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Wednesday, 13 June, 2001, 10:42 GMT 11:42 UK
What next for Nepal?

Gyanendra, the younger brother of the late King Birendra is the new King of Nepal.

The country's third monarch in four days, he was crowned after King Birendra and most of the royal family were killed in a palace massacre on Friday.

In his first address as monarch, King Gyanendra promised to investigate the circumstances of the killings.

He is regarded as a safe pair of hands, eager to secure the continuity of Nepal's constitutional monarchy.

But will the country accept him? Can he defuse the anger and grief among Nepalis who revered the slain king as a living God? What should he do to steer his country through its crisis?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

The Nepalese people have gone through a lot these past few weeks

Yuko Maskay, USA
The Nepalese people have gone through a lot these past few weeks. We are in shock. The contradicting statements about the the killing make it more complicated. However, we realise the urgency of pulling together and hope that our next King will lead the country, with honesty and determination. If the King puts his people first, he will be respected and honoured. There is no doubt about that since action begets reaction.
Yuko Maskay, USA

This is obviously a very difficult time for Nepal. Over recent years there has clearly been unrest within various minority groups. This is not now a time for the country to divide, but for it to pull together and grow stronger. Thinking of you.....
Fiona, UK

The tragedy and its aftermath throw many a challenge to Nepal's institutions, but the wisdom and inner resources of this ancient civilisation would guide them through this difficult period. Monarchy, to survive, must adapt to the modern conditions. Nepal, to flourish, must shed the feudal order and become an industrial democracy. An enlightened monarch could a play pivotal role in this transformation. Japan's success is an example.
Thiruvengadam Ramakrishnan, USA

Evil works must be brewing up at this time of vulnerability

Srijana, Nepal
Almost a week, and I still can't get over the tragedy. I guess it's something I'll live with for the rest of my life. I sigh and pray for my country every day and night. The future is so uncertain with the fact that evil works must be brewing up at this time of vulnerability.
Srijana, Nepal

It is a sad thing to have happened. May all departed souls rest in peace. There is no point in fuelling anger and violence over the incident anymore. We should all be patient with the probe committee that has been established. It's high time we all Nepalis get our acts together and get on with our lives. We need to have the courage to face this misfortune that has come upon us and keep on striving for a better Nepal. Admit these problems. That's the way His Majesty King Birendra would have wanted us to be and it's the only way we Nepalis can pay tribute to our beloved king. Your majesties, you will always be in our hearts.
Akash, Nepal

We believe in new King

Dr.Denis Shrestha, Nepal
The country now is in a crisis. But we believe in new King. He is much stricter than King Birendra. And we believe that he will take the power and rule the country out of this crisis and start reforms which will keep peace in Nepal and move the country forward.With multi party system, the country is suffering, the economy is suffering because of corruption. I pray to God and The King to end this corruption and to keep peace in the country. Long Live The King.
Dr.Denis Shrestha, Nepal

I am looking at all circumstances of Nepal these days very closely. The crisis of Nepal is very big but it can't be an obstacle to continuous development of the nation and to the trust of Monarchy. Although it must be said that even one Nepali can't believe that Crown Prince Dipendra did the murder. There may be a long channel of murderers who wishes to capture the Nation for their interest. The behaviour of Royal Nepal Army, Government of Nepal is too doubtful these days. Nepali people can't trust the report of recently formed investigation commission. As we have came to know that the report is already made without having any inquiry with the concerned parties.
Prakash Udash, Nepal

We want to draw the international communities' attention to investigate the Royal family's massacre, because Nepali people can never trust the Government and witnesses from the Royal family now.
Ramu and Tara Aryal, Students in USA,

What surprises me is that there were so many good wishers of King Birendra

Ramesh Joshi, Thailand
I am now living in Thailand and naturally deeply saddened by the shocking news from Nepal. But what surprises me is that there were so many good wishers of King Birendra. Most of them are talking like this, now that he is dead. That is understandable. But why the anger against monarchy? Paras was not popular because of his past. But obviously, he couldn't have shot the King inside the Palace. Let us not forget that the Dinner party was at the residence of the Crown Prince and not at the residence of Paras. If monarchy is going to be the casualty of this incident, God save Nepal, because monarchy is the only unifying factor in Nepal and the politicians are all corrupt, as has been proved by the last ten years.

