. And what happened to Miss Diane? She was the star of the series and she didn't appear anywhere on the film. Disappointing.
Richard, England

I think Britney will be a B film girl. She worked as a Mickey mouse player for Disney, and was groomed by the pop industry. This is just another grooming. She is not a real actress. Just a wannabe.
Mitchell Blankenship, USA

It's a damn sight better than Mariah Carey's Glitter

James, England
I saw this film when it came out. I must admit I went to it to see Britney in her underwear. But about 15 minutes into the film I had to say I was pleasantly surprised that she can actually act. I ended up thoroughly enjoying the journey that the film takes you on.

Soon Britney will be bigger than J-Lo. Lets face it she can sing dance and act, and that's a winning combination.
Paul, USA

She's the new Elvis.
Marshall Ward, England

It's not a bad film - there's very little depth and a simple story, but the plot is more or less tenable and provides enough involvement to keep you engaged for 90 minutes. And it's a damn sight better than Mariah Carey's Glitter.
James, England

Absolute twaddle.
Mike Hall, UK

I think Britney Spears is incredibly courageous for putting herself on the line like this. With her pop star fame it must be clear to her that this is a risk. Not only will some people immediately seek out and watch the film due to Britney, more will avoid it for the same reason.

Britney Spears is a fantastic, good, clean cut role model for young women everywhere. She makes the Spice Girls' 'girl power' look weak in comparison.
Andrew Hannath, Swindon, UK

Britney is using her famous face to sell tickets, like Elvis did

Scott, Scotland
Has Britney got what it takes to be a movie star? Would the film be a success without her?

I think, looking at the huge response you have got, that no-one cares about Britney Spears, her singing or her acting. Should this not be published on the CBBC website?
Onk, France

It seems to me that this product was created in some kind of corporate boardroom, where the decision was made that it would sell well on the music market. The people in these boardrooms know quite well that the public will consume anything that's spooned down their throats in sufficient quantity.
Karol, Poland

Reminds me a bit of Elvis Presley, when he moved in to movies. Britney is using her famous face to sell tickets, like Elvis did, but in saying that I quite enjoyed some of his flicks. Let's just hope she hires better screenwriters than she does songwriters.
Scott, Scotland

I hate Britney Spears, and it's about time for a Britney backlash.
Jim, USA

Britney should just stick to singing. And if she absolutely has to do a movie and actually wants to be taken seriously she should do a movie where she is the star and the soundtrack consists of all of her songs. The movie sucked so bad but she doesn't suck.
Ileana, USA

I love Britney. She was a star and she sure can act as well as she can sing, and she don't look to bad in her skimpies neither.
Rudsy, UK

I think she makes a lot better popstar than actor!
Emily, England

The film was surprisingly good - me and my friend wanted to see if Britney could actually act... she can.
Linsey, England

This movie wasted one and a half hours out of my life. To add insult to injury, Britney was the worst actor compared to the others.
Woody, USA

I personally thought this film stunk. The only reason I bought a ticket was for a good laugh. I couldn't help but burst into laughter when Ben put music to Lucy's "poetry" - the scene was just plain ridiculous. Can Britney act? Somewhat. But in parts of the film I felt like I was getting way more "Britney" than Lucy (one major example is the end of the film when she's lip-synching..err singing). All in all, I wouldn't recommend it to her target audience because I think it's a pretty bad influence for girls who want to be like her. What a pathetic movie.
Lauren, US

I only went to see this film to see Britney in her underwear, I was actually suprised that she really can act and the film was good, proved all the critics wrong once again!!
Neil Davies, Wales

To be perfectly honest, I thought that it would be really boring and I didn't want to go and see it, but when I saw it with my little sister I was amazed at the quality of her acting. It's not a movie for guys to watch, they'd think it was boring, definitly a girl movie and one to see. She was brilliant.
Alex, England

I thought that the film was brill and I could watch it over again! Britney and the other gals were class and they acted really well. I think Britney should continue acting and singing as she is good at both. I'm not the biggest fan of Britney but I enjoyed the film very much.
Steffi, Portadown

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