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Tuesday, 12 June, 2001, 13:14 GMT 14:14 UK
Nepal: Send us your tributes

The killing of almost every senior member of the Nepalese royal family has plunged the nation into a deep state of shock and troubled uncertainty.

Publicly revered by the Nepalese, King Birendra was a figurehead royal much like Queen Elizabeth of England.

The massacre at the Royal Palace in Kathmandu is believed to have been the worst mass slaying of royals since the Romanovs were slain on the order of Vladimir Lenin in 1918 during the Russian civil war.

With the country in constitutional crisis, what future is there for Nepal? On the streets there is a mood of deep loss and confusion. Send us your tributes to a king who led Nepal since ascending to the throne in 1972.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

I am deeply saddened by your loss

Mark Harris, England
From a country that has little respect for its royalty, to one that reveres them, I am deeply saddened by your loss. The centre fell and the petals will crumble away. However, a new flower will grow.
Mark Harris, England

We love our King Birendra and no one can take his place, specially not like this. He will live in our hearts forever.
S. Dahal, USA

I am deeply saddened by this devastating and unbelievable event.
Dr Birendra M. Amatya, Now in Tokyo

Heartfelt condolence for your inner soul to our beloved King Birendra Bir Bikram Shadev and Queen Aishwarya along with other Royal Family members.
Govind Maskey, Nepal

My best respects to the really kind king and queen

Animesh Sarkar, India
My best respects to the really kind king and queen who were no doubt killed by their son. I think when their son (Prince Dipendra) was shooting the family members, someone also shot Dipendra to stop him. This is the reason his back got bullet.
Animesh Sarkar, India

It is very sad and tragic news about the royals of Nepal. My sincere condolence to the remaining royals and the people of Nepal. Now that we already know the truth of who was behind the killing, let him answer to the lord, in which his father will be the judge and prosecute him. Well we, who are down here, need to carry on moving. Let us treasure the late King's memory and start with the new King.
Indera, Malaysia

I would like to extend my love and support to the Nepali people

Wendy King, USA
I would like to extend my love and support to the Nepali people, who were the kind and patient friends and hosts of myself and many other young westerners who came to study in Nepal in the seventies and eighties. Those college days were such happy days. The royal family was kind to allow us to study in Nepal when we were young and poor. Our gratitude for their kindness and generosity, our prayers for the well-being of the Nepali people.

Be of good cheer, a government founded on democracy is resting on the combined strength of an ancient and noble people. You will be alright and this night of sorrow will turn to a joyful dawn. You are in our prayers. Remember, democracy demands self-restraint and serious contribution from each person. We take care of each other's best interests. Don't let emotionalism rule you. The well-being of the country depends on each of you, especially now.
Wendy King, USA

I have been deeply moved by the events in my country. The late King Birendra was a kind and gentle man and did not deserve to die in the way he did. May his soul and those of the rest of the royal family rest in peace. History will remember Dipendra as a brutal murderer.
Rajendra Pandey, UK

Birendra was a good king who thought it wise to bow before his people. I think it is high time for Nepalis to mature as a people and believe in themselves rather than an outdated institution like monarchy. We should prepare ourselves to say: The King is dead. Long live his memory!
Sharma, A, Nepal

I do not have any words to express the sorrow

Nabina, Nepal
Nothing worse could happen than this event to any human being on earth. I do not have any words to express the sorrow. God, please help the Nepalese people to overcome the grief.
Nabina, Nepal

I am deeply shocked by the palace massacre incident where our beloved King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya was brutally murdered. This is still unbelievable even after so many days. I pray to God that their eternal souls rest in peace. It is very sad to learn that this incident has sparked off violence that has caused the death of still more people. This is a period where we have to use our wisdom. Instead of taking the forceful methods, the government and palace authorities should be pressurized peacefully to come out with the real facts. Nepal is facing a very delicate and volatile situation. People should be cautious lest the opportunists here take advantage of this tense environment to create a political havoc that may come as a blow to Nepal's tender democracy.
Ajaya Pradhan, Nepal

Oh Lord! this tragedy should not have befallen our beloved Royal Family. This was not fair at all. It has brought grief, sorrow and pain, and has left a deep scar in the hearts of all Nepalese. Our teardrops will keep flowing till our final day. Oh Lord! may the departed souls rest in Peace in Heaven.
Nanda Prasad Limbu, Nepal/Bahrain

Now with no more faith in King and rest of the royal family we better be without monarchy

Sudip and Manju, Australia
This shocking news of our beloved king, queen and whole royal family leaves all of us Nepalis confused and devastated. We lost those with whom we have great faith. Now we are very unaware of our country's future. Hope God give us all strength to fight this shocking event and brings out the real culprit behind this massacre. It wasn't Dipendra who did it. Now with no more faith in King and rest of the royal family we better be without monarchy. "God save Nepal".
Sudip and Manju, Australia

I would like to send my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Royal family and to the Nepalese people on this tragic incident which rocked the country. May their souls rest in peace.
Visonath Bhattrai, Qatar (Doha)