I don't believe in the people of Kathmandu because I was there when they were shouting very bad slogans against King Birendra and now he is God to them. There are always destabilising elements in that place. Please Nepalese be careful. The country is more important than whom we like or don't.
Ramesh Joshi, Thailand

It is very shocking news. Now when I think about it, I wish it is Dependra who did it in his moment of madness rather than a conspiracy. It is important that we do not allow anybody to take advantage of the crisis and drive us to another instability. Yes, we don't like Gyanendra as the king nor Paras as the crown prince, but do we see anybody else who can lead the country? Imagine Girija being the president?- or any other political leaders or parties. And can Nepal survive another civil war?
Sunita, Nepal

Late Dipendra can't be a murderer of his family. Who is responsible for this Palace massacre must be pulled up and informed to the Nepalese People.
T. Rai, Nepal

I keep on wishing my fellow citizens to be prayerful and peace-loving

Prabha Pradhan, USA
This sudden death of my beloved King and Queen has left a deep impact on me. I keep on wishing my fellow citizens to be prayerful and peace-loving. May each of our hearts be filled with inner peace so that we can work together to build our country for the good of all. I want to say to my people, I am with all of you in my prayers.
Prabha Pradhan, USA

The killing of Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King and many more are still mysteries. Americans learned lessons from these events and used the experience for strengthening their countries. How the leaders and citizens of Nepal will learn lessons from this is the matter of most importance. Let's see how the things will develop.
Rajesh Lal Nyachhyon, Nepal

It is constitutional compulsion to make Gyanendra the new king otherwise not a single Nepali is accepting him from the heart. He has not a good image. King Birendra was worshiped as a God and crown prince Dipendra was very much popular among youngsters and he was very much down to earth. But now it is very hard for new king to establish his new image.
Poonam Poudel, Nepal

I respect the sentiments of the people and also the new king Gyanendra

Ram Bahadur Humagain, Nepal
I respect the sentiments of the people and also the new king Gyanendra, whose task in this state of chaos lies in revealing the truth whether or not acceptable to the people. We should not judge him with prejudice not at least because of his son.
Ram Bahadur Humagain, Nepal

Whatever happened to Nepal and Nepalese, was very unfortunate. However, it is now time for all Nepalese to be united and stay calm to prevent further mishaps. The very first step is to properly investigate the issue and punish the sinners. I don't think it is impossible to find out the truth if it is desired by the government and royals. As the crime occurred inside the palace and we still have several witnesses alive, the truth is never unreachable. All that is required is the proper step by the government.

Again, it is very unfortunate that we have such a corrupt and immature government led by PM Koirala.It seems to me that Koirala did nothing to find out the truth. In such an unfortunate time as it is today, if our politicians try to benefit themselves or just pretend nice, by not telling the truth or align with any opportunist foreign power, that would be the irreparable disaster for this poor nation. We have to remember that the very first thing is the country itself, then comes its people and the monarch. Jai Nepal!

As the local ruling elites cannot be trusted for the investigation of the current tragedy it is probably necessary that some international observer and investigators be included in that commission.
Boris Nirahula, Canada

After the grief-stricken sorrow that has befallen us, we certainly look forward to a better future

Shweta, Nepal
The sudden and tragic death of our HM Late King Birendra and The Royal family has been a shock to all the people of Nepal. The ill doing of HM Late King Dipendra has changed the scenario of Nepal in the last few days. The people of Nepal have gone through inevitable grief and pain during these days. Our Late King HM Birendra had been more than a King to many and a god incarnation in a human figure.

It has been a great shock to us all but we do hope that our present King HM Gyanendra proves to be no less like the late King to our dear country. After the grief-stricken sorrow that has befallen us, we certainly look forward to a better future, after days of mourning and never-ending pain. May their souls rest in peace. Prayers and Best Wishes for a promising and secure tomorrow,
Shweta, Nepal

It is very strange that such massacre happened inside the palace boundary. I was proud of so peace-loving and religious royal family. Now question ahead is to maintain kingdom, Hindu identity and peace-loving people. There should be new constitution balancing power among king, political party and people to throw out corrupt politicians from their constituencies.
Pradeep Poudyal, Nepal, now Kosovo

There are lots of people here who believe that monarchy is the only way out of the political crisis that Nepal is facing

