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Aids Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 17:06 GMT 18:06 UK
AIDS has spread among Russia's sex workers Russia's Aids catastrophe growing
The spiralling rate of HIV infection in Russia and eastern Europe is revealed by shocking new figures.

aids pills Treatment 'holidays' may stall HIV
People with HIV may benefit from taking breaks from their regimen of drug treatments, scientists claim.

foreskin cells The kindest cut?
More evidence that circumcision could be protecting men from HIV infection is revealed.

Immune system 'can suppress HIV'
HIV patients who receive early treatment for the virus can be eventually taken off drugs without any ill effects, according to doctors.

Cash for condoms in developing world
The UK is contributing 25m to a fund to supply male and female condoms to the developing world.

Government 'failing Aids refugees'
The government's policy of dispersing refugees across the UK means some patients with HIV and Aids are not receiving the care they need, experts warn.

Aids: Mandela takes on Mbeki
Former South African president Nelson Mandela appears to have launched an attack on his successor's controversial Aids policy.

Row over Aids vaccine
A row over patenting between British and Kenyan scientists threatens to disrupt work on a vaccine for Aids.

Aids compounds malaria problem
Scientific research shows that people with HIV are twice as likely to develop malaria.

Scientists rule out polio link to Aids
Scientists have dismissed claims that the Aids virus could have passed from chimpanzees to humans through a polio vaccine.

Aids tops African agenda
Organizers of an economic forum of southern African nations say that Aids will top the agenda for the first time.

MP tests Aids vaccine
A Liberal Democrat MP becomes the first person to be injected with an Aids vaccine in trials which scientists hope could save millions of lives.

Tropical disease could fight Aids
Scientists say the tropical disease scrub typhus can suppress HIV and could lead to the development of a cheap treatment for Aids.

Mandela urges unity against Aids
Nelson Mandela calls on delegates at the Aids conference to put aside their differences and help the sick.

'War footing' urged to fight Aids
The UN Children's Fund says HIV infection and Aids represent the greatest threat that many societies have ever faced.

Africa's young 'abandoned' to Aids
The Unicef report blames political inaction for rampant levels of HIV infection among Africa's young.

UK HIV vaccine trials 'within months'
The go-ahead has been given for the first trials of an HIV vaccine developed by scientists studying immunity in Kenyan prostitutes.

Circumcision call from Aids doctors
Doctors call on health officials to promote circumcision among men in an effort to tackle the spread of HIV and Aids.

Aids effect 'like Black Death'
Aids could cut population numbers in some of the worst-hit African countries - the first falls attributable to disease since bubonic plague ravaged Europe.

Stark warning over Aids apathy
An HIV-positive South African judge compares developed nations' attitude to Aids to the German response to Nazis.

HIV 'rising at record rates'
It is likely that more people than ever in the UK contracted the Aids virus last year, despite millions spent on health warnings.

HIV spread 'could be checked'
The spread of HIV in developing countries could be combated by a programme of counselling and testing, say experts.

Record number of UK HIV cases
One person in every 1000 people aged 15-49 in the UK is infected by the HIV virus, according to latest figures.

'Test UN troops for HIV'
The United States has called for the voluntary HIV testing of all UN peacekeepers to help combat the spread of Aids.

Live HIV vaccine 'is possible'
Scientists are developing a live vaccine for HIV that cannot infect the people it is supposed to protect.

New Aids carriers 'infected in Africa'
The Department of Health is to focus future AIDS prevention programmes at people who travel abroad.

Circumcision cuts HIV risk
Uncircumcised men are at greater risk of HIV infection from heterosexual sex than circumcised men, say researchers.

Gay men 'take more sexual risks'
Gay men are having more unsafe sex despite the continuing threat of HIV, according to research.

Aids 'dates from 1930s'
An international group of scientists says there is evidence that Aids first appeared as early as 70 years ago.

Aids sceptics 'are wrong'
The argument that HIV does not lead to Aids has no basis in fact, say scientists.

New hope in Aids fight
Five firms slash the price of Aids drugs in a boost for millions of sufferers in countries priced out of treatment.

Asylum policy 'risks spreading HIV'
HIV positive refugee women could risk infecting their children because of the government's new policy on asylum seekers, say Aids charities.

Rabies used for HIV vaccine
Scientists have uncovered a new weapon in the fight against HIV - the rabies virus.

Straight sex HIV cases rise
More people in the UK contracted HIV through heterosexual sex than homosexual activity last year, figures reveal.

Prostitutes lose HIV immunity
A group of prostitutes thought to be immune to HIV have now become infected, causing dismay to scientists hoping to develop an Aids vaccine.