We were deeply shocked of unfortunate news by the sad and untimely demise of His Majesty King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, Prince Nirajan, Princess Shruti and their close relatives. So we would like to express our feelings on behalf of the Nepalese students in Bergen, Norway. At this time of grief for the Royal Family and the entire Kingdom, we pray to the BHAGAVAN to grant the departed souls eternal peace. Long Life Late King Birendra Bikram Shah Dev and Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah and other Royal family. We all miss our popular KING! May beloved late king's soul rest in peace.
Naresh Malla and Rekha Chand Malla, Norway

I have no words to express this sorrowful moment. The King (Birendra) was the symbol of national unity in the country. Late King Dipendra was popular among Nepali youths. Now he, too, is gone. It's a very sad moment for us. People have little faith in the new King Gyanendra and no respect for his son, Prince Paras. But if the king goes in a constitutional way, things might change.
Dinesh Sharma, Nepal

The people whom we have elected to speak lie silent

Prabhakar Shrestha, Nepal
When things take place accidentally and, more precisely, suspiciously there are many things to speculate. At present we are grieved, we are sad and tomorrow looks uncertain. I know we are never going to know the truth because we lie helpless against the power that they use to suppress us. This is misery and above all the people whom we have elected to speak lie silent.
Prabhakar Shrestha, Nepal

What tragic news for Nepalese people. I express my deep condolences on the death of our royal family in a very dramatic way. I don't think late crown prince Dipendra could have done it.
Som Narayan Tharu, Belgium

I was totally devastated when I heard the news early in the morning, when I was still in a dream. I just could not believe that Crown Prince could do such thing. When I met him in Sydney during Olympics, he seemed to be very considerate and caring future King.
Basundhara Dhungel, Nepal Resident of Australia

Our king was the legend of the century

Ricky Shrestha, Australia
Me and my friends are deeply shocked and devastated by the news of assassinations of our beloved and most dear king and his entire family. Our king was the legend of the century. Although lots of political disputes occurred in the past, no one had expected such a heart breaking result. But although our beloved king is passed away we all Nepalese must say that our king was Birendra, is still our king and he will be the real king of Nepal and Nepalese people forever. He will reside next to our heart forever.
Ricky Shrestha, Australia

This is the saddest moment in the history of Nepal. We are not ready to believe that the crown prince Deependra shot our beloved (God) King and his family. We are also upset that the Nepali news agencies could not give any true information about the accident of Royal Palace. This time we need help to find out the truth. So we request all the people of the world to find out the truth. It's very hard for us and all the Nepalese people to accept Gyanendra as a king and Paras as crown prince due to their past activities.
Yogendra and Narendra Bilas, Nepal

I still can't believe that our king, queen and other member of the royal family are no more with us. I had a great respect for my late king Birendra. Moreover, I don't believe that Dipendra had done such a thing.
Anshu Shrestha, Nepal

It is the most gruesome massacre in the recent history

Ajay, Austria
It is the most gruesome massacre in the recent history. As we look forward to the new era, we had to begin with so bad memories. The royal family has been the centre of the lives of the Nepalese people. Their lives and their sole existence depend upon the royal family and we would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the people of Nepal.

Please stay calm and sort out your problems with a calm mind because I'm sure that the late king would not have liked to see so much of turmoil in the kingdom. Remember his words "even if I die I would like to see my people happy and free". Long live the king. Like a candle in the wind!
Ajay, Austria

It is really disheartening to see that even after days since the tragic incident took place, the public still have not been fed with the truth of what had actually caused the death of our beloved King and Queen. Did King Dipendra have anything to do with it?! King Dipendra had all that he needed to make a good king and there is no reason on earth why we'd believe in that. The reason given especially for this act of his (as spread by the media) is totally unconvincing. All we wish is for the truth to unfold and the culprit to be punished severely, for now not only have we been orphaned but we also don't know where the future of our country lies.
Subhee, Nepal

All this is a very sad affair. The sad demise of our Late King Birendra and then late King Dipendra has left us all bereft. I don't think that the people in Nepal can find out the truth due to threats to their own lives. We desperately need outside help, excepting India, to investigate the case. I don't think that our Late King Dipendra tried to kill himself by shooting himself from the back, it is not physically possible...yet! Please help us help our country. Jai Nepal!
Nepali Nagrik, Nepal

I pray God to bring back peace in our country soon

Sami Gurung, Hong Kong
This tragic news has really shocked all of the Nepalese people. I felt really bad on hearing such a news regarding my home country. For this reason I wish to pray to God almighty for the peace for the soul of our late beloved King, Queen and their Royal family. I pray God to bring back peace in our country soon. Also I hope whoever the evil culprit is he/she will be punished severely by God almighty. I hope and pray for the best for our country Nepal and we Nepali peoples.
Sami Gurung, Hong Kong