Anish, Nepal
It was a very tragic event that took place in the Royal palace. I think the responsibility now comes on the shoulders of the new king that he acts in a way that pleases all the Nepalese. I think, if he does things honestly and shows that he is dedicated to bring stability and development to a country that has been losing its hope of upliftment, surely the people who are now against him will come in support of him, since there are lots of people here who believe that monarchy is the only way out of the political crisis that Nepal is facing.
Anish, Nepal

I think that there is no conspiracy by His Majesty King Gyanendra. But there is an uncertainty due to the characterlessness of Prince Paras Bikram Shah. There are a lot of rumours flooding the Nepalese society badly. So all the Nepalese should use their brains this time. This is no time for violence. If there was a conspiracy too, Nepalese people can do nothing. I'll give an example, if we assume that King Dipendra was the murderer, then also Nepalese could do nothing because he was already the king, and there is no rule against the royal families. And in the similar way there is no rule for Prince Paras even if he is guilty. And that's the fact. So I would like all my Nepalese brothers and sisters to calm down and try to find the truth logically.
Deshbhakta, Australia

In the aftermath of all the incidents and the rest to come, we general Nepalese are still in darkness. The unfortunate incident that took place on Friday night has to be clearly brought in front of general public for gaining confidence and restoration of normalcy. It's high time for the Government also to come forward with clear explanation for people to believe them. No one is going to believe that the incident is carried out by the late King Dipendra.The Royal Palace should also come with valid explanation of the incident and restore the normalcy which has hit hard in the life of general public.
Yaku, Kathmandu,Nepal

Peace will be maintained in the country if they tell the truth

Prativa Subedi, Nepal
We all are shocked in Nepal as we hear palace massacre on June 1st. I did not believe the reason of killings. We have democracy in the country and we must be informed the truth about this tragic massacre. According to our law new king is proclaimed and we have to accept. Investigation should be based on logic and proof. I think in this committee some international personality from abroad also should be included for impartial judgement. Peace will be maintained in the country if they tell the truth. It is natural to react when person gets conflicting and confusing news. People's feelings should be respected.
Prativa Subedi, Nepal

I was deeply shocked to hear about the massacre and I had utter disbelief when I heard that the gun went off on its own. Everybody here thought that it was a stupid effort to cover up. But when King Gyanendra said that there were legal and constitutional difficulties, I can now understand. If Dipendra was declared the killer then he would have to be probably hanged according to the laws of the land. That I suppose one couldn't do while he was himself injured by his own shot. Let the inquiry commission confirm the truth and why not find out why Dipendra lost his cool and how much tension was that beautiful woman creating in the mind of the young Prince?
Robin, Singapore

The world needs to understand that there is no conspiracy

Nameless, USA
I can relate to Birendra because I also went against my family's will to marry a person who I was in love with. I am also from an influential Nepalese family and boy the criticism and slander I received from my family was unbearable. In the end I left Nepal and flew to the US. Now I am mending my relationship with my family and we are beginning to understand that they can't feed us all this western education and then expect us to accept the ancient culture which sometimes doesn't work for kids with modern education. So the world needs to understand that there is no conspiracy, there is no Paras Shah involved, there is no India involved. This is just a simple truth the world should be able to digest.
Nameless, USA

If a monarchy poses legal and constitutional obstacles to the truth, it may be time to do away with it. A coup d'etat may ensue if the political leaders and new King are unable to stabilise the situation. I do not think they may be able to ensure stability, since the situation has already been unstable since 1993, at least. However, I hope I am mistaken.
Ashok, Canada

I believe that in this unstable time for Nepal, the Nepali people should ride out the storm and keep calm for a few weeks. Then, when feelings are more controlled, perhaps it is time to end this line of the monarchy, as predicted and replace it, not with a Rana or Shah but with emblems that represent Nepal and/ or peace.
S. Gurung, England

I think the present system of the monarchy should be abolished and a full parliamentary system installed. And as far as the assassination goes, I don't believe that the Prince could have done it, even given the unusual circumstances. There is the hand of some unknown identity in this bizarre act, and if the newspaper reports are to be believed it has to be Crown Prince Paras who is involved.
Narayan Tiwari, Australia

As rule-abiding Nepalese, we must accept the constitution in its totality. The constitution has accepted prince Gyanendra as the King of Nepal and so must we. Now the King must first gain the respect of all the Nepalese by doing the right thing at all times. His first speech to the Nepalese and first step of forming a committee with the right persons is very appropriate and acceptable to all the Nepalese. I am sure that his other many steps and actions that need to be taken will all be directed in the interest of Nepal and Nepalese.

