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Middle East

Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Middle East from January 2012, sorted by date.

18 August 2012

As the holy month of Ramadan ends, Edwin Lane wonders if Egypt's new Islamic rulers will begin to close Cairo's thriving bar scene.

26 May 2012

The emergence of a new Middle East is proving to be a long and hard process, says Jeremy Bowen.

24 May 2012

A $1.5bn project to turn a Riyadh rubbish dump into a leisure oasis has had unexpected social consequences.

19 May 2012

Dubai can be a place of extreme wealth for foreign nationals; Mary Harper finds one Somali millionaire who says he faces little resentment for his success.

26 April 2012

When an Egyptian TV channel reflecting the aims of the revolutionaries brought some light relief to its schedules, it created an unexpected new star. Stephen Sackur reports.

31 March 2012

Kevin Connolly visits a remarkable pet market outside Colonel Gaddafi's infamous compound in Tripoli and finds it mirrors the chaos of a post-revolution Libya.

24 March 2012

In May presidential elections will be held in Egypt and Jon Leyne says it looks as if the list of candidates will be a long one.

15 March 2012

How do you get a group described by the US government as a cult and an officially designated foreign terrorist organisation to be viewed by many congressmen and parliamentarians as champions of human rights and secular democracy? Owen Bennet Jones reports.

10 March 2012

The rebellion in Syria has raised many unexpected dilemmas - such as whether to put country before friends and even family. Owen Bennett Jones reports.

25 February 2012

Sara Hashash explores one of Cairo's traditional bars and finds it attracts patrons from all walks of life.

21 January 2012

Bashar al-Assad should discard the ruthless techniques learned from his father, Hafez, but it might already be too late, reports Jeremy Bowen.

21 January 2012

In a region where most land is desert and droughts are commonplace, water is a hugely important issue. Kevin Connolly has been reflecting on the water debate, starting on his own doorstep in Jerusalem.

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