My deepest condolences to the people of Nepal, I was in complete shock and disbelief when I heard of the horrendous crime. However I must appeal to the people of Nepal not to vent their frustrations and anger, but to unite in this dark hour and seek the truth. Fortunately, there have been survivors of the massacre, Princess Shova and Princess Komal are reportedly injured, but alive, these will be important eyewitnesses to the incident. Do not despair.
Kim, Countess Zenz, Austria

I am deeply shocked and saddened by the unbelievable news. I would like to send my condolences to the Royal family and the People of Nepal. May the departed souls rest in peace.
Jerry Remegius Kanagarajah, Descendant of the Royal family, from Sri Lanka, living in The Netherlands

I had a great respect for the late King Birendra

Manav, Nepal
I had a great respect for the late King Birendra even though I support a new system of governance for Nepal in this New Era. He was the main reason, if not the only, for the monarchy to remain in the hearts of the people of this nation as demonstrated recently. I would like to move on from this very sad period now. Whoever is at fault, the late King took the approved figurehead system of monarchy with him from Nepal.

I would like to see all residents become more aware of the progressive well-being of the animates and the inanimates of this small region of earth by putting forth only universalistic leaders who radiate this. I certainly haven't seen this among the current so-called leaders (politicians). All of those able leaders please come forward. Do not wait any further.
Manav, Nepal

My life has experienced a very sad and heart-touching event in the history of Nepal. Still my thoughts are unstable. I can't believe what has happened last Friday. Though I am a converted strong Nepali Christian, like other Nepalese I feel this nation has lost a loving father. There is vast difference in a politician and a father. Royal families in Nepal are highly respected by other religious minorities. I am emotionally broken with this sad historical event.
Narayan Sharma, Nepal

This fatal incident is beyond our imagination

Hari and Bhumi, Australia
This fatal incident is beyond our imagination which has left us all Nepalese in deep shock. May Pashupatinath help us keep our country in peace and prosperity.
Hari and Bhumi, Australia

Monarchy and the respect for the monarch is not going to be the same from now onwards. I might never be able to acknowledge Gyanendra as my King and Paras as my Prince. Those positions died for me with the assassination of the much beloved King Birendra and the much prepared and resolved Prince Dipendra. I still remember the King waving at us and the Queen replying our greetings with Namastee, while I was at Kathmandu University and they were on a visit to Dhulikhel.

Look at Prince Dipendra and his image in the past few years. He in every possible way was trying to familiarise himself with official duties. He was in the process of making a very able King after his father. How could he be the murderer of his entire family? By now every Nepali knows who did this brutal killing, although the official news points at Prince Dipendra just to cover up the matter. We people living abroad at the moment might not be able to feel the same depth of pain as people back home but still the loss is huge.
Sanjeep Karki, Nepal/Texas,US

It is really a sad thing to happen to a small country like ours where the KING was worshipped like Lord Vishnu. We really loved our king and his family. May his and his family's soul rest in peace. Despite all the rumours, I still do not believe that Dipendra Sarkar did this. Whoever is the culprit, he did a very, very bad thing to our country Nepal and to its peace-loving people.
Palapsa, Nepal

The symbol of unity and hope for the millions of Nepalis has faded

Mohan B Niroula, Seychelles
I am deeply shocked and saddened by the unbelievable news. Probably no one could have thought that such thing could happen to our beloved royals. The symbol of unity and hope for the millions of Nepalis has faded. It reminds us of the Kot parba scandal in our history. How popular was the late king has been proven by the state of people's gestures and the love they have shown to them.

Let us not make any further move to destabilise the nation and let us unite to make our country move forward for the prosperity, stability and for the well being of every Nepalese, while keeping our cultural heritage and the centuries-old legend intact. May their souls rest in peace!
Mohan B Niroula, Seychelles

From my childhood I have always looked upon Late King Birendra as a role model not only as a king but as a human being whose selfish act led our country to prosperity. It's a great loss to all the Nepalese. I personally request all the Nepalese in Nepal and around the globe to stand up and raise our voice to ask for the details of the incident which parted our beloved king from us.
Rajan Shakya, Nepal

Our thoughts are with you in this time of mourning

Lynn Sharples, France
Having spent several years in your wonderful country, and still reading the Kathmandu Post on a regular basis, the news of the royal killings come as a great shock to all of us who have had the opportunity to spend time in your country. Our thoughts are with you in this time of mourning. May you find peace and the courage to continue in your quest for democracy.
Lynn Sharples, France

This is an unbelievable tragedy for Nepal. There is a grand conspiracy behind it that should be investigated firstly by government, if not then by people of Nepal themselves.
Bishal Malla, Nepal

I am deeply saddened by loss of entire family of beloved king. As citizen of Nepal, I am just wondering what's happening to my country. I hope truth will come very soon on whoever is responsible for killing our beloved king. I don't believe prince is responsible for killing his family. I pray the lord Buddha to give us patience in this difficult situation.
Ganesh Chhantyal, Perth, Western Australia