As a very impartial and justice loving king, he must take proper actions to the murderer of the royal family or the musician who was killed few months back. This, then will establish King Gyanendra as a true loving king of the Nepalese. May his reign be successful in true sense.
Dorji Tsering Sherpa, Nepal

I don't see a way he can convince Nepalese people

S Shakya, Nepali studying in US
After confusing all the Nepalese with bizarre explanations of the incident, (which clearly was a cover up for actual truth) I don't see a way he can convince Nepalese people. After all the bodies have been cremated, and all the crime scenes have been cleared I don't see how investigation body of three people will be able to find out what happened that night. They probably won't be able to come up with any satisfactory report to convince Nepalese people. We have reasons not to trust the present king, because everything has been hidden so far. I wish the UN or some other international body could investigate on this matter.
S Shakya, Nepali studying in US

I think the killing that took place Friday was not done by the late King Dipendra. I can say that someone else is involved in the killing, but I don't know who. I pray to god that the true killer should be caught.
Rochak, Nepal

As a Nepalese in USA, I am passionate about the plight of my nation. I am deeply saddened by the news of the royal massacre. The new King must rise above the fear and give hope to the nation. Yes, there are many conspiracies, which is natural when something so tragic happens, however, what is most important is that the nation is not split apart and the citizens are not lied to. The citizens adored the royal family, despite the fact that they themselves lived in poverty. Nepalese people are strong and they will survive. I have no doubt, however, the moment is now or never. The truth must be told to ensure a peaceful closure.

I ask all my Nepalese friends to have patience in such a mourning time

Kapil Raj Dhungel, Nepal
We are in deep senses of sorrow. We cannot forget our most dear king till the end of our life. The country being in critical condition I pray God for the quick settling of the problem. And I ask all my Nepalese friends to have patience in such a mourning time. Till the truth is revealed we have to be in favour of our new king so that our democracy live longer and above all we and our kingdom being safeguarded. I love you, my king, queen, crown prince, prince, princess and all other royal family. I love you all and I miss you.
Kapil Raj Dhungel, Nepal

Being a Nepali in US, I think the Nepalese are angry at the new King not because of any other reason but because of the unknown truth when the whole royal family has been wiped out in massacre. I think, what Nepalese are looking for is the truth with proof. The Nepalese deserve a serious investigation into this matter. I think investigator must be allowed to enter room of palace where massacre occurred. I will always wonder why the post mortem report was not known to the public. Why can't survivors like Princess Shova( King's sister) speak out? Public would certainly would like to know, if Crown Prince Dipendra shot himself, was there only one shot in his body? Another thing I would like to say is that I am very embarrassed as a Nepali that the media would write the conspiracy against India when Nepal and India are very good friends.
Bindra, Houston, USA

I would no way support Gyanendra as our king

Rajani, Nepal
I would no way support Gyanendra as our king. He never respect ordinary Nepali people, so his son Paras. Perhaps we don't need any royal family. The reason given by the authority is unacceptable and superficial. This also indicates that our authority treat us like a bunch of idiots and fools. Since Princess Sruti's husband and couple of royals are still recovering, we have to give them extra security and find out the truth, as they were the real witnesses in this awful and tragic event.
Rajani, Nepal

Nepal and its citizens need to concentrate on building a strong democracy

Pritpal, CA, USA
While the events in Nepal have been extremely tragic and painful, the people of Nepal need to solemnly get over this tragedy. Nepal and its citizens need to concentrate on building a strong democracy and work towards a progressive and prosperous country. The stronger a country is democratically, the easier it is to overcome national tragedies of such a magnitude. My heartfelt sympathies with the people of Nepal and also my good wishes for a strong democratic government in their country.
Pritpal, CA, USA

Its time for us to start a new era, a revolution and say goodbye to the monarchy. Why should we suffer any more from the misconduct of the royal family. They kill each other and we the people have to suffer. We have had enough now. We Nepalese shouldn't accept Gyanendra as a new king and shouldn't refrain from coming onto the streets to protest against him. How can we accept that man Paras as our crown prince? I can't even imagine it. So peoples wake up from your sleep, stop dreaming of the monarchy. We don't want to be sucked dry by the monarchy anymore.
Govinda Poudel, Sydney, Australia

