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Sheffield 99 Tuesday, 12 October, 1999, 17:06 GMT 18:06 UK
The best of British science
Sheffield was the location for the 1999 British Association Festival of Science. It was a chance for the UK's leading researchers to showcase their work. The major events of the week are recorded on this page.

Martin Redfern presents a special Science In Action programme from Sheffield
You can find out about the deadly comets that could destroy civilisation and see the first video from the BBC's big, new dinosaur series. There is also news about fluorescent potatoes and an underwater telescope.

Friday 17 September

Sports science dominated the last day at Sheffield with a controversial analysis of the greatest ever run in athletics. Controversial is also how you would describe one zoologist's call for the introduction of wolves into the Highlands of Scotland.

BBC News's Matt McGrath on why dirt could be good for you

Call for return of Scottish wolves

Sue Nelson reports on the latest research into sports technology

Chinese woman produced 'greatest ever' run

Window of superbug vulnerability opens

Thursday 16 September

So what are the chances of a passing comet hitting Earth and wiping us all out? One scientist put his ideas forward on the subject on day four of the festival

BBC News's Matt McGrath rounds up some of the day's talking points

Small but deadly comets identified

Ugandan rice production brings malaria

Clever compost clears pollution

'Everlasting' light bulb on the way

Breakfast gives your mind a boost

GM viruses to turn plants into factories

Crash dieting 'makes you thick'

Wednesday 15 September

Can an anaesthetised patient hear the chatter of surgeons in an operating theatre? And can terrorists be persuaded to give up their guns? Just two of the talking points from day three in Sheffield.

Why witches rode around on broomsticks

Walking like a dinosaur

Patients could suffer from careless whispers

Wild plants a 'source of new medicine'

Former UK Met Office chief Sir John Houghton warns of the dangers of global warming

Terrorists are 'addicted' to their crimes

Giving bacteria a nasty wake-up call

Hypnosis cannot help police solve crimes, says psychologist Dr Mark Kebble

Meet the viral bug busters

The upper in the cupper

BBC 5Live's Matt McGrath: Do beauty lotions and potions really work?

Tuesday 14 September

The day's highlights included a novel approach to nuclear waste storage, the hunt for the Universe's missing mass and news of fluorescent potatoes.

How plants and insects are being recruited in the battle against crime

Self-sealing nuclear waste disposal plan

Organic farming 'can feed the world'

BBC Newsbeat's Hugh Williams: If you can't sing now - forget it

New sub-sea telescope looks down

Fluorescent GM potatoes say 'water me'

BBC News's Matt McGrath: the effect of increased temperatures on the poles.

Why are there only two sexes?

Searching for WIMPs

Public distrust of science: Who is to blame?

Monday 13 September

Robots that play volleyball made the headlines but there was much concern expressed about the public's poor perception of science.

BBC News's Matt McGrath on the day's main stories

Smart pacemakers take charge

HIV vaccine targets developing countries

Rice crop to fight rainforest destruction

Robot volleyball short circuits

Writing the hardware for fast video

Fears of genetic underclass unfounded

Mind machine tests UK's psychic powers

UK damaged by campaign against GM crops

Scientists to answer critics

Professor Christopher Frayling, Royal College of Art
"The easiest thing to say is scientists are barking"
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