Shocked we are, saddened we are, but utter frustration is what has set in our mind. We are enraged by this incident and want to see justice be done. Last thing we want is for the government to come out with some stupid and senseless fabrication. Let's not degrade ourselves anymore! If the truth is what came out first, then Dipendra will never be forgiven. He shamed us all, and for a Royal to act in the way he acted, that is just incomprehensible. For the first time ever, I'm ashamed to be a Nepali. More than anything else, what we want is the truth.
Aerios, Colombia

It is royal conspiracy. Dipendra is innocent. We love our king Birendra.
Prashana, Nepal

I am deeply shocked and saddened

Narayan Adhikari, Nepal
I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear that our King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and some other royal members have been assassinated. I still cannot believe it and could not sleep for last two nights. I would like to request to find out the killer who did this. May their souls rest in Heaven.
Narayan Adhikari, Nepal

Beloved King and Queen. We lost you when we really needed you... you are endless and we will always remember you. May God be with you all.
Pandit Family, Nepal/USA,

We are deeply shocked after hearing such tragic news

Keshav Panday/Badri Raj Kafle, Nepal
We are deeply shocked after hearing such tragic news of massacre our King Birendra and Royal family. We love him as much as we love our papa and mama. He was the king who had a great respect from all the Nepalese people. Our king is known as god Vishnu for Nepalese people. May their souls rest in peace.
Keshav Panday/Badri Raj Kafle, Nepal

King Birendra and his Queen were gentle people and liked and respected in India. Mystery shrouding their violent deaths will lead to public outcry in Nepal and elsewhere. Nepal Government should reveal the truth and punish the guilty.
C.M. Datta, India

I am really concerned after the sad, unbelievable situation that has happened in a country I have chosen as my homeland. I mourn with the Nepalese about their beloved royal family. I feel very sorry how people can blame King Dipendra of such kind of act, I don't believe this. I pray the almighty that the real story will be given soon. I hope that Nepal can go out of this crisis as soon as possible, they suffer already enough.
Marie Jeanne, Nepal, Belgian nationality

All the charges which have been deposed on him are false

Anubhav Nepal, Nepal
I was very stunned to hear the demise of our beloved King, Queen and other members of Royal Family. It was very hard to believe that our late king Dipendra had shot down the entire family and himself too. All the charges which have been deposed on him are false. A separate committee must be formed to bring out the "real truth" about the incident that took place on Royal Palace on June 2. We miss them all very much.
Anubhav Nepal, Nepal

I am shocked by hearing this unbelievable news. We are still feeling that it's a dream. Really, we became orphans today, we lost our beloved...our parents...
Ishwar Babu Karki, East Timor

My family and I are engaged in fund raising for the Gurung people. We visit these wonderful people each January and feel so desperately sorry for what has happened. Our thoughts are with our good friends and all other Nepali people.
Les Marshall, UK

The king was a loved man throughout the whole of Nepal

Zepa, US
I am shocked beyond words about the assassination of The Nepal Royal Family. The king was a loved man throughout the whole of Nepal. I still do not believe that the crown Prince could do some thing so very ruthless to his own blood. May the Royal Souls rest in Peace!
Zepa, US

We are deeply shocked by this incident. We Nepalese whether in Nepal or abroad, can't believe that the prince Dipendra killed his parents and other family members. It is impossible. May the God give peace to the departed souls of our beloved king and queen and bless us with courage and patience. What we want at this moment is the thorough and unbiased investigation of the incident.
Rabindra Raj Giri, Japan

What a black day for Nepal and her people

Jay Khadka, Nepalese in UK
What a black day for Nepal and her people. I had an opportunity to meet the King and he was, as a human being, a wonderful man. The question is, why does a man with the best education in the world do this??
Jay Khadka, Nepalese in UK

We happened to meet the Prince while he was in Sydney for the Olympics and he seemed a very friendly and likeable person. How can we imagine that he is the same person who wiped out his entire family? It's very, very hard to comprehend. I pray to the Almighty at this sad moment to give all Nepalese the strength and courage to pull through this difficult situation.
Giri Dhungana, Sharda Dhungana, Deepak Dhungana, Australia

I still cannot believe that our King and Queen have been assassinated. What seems more ironic to me is that the Crown Prince wiped out his entire family while sparing the lives of his cousins and uncles. Why would the Prince, a sharp shooter, not hamper his cousins if he really intended to kill all his family members? Like every Nepali, I am waiting to find out the real truth.
Anu Maharjan, USA

I am deeply shocked to hear that members of the Royal family have been massacred. I pray for God to give us strength in this difficult situation. King Birendra was beloved and will be deeply missed by the Nepalese people.
Khej Khanal, Australia

I am deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic loss of my King and Queen

Lachhya Gurung, Nepal
I am deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic loss of my King and Queen. I still cannot believe it and could not sleep last night. This is a tragic loss to Nepal and for Nepalis. I do not really know what to say, I am still wondering, how this has happened.
Lachhya Gurung, Nepal

Of all the many places in the world which I've visited, none have touched me as much as Nepal - the Nepali people are truly exceptional. The terrible news of the death of His Majesty and their Royal Highnesses is profoundly sad. May the truth of this tragic event come out soon.
Paul, UK

