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Panorama's films sometimes involve years of investigative research, and the issues they cover can feature in the news for many months. Read here about updates to stories and occasions when Panorama's discoveries have themselves influenced the course of events and made news headlines.
Teens warned over anti-depressant
Children under the age of 18 should not take the anti-depressant drug Efexor, government experts say.

John Ware My programme was not Powellite
Panorama reporter John Ware defends the controversial film about the asylum system which was criticised by Home Secretary David Blunkett

Dr Liam Fox Tories pledge to abolish NHS targets
The Tory shadow health minister has pledged to scrap centrally imposed targets in the NHS if they get into power

Jane Corbin Panorama in Parliament
Panorama reporter Jane Corbin has given evidence about the war on terror and Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Panorama: The Chicken Run Call to ban rogue meat in chicken
Food processors should be banned from adding beef and pork protein to chicken, the Food Standards Agency says.

Children 'should not take Seroxat'
Young people under the age of 18 should not be prescribed the anti-depressant Seroxat, say government advisors.

Pat Finucane was murdered in 1989 Man denies Finucane murder
A man appears in court in Belfast accused of murdering solicitor Pat Finucane who was shot at his home in 1989.

Friendly fire incident in northern Iraq BBC staff hit by friendly fire
A BBC translator has died as a result of a friendly fire incident in northern Iraq. Reporter John Simpson and Panorama producer Tom Giles were also hurt in the attack.

Panorama: The corruption of racing Panorama hastens Jockey Club reform
The Jockey Club announces UK horse racing will be regulated by a new independent body following revelations of corruption by Panorama.
Alan McNamara 'Fingerprint burglar' granted appeal
A businessman who claims he was wrongly convicted of burglary on suspect fingerprint evidence is granted leave to appeal.

The Tories have called for a change in the rules regarding pensions Call for pensions change
The Shadow Pensions Minister has called for a change in the law to protect the pensions rights of workers. The move was prompted by the Panorama programme "How Safe is your Pension?"

Gay couple Gay couples 'to get equal rights'
Same-sex couples are to be granted many of the same rights as married ones under ministers' plans for legally-recognised civil partnerships.

19 months after Panorama highlighted the Wonderland case, internet providers have brought in new rules New Net rules announced
The internet industry has announced new measures to deal with the problem of paedophiles operating in cyberspace, which was highlighted by Panorama

Tony Blair Government advertising chief resigns
Carol Fisher resigned from her job as Chief Executive of COI Communications, following revelations by Panorama about government advertising.

BNP Local Election Success
The British National Party won three council seats in Burnley, out of 5,889 contested across England. Last year Panorama investigated the BNP.

Dame Shirley Porter Panorama cited in Lords judgement
Evidence unearthed by a Panorama investigation into a former leader of Westminster Council is cited in a Law Lords judgement.

Archbishop John Ward Archbishop of Cardiff resigns
Panorama prompted calls for the Archbishop's resignation in a programme shown in November 2000.

index Vatican to send envoy to Wales
The Vatican said it would send a Papal envoy to Cardiff, following problems highlighted by Panorama's report.

Alan McNamara Fingerprint appeal
Alan McNamara is serving a 30 month sentence for a burglary he says he did not commit. His first appeal was rejected, and his legal team is planning a second one.

Fingerprint Fingerprint victim sentenced
Alan McNamara was sentenced for a burglary he says he did not commit. Panorama had previously revealed there were flaws in the evidence against him.

Fergal Keane Panorama searches for truth
This article first appeared in the Op-Ed section of the Jerusalem Post on 10 July 2001

Wonderland sentences a 'joke'
Child rights groups in the UK criticise the Wonderland Club jail sentences as a "joke" which sends out the wrong message to paedophiles.

Are innocent men behind bars? Review of child abuse convictions
MPs re-examine the convictions of over 100 care workers for allegedly sexually abusing children, a year after Panorama uncovered evidence questioning police methods.

Nike logo Gap and Nike: No Sweat?
Paul Kenyon returned to Cambodia to check on the young girls featured in last year's investigation into a factory used by the Gap and Nike.
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