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The Shipman files Monday, 31 January, 2000, 16:41 GMT
Audio and video reports
Doctor Harold Shipman is Britain's worst serial killer. He murdered at least 215 of his patients. BBC NewsOnline brings you audio and video reports of his trial and conviction and the inquiry into how the killings went undiscovered for so long.

The public inquiry looked at the deaths of 494 of Harold Shipman's patients over a 24 year period from 1974 to 1998. It concluded that he murdered 215 people and that there was a "real suspicion" about 45 more deaths.

Britain's worst serial killer
The BBC's Kevin Bocquet reports on the investigation into the trusted family doctor who committed murder time and time again without arousing suspicion.  56k

Inquiry report
Judge Dame Janet Smith presented the findings of the inquiry, saying Shipman caused "unimaginable grief and distress"  56k

Family reaction
Solicitor for the victims, Ann Alexander spoke at a news conference along with Peter Wagstaff who lost his mother and Jane Ashton Hibbert, whose grandmother was confirmed as one of Shipman's victims.  56k

I could have killed him
Marjorie Stafford whose mother, Mary was murdered by Doctor Shipman has spoken movingly about her reaction to finding out about what happened. The BBC's Daniel Sandford reports. 56k

Police interviews
In a unique move, the police have released interviews with Harold Shipman about the deaths of two of his victims.

Click on the links in the box below to hear him questioned about Kathleen Grundy and Winifred Mellor, or to read a transcript.

There are also exclusive video interviews with many people intimately concerned with the case.

Kathleen Grundy Winifred Mellor

With commentary
14k  28k  (13min)

With commentary
14k  28k  (20min)
14k  28k  (27min)

14k  28k  (27min)


Man and murderer:
The BBC's Stephen Cape reports on how Shipman committed his murders and how he was ultimately found out.
 28k 56k  80k

The background to a serial killer
The BBC's Gavin Hewitt looks back at Shipman's life and discovers a warped individual who meddled with drugs and yearned to control people's lives.
 28k 56k  80k

Chief detective and interviewer
The man who led the police investigation, Det Supt Bernard Postles, describes what Shipman was like under questioning.
 28k 56k  80k

The daughter who raised the alarm
Angela Woodruff, daughter of Kathleen Grundy, describes the agony of losing a mother in such dreadful circumstances.
 28k 56k 80k

The agonising uncertainty
Brian Dean fears Shipman might have killed his mother, but he will never know because her body has been cremated.
 28k 56k 80k

The friend who walked in on a murder
Pensioner Bill Catlow tells how he arrived at the home of his dance partner, Lizzie Adams, moments after she had been murdered.
 28k 56k 80k

How did Shipman get away with it?
The BBC's Niall Dickson looks at alleged failures by the police and the health system and asks whether patients nationwide deserve greater protection.
 28k 56k  80k

Blowing the whistle
Hyde GP Dr Raj Patel describes how he and his colleagues detected Shipman's high death rate.
 28k 56k 80k

'We did all we could'
Manchester's Assistant Chief Constable, Vincent Sweeney, defends his force against claims an earlier inquiry should have detected Shipman's murders.
 28k 56k 80k

The wisdom of hindsight
The coroner, John Pollard, thinks the first police investigation could have been better, but accepts it is easy to criticise the past.
 28k 56k 80k

'We didn't know about his past'
The local health authority did not realise Shipman had a previous conviction for falsifying prescriptions.
 28k 56k 80k

'A system facing reform'
Dr Mike Pringle of the Royal College of General Practitioners says the Shipman case is unique, but admits there will have to be a review.
 28k 56k 80k

Links to more The Shipman files stories are at the foot of the page.

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Links to more The Shipman files stories

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