We are deeply saddened and shocked by this news. We still don't want to believe it's true. Just how could he???? May their soul rest in peace.
Nish and Neera, USA

This news has shattered every Nepali

Sulaskshana Rana, Nepal
The people of Nepal are all shocked at the sad demise of their beloved King and Queen. This news has shattered every Nepali and it will take a long, long time for us to get over this incident. Our country has lost a father figure a loving King who always submitted to the whims and the wishes of the people of his country. He was tolerant and supported Nepal in every way he could.
Sulaskshana Rana, Nepal

I was totally shocked when I read the news from the internet, I couldn't believe my eyes. I tried several website in the hope that it was just a rumour. Because I worked in Nepal for a year and a half, I have special feelings for the nation and its people. May their souls rest in Heaven.
Feli, Zimbabwe

Out of every negative experience, should arise a positive reaction and result. It is very sad now. Let us all transform this into constructive and positive actions that we take to ensure the right future for Nepal.
Raj, Iowa, USA

King Birendra did so much for the country and for the people of Nepal

Keshav Bhattarai, Nepal/ USA
I was shocked and surprised when I heard the news about the royal death. It is a terrible tragedy indeed.
Matul, Brunei Darussalam

We are deeply shocked about this unbelievable demise of royal family. We express our heartfelt condolence of the bereaved family and pray for peace of the departed soul
Bishnu Subba,Sushma,M.B.Limbu,Neewa Subba, Hong Kong (Nepal)

I would like to send my condolences to the royal family and the people of Nepal. Stay strong in love & support.
Michael Channer, Montego Bay, Jamaica

I am shocked by this unfortunate incident, and feel lost as there is no positivity left around us.The least we can do besides hoping that the departed souls find peace, is to get the true and honest truth, so that those who have lost their lives can be remembered without the mystery overcasting their memory. Also the conclusions that the man who lies dying (and might not live) killed them can be kept on hold until there is enough proof. It's easy to get angry, but believe me, it's very hard to forgive. But we can try, and thus ensure some goodness, as what has happened cannot be undone.I hope something like this never ever happens again.
Maninder, India

I just don't believe whoever blamed our prince Dipendra for killing his parents and other royal members. He can do anything but not this. As a citizen of Nepal, I would like to request to find out the killer who did this unbelievable incident. I am very much sad, my heart is sinking, I can't concentrate my mind because we have lost our loving king and queen. I love my king and my country.
Samasti , Nepal

Dear friends of Nepal, thank you for showing solidarity with us at this hour of sorrow and crisis. It is not only time of crisis and sorrow for us here, but also of deep frustration - of how things are slipping off our hands, one by one, day by day. We must keep hope in "what is right with Nepal at this moment to cure what has gone wrong" with Nepal. Let us be together, mind and soul, and keep united. Let us leave behind our petty political wranglings and think of Nepal. Let us wipe the tears from her together
Shyam KC, Nepal

My deep condolence to the sudden demise of the royal family members.I strongly believe the people of Nepal will overcome the present situation.I pray for his highness King Dipendra to overcome his present situation.
Priyan, India

Oh god! What had happened should never have had happened. We were very very much shocked and saddened to hear the unbelievable and heartbreaking news- the sudden demise of our beloved king, queen and other members of the royal family. We pray god to rest their soul in peace. May god bestow us, the Nepalese people and the other members of the royal family the strength, courage and patience to overcome this tragic moment of unbearable and irreparable national losses.
Shyam Raj Manandhar, Hongkong

As the Greek saying goes what a dreadful time and a dreadful deed. The news of death of the king brought alongside the sorrow of not having him anymore among us.No matter how unpopular his reign was , its undoubtedly proven fact that he ruled the heart of every Nepali! Let me pay the tribute to my king by saying that we all are orphaned! The nation weeps silently!
K Anish Pokharel, Nepali student in Pakistan

The setting of the Nepalese family is still an unbelievable incident for me. Me and all my family members think to be dreaming this tragic event even now. We are all really shocked by this. How can one believe and think of so loving and charming King, our dear father would be in no time be lying in the "Aryaghat Chita"? No king as the history tells matches with the personality and the character our beloved King had. I think I would go mad within no time. I heartily pray the god whoever the heatless killer is, be brought in our mass so that we would make him our prey of curse and hatred.
Sophiya Karki(Guddu), Balaju, Nepal

I am not only shocked I am feeling more than that at this moment. When I heard this news early in the morning I was not able to believe this news and still after the funeral has already finished, my ears are expecting to hear that the news was false and our king is still alive. My eyes want to see him alive in front of me. This news have made not only me but all the Nepali citizen orphan.
Sachin, Nepal

I am totally silent and there is no word that I can express my sorrow. I am a Nepali and from two decades I am here in India. I can still not believe that our beloved king has passed away. My mind and heart still doesn't allow me to believe in this news.
Amrit Bhakta Shrestha, India.