HIV drug damages the liver
Medication prescribed to HIV-infected patients causes 10% of them to suffer liver damage severe enough to merit ending the treatment, researchers find.

Scepticism over Aids 'cure'
Western Aids experts have poured cold water on reports from Armenia of a possible cure for the killer disease.

UN highlights Aids orphans
A report released on World Aids Day says more than 11 million children are orphaned by the disease and the number is set to soar.

Warning over Aids complacency
People wrongly think a cure has been found for Aids and teenagers think HIV is not relevant to them, new research shows.

HIV warning for Nigeria
As Aids infection soars in southern and eastern Africa, a new report warns Nigeria is also on the brink of a crisis.

Aids in Kenya: A social disease
Traditional practices such as wife inheritance are among the factors contributing to the spread of Aids in Kenya.

World Aids Day in pictures
World Aids Day is marked by events around the globe.

Aids: A case history
Many young people fail to practise safe sex because they wrongly believe a cure has been developed for the HIV virus. One young man, Lee, who is infected with HIV tells his story.

Aids prevention cut as drug costs spiral
Drugs to treat Aids are becoming so expensive that prevention programmes are being reined in, according to a leading doctor.

HIV hits 50 million
More than 50 million people have been infected with the HIV virus worldwide with 16 million deaths, say the UN and World Health Organisation.

Thousands unaware they have HIV
A third of the 30,000 adults infected with HIV in the UK are thought to be unaware of their condition.

Experts fight back against HIV threat
Developing countries are preparing guidelines for preventing the spread of new treatment-resistant strains of HIV.

Experts tackling Asian AIDS explosion
Asia's largest AIDS conference opens today as research shows that the disease is spreading faster there than anywhere else in the world.

HIV expert warns of bloating side effect
Scientists are baffled by a worrying side effect of HIV possibly associated with long-term use of drugs to control the condition.

Women demand HIV strategy
The government should adopt a national Aids strategy which deals with the specificf needs of women with HIV, according to the first UK-wide conference of women with the virus.

Aids impact of Asia's economic crisis
The Asian economic crisis helped spread HIV in Indonesia, but may have helped curb it in Thailand, according to a leading economist.

Aids up close
Aids is one of the world's most deadly contagious diseases. BBC News Online looks at its impact, both socially and medically.

UK millions fight Aids and polio
A programme which aims to produce a vaccine for HIV and AIDS has been boosted by a 14m contribution from the UK Government.

Inquiry begins into contaminated blood
An inquiry has begun in Ireland into how haemophiliacs contracted HIV and hepatitis C from infected blood products.

Parents fail to have baby tested for HIV
The parents of a baby girl at the centre of a court wrangle have failed to bring her in for an HIV test.

UK faces new Aids fear
The UK is not doing enough to address the worrying spectre of a rise in new strains of HIV which are resistant to treatment, says an expert.

Drug-resistant HIV strains increasing
Drug-resistant strains of HIV are on the increase, with as many as 3.8% of newly infected Americans failing to respond to a variety of different treatments, according to research.

Aids success 'generates sex risks'
Brazil's success in averting an Aids epidemic may have led to people taking more health risks when they have sex, the country's government has said.

Aids statistics 'likely to be conservative'
It is impossible to give a true picture of the spread of Aids in Africa, say experts, but estimates are likely to err on the side of caution.

African countries list Aids priorities
Improvements in basic healthcare could have a big impact on Aids patients' survival times, an African conference has heard.

Battle against Aids 'will be slow'
Progress to halt the spread of HIV in Africa will take years rather than months, leading experts warned on Monday.

Circumcision cuts HIV risk
Male circumcision significantly reduces the spread of the HIV virus to men, according to research.

Aids conference targets young men
A conference has begun in Delhi to tackle growing HIV infection rates among boys and young men.

'Scientists started Aids epidemic'
A polio vaccine using tissue from primates could have been behind the leap made by the human immunodeficiency virus - HIV - from apes and moneys to humans, a new book claims.

Babies risk HIV from breast milk
Up to 10% of children who are breastfed by HIV positive mothers could themselves become infected, according to US research.

Baby in HIV court struggle
The High Court is to decide next week whether a local authority can overrule a couple's decision not to have their child tested for HIV.

Russia 'on verge' of HIV epidemic
The Russian Health Ministry says there are nearly 16,000 reported cases of HIV infection, but it is feared the real figure may be ten times higher.

Aids drug hailed as 'major advance'
A new drug which can help reduce HIV to undetectable levels has been hailed as a "major advance" in the fight against Aids.

Aids Africa's top killer
Aids is now the leading cause of death in Africa, overtaking malaria as the main killer disease, the UN reports.

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