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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the continent of Africa for 2011, sorted by date.

24 December 2011

A chance discovery has revealed a little-known story of one man's courage in wartime Italy, as he defied orders to protect a Renaissance work of art. Tim Butcher reports.

17 December 2011 There is revolution in the air in Libya but, when Tarik Kafala returned to the country he left as a child, he found some things barely changed. Tarik Kafala reports.

29 October 2011

Zambia's recently appointed vice president is white, a sign that Africa could be escaping the racial conflicts of its past.

22 October 2011

The BBC's Kevin Connolly reflects on whether the death of Colonel Gaddafi signals the end of the line for the theatrical dictators of the past.

15 October 2011

As refugees from conflict return to their homes in Ivory Coast, John James discovers how little they have to come back to.

8 October 2011 South Sudan adopts English as its official language but learning it proves difficult in a country where 85% are illiterate.

22 September 2011

Following anti-Gaddafi forces, Alistair Leithead considers the risks of bringing the reality of Libya's war to our screens.

17 September 2011

Justin Marozzi explains why, after supporting Gaddafi, the Tuareg people may not be welcome in the new Libya.

10 September 2011

Jeremy Bowen finds his notebooks can be hard to keep track of when reporting in Libya.

3 September 2011

Kevin Connolly reflects on what the next chapter in Libya's dramatic struggle might be, while trying to buy a shirt from an optimistic vendor.

20 August 2011

Robin Denselow finds South Sudan is fighting to hold on to its cattle ranching traditions as raiders target camps in the new country.

13 August 2011

Libyan rebel forces may have liberated Misrata but its people live in constant fear of attacks by Gaddafi's men, writes Orla Guerin.

13 August 2011

Horse racing in Sudan's capital Khartoum provides an opportunity to boost national pride following the South's secession, says James Copnall.

16 July 2011

Rebel forces on the front line outside Misrata have one powerful weapon in their fight on Colonel Gaddafi's well-armed troops - self-confidence and high morale, writes Gabriel Gatehouse.

16 July 2011

Tim Ecott describes the erotically shaped coco-de-mer, given to royal honeymooners the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the Seychelles.

9 July 2011

An Algerian entrepreneur is introducing Scottish soft drink Irn-Bru to the country, but Chloe Arnold wonders how popular it will be.

25 June 2011

Mary Harper interviews a Somali pirate in prison, who talks openly about his life and has some questions of his own.

4 June 2011

Colonel Gaddafi's trail of unfinished projects in Benghazi stoked antipathy in Libya's "rebel stronghold", says Andrew Hosken.

21 May 2011

Kevin Connolly heads to the old city in Algiers as the government seeks to prevent popular uprising, and finds Western influence everywhere.
7 May 2011 Will Ross reports on how the use of violence in Uganda against anti-government protesters has raised concerns over the lengths the president will go to, to stay in power.

23 April 2011

Will Libya's royal Sanusi name return to the fore, asks Justin Marozzi.

23 April 2011

Two hours outside of Addis Ababa, Claudia Hammond meets one of the women the government is relying on to help improve the health of people in rural areas.

12 March 2011

John Simpson looks at the impact the foreign media can have on the fate of a nation in revolt.

10 March 2011

John James laments the turmoil in Ivory Coast as he watches his adopted homeland deteriorate into chaos.

10 March 2011

People living in the Eastern rebel stronghold in Benghazi are starting to speak freely without fear of recrimination.

5 March 2011

Despite a taste of freedom, intense fear created by Colonel Gaddafi is ever-present in eastern Libya, Kevin Connolly reports.

26 February 2011

Barbara Plett finds revolutionary chaos tears apart Libya's diplomats at the United Nations.

5 February 2011

Justin Rowlatt finds out why Chinese entrepreneurs are setting-up chicken farms thousands of miles away from home in Lusaka.

5 February 2011

In northern South Africa, Hamilton Wende learns how men of the Venda tribe continue the centuries-old tradition of musangwe boxing.

29 January 2011

A journalist in a foreign country can be at a disadvantage - which is where a local "fixer" comes into their own, as David Goldblatt found when making a programme in Senegal.

22 January 2011

Christian Parkinson has to pay the price of a herd of cows for his wife when he decides to get married in South Africa.

15 January 2011

Will Ross meets some of the citizens of Southern Sudan who are voting in the country's referendum on independence.

8 January 2011

Mark Doyle visits the Abidjan hotel where Ivory Coast's government-in-waiting sits, as the incumbent president shows no sign of leaving his palace.

8 January 2011

Tim Ecott explores the Aldabra lagoon in the Indian Ocean, home to a unique collection of plants and animals, including more than 100,000 giant tortoises.

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