There won't be another king like our late King Birendra. No one can take his place. Let their soul rest in peace. The person behind this must be punished!
Anne, Hong Kong

I got to hear one of the worst news of my life at the time when I'm about to go back to nepal after five years.
Harish, China

King Birendra was the son of the soil who loved the country and countrymen.The massacre has not only brought the role of the monarchy in the kingdom under doubts of future existence but also added a new chapter of greater significance in the history of the social transition of Nepal for the future.We have really lost a dynamic leader.He was the leader who was constitutional from the bottom of his heart after the restoration of democracy in the kingdom.
Upendra Sarmah, Kathmandu,Nepal

Messages of condolence started pouring on my phone after 5.00 pm on Friday (in the USA) and our whole family is really shocked. I have a hard time convincing myself and my family whether this is a dream or reality. King Birendra did so much for the country and for the people of Nepal, why should he be assassinated? Nepal has lost a good guardian. I hope democracy will survive and everyone will understand this crisis.
Keshav Bhattarai, Nepal/ USA

I am deeply shocked by this unbelievable incident. Late king Birendra's role in the country's democratic history will never be forgotten. May their departed souls rest in peace.
Gopal P. Pudasaini, Germany

It came as an unbelievable shock and is an immense terrible tragedy. It's unbelievable and I can't imagine how the people of Nepal feel at this moment.
Miss W. Nasser, Liverpool, England

I am shocked. He was our beloved King and the symbol of unity. He was our god. May their souls rest in peace.
Sashi Raj Sigdel, Nepal/ Banglore

Let's unite to bring peace

Suresh, Switzerland
We are very very shocked and saddened with the most unwanted unbelievable event happened yesterday resulting our beloved king and queen dead. It is very discomforting for us even spelling the unwanted word 'dead'. At this moment our country is in dire need of unity and patience. What is done cannot be undone. At this distressful moment we pray to the Almighty that the departed soul of our beloved King, Queen and others may rest in peace and may Lord provide all of us courage and patience to overcome this national tragedy. Let's unite to bring peace in our lovely country where Lord Buddha was born and spread the notion of peace all over the world.
Suresh Man Shrestha, Switzerland

I am so saddened and shocked by this news. Although it is an insane man who did this, it also proves how much damage a gun in the wrong hands can do. My prayers are with the people of Nepal.
Vijay Nair, USA

The sense of loss is beyond words. We've lost a great family, an institution and a model of a generous Royal family, especially His Majesty King Birendra who really loved and cared for his subjects. Meanwhile thanks to the international community for its sympathy.
Naresh Newar, London

We cannot believe this happened, all Nepalese people are in shock in the US... Nobody believes what has happened. All of us are shocked. We think about our king and we feel like Nepal is going to be empty...We all are very depressed.
Sneha, United states

Now we feel like orphans

Birendra, Taiwan
When I heard this news I was completely shocked. Feels like a bad dream but it is real. We never had expected such thing could be happened. Now we feel like orphans. Although they has gone from this world but they can't go away from every Nepalese's heart and soul. They'll live in our memories forever. Wherever you are we love you.
Birendra Tamrakar, Nepalese citizen in Taiwan

Oh god, I hope that the ears that you have given to me are certainly not to hear such tragic and shocking news. My wife, my 7 years old son and I are in deep sorrow and numb. Today we hardly managed ourselves to live with our completely broken hearts. We lost our beloved king and queen! Being a faithful citizen, I always have understood late king Birendra as a symbol of stability for the nation. Although he is not with us anymore, I hope his immortal vision and direction will always guide us to become the good citizen of the world.
Mahesh Kayastha and family, Sydney, Australia.

The bitter most news of my life

Nepali, Nepal
My mom woke me up in the morning and said in a deadened voice that the royal family is dead. I couldn't believe what my mom was saying and slept again. Then after a while I woke up to realize the bitter most news of my life. We always thought that whatever the situation of Nepal will be there is the "king" to help us but ......... I can feel the pain in my heart and I feel that I am an orphan now. God please help us now. God was with us till the last night but now he is gone. We can't forget you.
Nepali, Nepal

How is it possible that someone could kill his parents and others (11) and still be crowned king? I think if he lives he should be punished and the person assigned in his absence should be king. (Regardless of the fact that he is/was the heir. I hope he dies too.)
Sandra, CANADA

I am shocked after hearing that my King, My queen and all the members were dead. Even my Crown Prince were still do not believe that my king and his family died. Till now I thought that I am in dream. I do not believe that my royal family were not in this earth now. Oh! God make this as a bad dream. It is our 'National Tragedy'
Bibek Shrestha , Nepal

We still don't believe the untimely and tragic death of our beloved King and His family. In Hong Kong it rained whole day as if it's mourning the demise of our King and Queen. Almost all Nepalese people avoided working in confused and tearful mood. We all thought it was just a dream. But, so-called dream did not turn into reality. At last we confessed that our King was no more with us. What we can do in this moment is to unite to keep our late King's dream to make Nepal prosperous come true. We are profoundly devastated and pray to the Almighty to rest their soul rest in peace.
Dinesh Subba and family,Hong Kong, Hong KOng

