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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the continent of Africa for 2010, sorted by date.

18 December 2010

Chloe Arnold finds different religious faiths praying together at the re-opening of Algiers' restored Catholic cathedral.

11 December 2010

Karen Allen find out what life is like in Gugulethu - one of South Africa's toughest townships, where honeymoon bride Anni Dewani was killed.

4 December 2010

Djibouti in East Africa is one of the hottest places on Earth and for those living there in poverty, life can be particularly tough, as Pascale Harter discovers.

20 November 2010

The BBC's Paul Moss meets UN troops in a chaotic DR Congo and finds them concentrating on life's simple pleasures.

30 October 2010

Hamilton Wende meets an ex-convict in South Africa who turned his life around after surviving terrible conditions and a murder attempt in jail.

23 October 2010

Anna Cavell says Ugandans are turning to hard-hitting children's books to help educate the next generation about HIV and Aids.

21 October 2010

On his way to meet Bushmen in Botswana, an accident leaves Jonah Fisher stranded in the desert.

9 October 2010

Chloe Arnold discovers just how hard it is to cut through Algeria's bureaucratic red tape, as she attempts to track down some furniture.

2 October 2010

Justin Rowlatt sings karaoke with Chinese entrepreneurs on a night out in Angola.

2 October 2010

Allan Little reflects on the outspoken and enigmatic career of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as he prepares to retire.

30 September 2010

Richard Dowden looks at the challenges posed by the coming of peace in Uganda.

23 September 2010

Justin Rowlatt travels on Angola's trans-Africa Benguela railway to see what Chinese investment is bringing to the country.

4 September

In DR Congo, Andy Kershaw explores the now dilapidated venue of the famous 'Rumble in the Jungle' boxing match.

28 August 2010

Chloe Arnold considers how Algeria's first shopping centre could change the way the country approaches commerce.

21 August 2010

Droughts, flooding and rising food prices have left millions of people in Niger facing food shortages and this year's harvest is still months away, as Afua Hirsch reports.

3 July 2010

As the Anglican Church in Malawi consecrates a new bishop, Petroc Trelawny reflects on the Church's role in Central Africa.

24 June 2010

In Niger, Chris Stewart finds drought and crop failure is leading to growing crisis in the country.

12 June 2010

Petroc Trelawny goes on a 17-hour journey through the heart of Zimbabwe and sees a country very different from the one shown in photographs hanging on carriage walls.

3 June 2010

In Lusaka, Jo Fidgen considers how big-hearted Zambians find it hard to bear a grudge.

29 May 2010

When apartheid was dismantled in South Africa, many expected the lives of its black population would improve but promises of land distribution and new homes have not been fulfilled, as Hugh Sykes discovered.

27 May 2010

In Freetown, Tim Butcher explains how a hotel made famous by the author Graham Greene came to symbolise post-colonial decay.

1 May 2010

Mohamed ElBaradei's foray into Egyptian politics could be a catalyst for change in the country, says the BBC's Christian Fraser in Cairo.

24 April 2010

After years of civil war, Algeria is desperate to move on from its violent past and is taking steps to get back on its feet again, Chloe Arnold reports.

24 April 2010

In Ghana, Neil McCarthy meets the founder of the Kristo Asafo church - the Christ Reformed Church - and discovers a man obsessed by gadgetry and innovation.

10 April 2010

Karen Allen examines the racial tensions which have surfaced following the death of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.

10 April 2010

Karen Allen examines the racial tensions which have surfaced following the death of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.

20 March 2010

There has not been a confirmed sighting of an elephant in the Knysna forests of South Africa for decades, but signs of these revered animals can still be found.

20 March 2010

The battle of El Alamein was a turning point in World War II but the unexploded munitions it left behind continue to kill and maim the local population, as Christian Fraser reports from Egypt.

18 March 2010

A political crisis has engulfed Madagascar's leader Andry Rajoelina, who seized power a year ago. With the country's economy spiralling out of control, he now faces sanctions for failing to set up a unity government.

6 March 2010

Andrew Harding reports from Harare on the uneasy mood among the white population and the MDC party as President Robert Mugabe says he's ready for another term.

4 March 2010

Martin Plaut on the questions he wishes he had asked about the Ethiopia famine more than 20 years ago.

27 February 2010

Andrew Harding looks at a man seen as a hero by some South Africans and a symbol of creeping corruption by others.

6 February 2010

The Johannesburg building that once housed Nelson Mandela's law firm is now a derelict squat. Andrew Harding finds that long-stalled plans to turn it into a centre for black lawyers say a lot about the pace of change in modern South Africa.

4 February 2010

Agricultural projects planned for Kenya's Tana River delta could bring prosperity to the region, but Bill Law wonders if the government is ignoring the concerns of the people.

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