He was a great king

P.K. Mudbhary, Thailand
My family and I are deeply shocked by the tragic demise of King Birendra. He was a great king, a patriot and a statesman who held the interest of Nepal and the Nepalese above anything else. He will be remembered for his contributions to nation building and more recently as a decent constitutional monarch. It is a truly irreparable loss to Nepal.
P.K. Mudbhary, Thailand

It's one of the most shocking & saddening news for me in sub-continent scenario. I can't believe it.. I can imagine pain and sorrow of Nepalese people. May God let them all go through this national tragedy peacefully.. but we all must condemn the stupid reason of this trgedy.."No Woman No Cry"..
Zulfiqar Sheikh, Pakistan

Its so shocking what happened in Nepal!!! It's hard to believe what happened! Now if they make Gyanendra the King Nepal is finished!! Gyanendra is NOT going to be good! He'll go around killing innocent Nepalis. King Birendra was a GREAT KING!! I hope that Nepal will come to peace. May the royal famile rest in peace!
Nepali, Va, USA

The killing of the Royal family members in Nepal is simply devastating. Lying between India and China, Nepal under the able and inspiring leadership of King Birendra, by and large, enjoyed stability and peace. There is now bound to be unrest and uncertainty in the Himalayan Kingdom following the palace murders for sometime to come. A stable and peaceful Nepal is essential to India in view of the formers strategic location. One hope that once the dust settles down, the transfer of power in Nepal will be smooth without outside intervention by vested interests.
Albert Devakaram, India

There are couple of questions every Nepalese must think and ask now

Chalise Family, Australia
The news came as a shock to us. The killing of all royal members by one of their own?? A very non-Nepalese and unthinkable thing has happened. There are couple of questions every Nepalese must think and ask now. In the present socio-economic and political context, do Nepalese want another king or a royal family? Do Nepalese want Dipendra to be the future king after having killed a dozen of his loved ones? Is there a royal alternative? Or is it a turning point in Nepalese history that Nepalese should abandon the monarchy totally. For now let us all pray for the eternal souls of all who had suffered this terrible death.
Kiran Chalise, Mercie Chalise and Sabrina Chalise, Sydney, Australia

King Birendra died, that is shocking news to Nepalese people; it is devastating to know that King, Queen and so many members of the Royal Family were dead. How can we express in words what we Nepalese people went through when we found out all of them were killed by the Crown Prince? We wish nobody had to see such things even in dreams. We pray to god: May their soul rest in peace.
Satish Singh, USA

I still do not believe that my king and his family died. I still feel that its all a bad dream and someone will be waking me in the early morning so that I can find my royal family safe with the smiling faces. I love you all.
Shashi Dhungel, Nepal

I believe the King always wanted good for Nepalese people.

Tara, Shrestha
Having lived in Sydney for almost a decade, I had reached a point of no return. Nepal to me was a distant past, a memory to be cherished and the hardships better forgotten. The shock of the news of the death of the King has touched a raw nerve in my life. It has taught me that deep down in my heart I am and always will be a Nepali and feel very deeply for its welfare, its people and its future. It is a loss for the country, the passing away of a king that had responded to the wishes of the people. Unfortunately the politicians that took over are more concerned about their own parties and themselves. Perhaps in his death King Birendra will unite the people of Nepal. I believe the King always wanted good for Nepalese people. In this moment of such profound sadness my heart goes out to all the Nepalese people whereever they maybe.
Tara Prakash Shrestha, Australia

It is so sad to hear what's happening in Nepal right now!!! I am sure the whole world is in shock to hear such an incident. I truly hope that God will hold Nepal in his arms at this time and take her though her times of trouble. May the Dear Lord Bless You Nepal and we are all praying for you!!
Anne Rajamoney, Sri Lankan

This is a great personal tragedy for the Nepalese. Let's hope that the country remains a stable buffer between India and China, especially now that Tibet has been trampled on.
Simon Hooker, England

I am not a Nepalese. But I sympathise with the Nepalese people concerning the shocking massacre within the monarch family. This shows that there are some bad conflicts in the monarchy. If it is a question of a choice of bride for the crown prince, then this is an issue created by people with very conservative thinking. The King and his son should have been very open concerning this matter, for both of them had been educated in a country where ideas given are not laughed at. I hope Eton College though it is for the very privileged also have the same way of treating their students. We talk about globalisation. My own country is bracing itself for this event and so are other Asian countries. Nepal would not be spared. Traditions can work hand in hand with globalisation. They do not have to stop the people's and the country's development. Surely, there must be some teachings in the Hindu religion that will prosper the people and the country. I hope this incident will spear Nepal into a new, better future and that the people will learn to settle conflicts by talking and not killing.
June Ho, Malaysia

It is really shocking news. We had never expected that King and Queen were like Gods to us. Without them we already feel helpless. We pray for their soul to rest in peace.
Varsha,Suman,Ritesh ,Laxman, Vitebsk,Belarus

The loss of His Majesty is truly a tragedy for this small kingdom. He had moved the country from an absolute monarchy to a democracy with both courage and wisdom never questioning his future role. He provided continuity and stability -an incorruptible figure to whom all turned for advice. He rejected all overtures to resume the reins of power but offered his countryman compassion and guidance. May he and his family rest in peace An Admirer for many years
c.p.haviland, england

I am shocked, shattered and feel abandoned for our country, which I always remembered as peaceful mountain land. Hope the power shift will stabilze the country as soon as possible.
Pradeep K Pradhan, USA

It is a great loss to all Nepali people. None of our King Birendra's children remain. This is the most devastating and shocking incident in Nepalese modern history.
Arun Chalise, Singapore/Nepal

People of Nepal are greatly shocked and are in a state of deep sorrow. I love Nepal and the royal family.
A Nepali, Nepal

He played a very appropriate role during the political movement of 1990 and at present he was as a father of all Nepalese and symbol of national unity.
Shekhar Neupane/Ganesh Regmi, Nepal

I am very much shocked by hearing the ends of democractic king. He was always in support of people's rights.
Rajju Pradhan, Nepal

It is unbelievable, I am shocked to much by this unfortunate incidence. This is really a critical situation for our country, we loss our beloved king when we need his majesty as a guardian. Oh God help us.
Shiv Raj Bhatt, The Netherlands

It is a grave loss for us. I think Nepal will never be same again. King Birendra was the only person that Nepalese people could rely upon. We have really been orphaned by his death.
Pradeep Gangol, Geeta Gangol, Nepal

I am profoundly shocked that our king has been killed. It is really unbearable situation for all Nepalese citizens.
Bikash Pokharel, Nepal, residing in the Netherlands

I am deeply shocked from the unbelievable news The sad demise of the royal family of Nepal. May their departed souls rest in peace.
Rosie, Germany, Suderburg

This is a terrible tragedy. Utterly appalling.
Mark Holtz, United Kingdom

I have never been so devastated in life
Pranav Budhathoki, Nepal

It is indeed a very sad news to have a family, a mother, a father, a brother and a sister to be killed in a one go. Now is the time for us to change and I think we should move forward to a republic, a total democracy ahead. I hope the government will use the moment and declare the country's first ever president.
R B Thapaliya, Nepal

I am deeply shocked by the recent news of the truly horrific massacre of the Nepalese royal family. The king was a beloved one and will be missed deeply by the Nepalese People. He was a democratic king
Sapana, Live currently in England

It was a real disaster, how could a son kill a father and his own mother. I pray to god for the soul to rest in peace and also for the future of Nepal.
Rahish Shrestha, Nepalese citizen currently studying in Pakistan

It's been deeply shocking and devastating news to hear of the death of our beloved king and royal family.
Sagun Man Gurung, Nepal

This is the sadest moment in the history of 24 million Nepalese. The news still sound untrue and unbelievable. I am deeply shocked by this incident.
Deependra Adhikari, USA

I am profoundly shocked, shaken due to the sudden massacre of royal family and demise of beloved King Birendra. Today I feel orphaned. May beloved late king soul rest in peace.
Hari Bansha Dulal, Nepal but residing in Germany

My husband and I are truly shocked at the news of the assassinations in Nepal, particularly because we are personal friends of Prince Dhierindra, the late king's younger brother. He appears to be one of the few potential survivors and we are praying for his recovery.
Joy Hammer, UK

I am deeply shocked after hearing such a tragedy news of massacre our King Birendra and Royal family. He was only the king who had a great respect from all the Nepalese people. May their souls rest in peace.
Sujan Pandey, Germany, Nepal

I am shocked and devastated by the news. The royal family was the only stable factor in Nepal's current turbulent state. I am sure the country can come out of this tragedy united and stronger.
Tracy Ghale, United Kingdom

I am shocked and saddened by the sudden demise of King Birendra, Queen Aiswary and members of the royal family. King Birendra was a modernist who successfully brought democracy to Nepal. He contributed to the foundation of multi-culturalism in Nepal. He will be missed.
Vishvajith Norbert, Canada.

I'm in Kathmandu now and it is if everybody is in a shock here. When I heard the story this morning I first didn't believe, after it feels like a dream, it's not real.
Peter d Groot, the Netherlands

I can't believe it. It is terrible news. I don't want to hear such a bad news about my country and King.
Amrit Gurung, Australia

This is the most heart breaking news we have ever heard. we are deeply shocked. May God give us strength to face the present.
Jabin & Babita, Australia

It came as an unbelievable shock, and immense tragedy. It is unbelievable, I can't imagine how the people of Nepal feel at this moment.
Miss W Nasser, Liverpool,England

The news of the royal death is shocking and very devastating to all the Nepalese in Nepal and all over the world. Though being a constitutional monarch, the Nepalese always looked at the royal palace for stability. I am sure this will scar the Nepalese people for a long time, but we will overcome this by being strong. I send my wishes to the Nepalese people and all the family members close to the royal family
Pankaj Shah, Australia

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