If the government wants peace and its people not to live in the grief for a very long time they should tell the whole truth. But it appears they will not. If there are any survivors of the massacre it will be good for the independent press to have access to them so the people of Nepal know the whole truth. It appears the government will do all it can to cover the truth for whatever reason, only they and God know.
Yaw Okraku-Yirenkyi, Japan

Well it is the most tragic thing that Nepal (a country of peace) has ever come up with. With the past reputation of the new King, one should not be against him. We all should support him. Nepal is going down and down. There seems no one to improve the country. The truth about the killing should be told to the people because the late Birandra was our King, King of Nepal. Regarding the new crown prince - well I do not support him at all. He shouldn't be the next King in future. If this ever happens then God save my country and my countrymen.
William, Nepal

Due to the Nepalase government's incompetence and inadequate policies, we the innocent citizens of this peaceful loving country, Nepal have been facing all sorts of problems since the very start of Nepal's history. We the peace loving citizens strongly urge the Nepalese government to stop fighting with each other for money and power. All political parties should put their heads together and unite to build peaceful and beautiful Nepal.
Yam Gurung, Nepal

I think that Gyanendra becoming King means that a new lineage is taking over and this will mean a change in the status of the monarchy in the country. Whereas King Birendra and Dipendra were part of a lineage which the people of Nepal had become used to give a certain level of respect. Now that lineage is no longer there, the same respect is no longer there.
Vishwaraj, Nepal

I think the head governing body from the United Nations and other foreign officials has to find out the truth. This is a must because the truth will never be revealed to the Nepalese people from the current government. Right now all the Nepalese people are confused about who is to blame.
SRT, Nepal

It is a great tragedy for the people of Nepal to lose the entire Royal Family. It will require a great deal of maturity and common sense by the man in the street to get over the emotional and godlike worship of the Royal Family. Rogue elements are bound to take advantage of the uncertainly created by this event. The people of Nepal should also realise that India had nothing to do with what has happened, and burning Indian newspapers and anti-India feelings will do their country no good in the long run.
Hardev Atkar, England

I believe that we have to support the new King

Parul, Nepal
I believe that we have to support the new King, and maintain the stability in the country. What has happened is very sad but we must move on, that's what late King Birendra would have wanted. I also want to beg media not to write about Nepal anti-Indian statements because it is baseless, it's assumptive. People of Nepal have close ties with India and its people and hope to maintain the same relation.
Parul, Nepal

I don't think people accept our New King because they are still in shock of our loyal King and Queen and Family. We still are in shock and want to know the real facts. We need justice for the nation.
Rami, Nepal

The political infighting has to end

Dibesh Karmacharya, USA
I was extremely shocked by the news about the massacre of Royal family in Nepal. As a citizen of Nepal I have deep respect for our beloved King and Queen. King Birendra was the only person who stuck by the constitution after 1990 political change, meanwhile rest of the country embraced the lawlessness. I hope that the country will wake up and face the reality and be strong enough to preserve the identity and integrity of a proud independent nation. The political infighting has to end and together we have to build our country for our future generation. May lord Buddha and Pashupatinath help us Nepalese to help ourselves.
Dibesh Karmacharya, USA

There is no way that we are gonna accept Gynendra as King or - more importantly - Paras as crown prince at any cost.
Hanuman, Nepal

I love Nepal, its people and its mountains but it is a small country squashed between two great powers and the mighty Himalaya will not be able to stop who has interest in it. I only pray for its poor people who already have to face so much poverty not to have to face a civil war or a would be a new great tragedy for the entire humanity.
A.Seracchioli, Italy

In my view he should really work hard to win Nepalese people's hearts by investigating this crisis in Royal Family and practicing the ruling of the country like our Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah dev.
Ramesh Limbu, Hong Kong

Nepal needs a monarchy as it symbolised the unity of the country

S B Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal needs a monarchy as it symbolised the unity of the country. Nepalese must give the new king a chance without prejudice. The new King must do his level best to provide all the information transparently on what has happened on Friday. He is the only one who can steer the country out of the present crisis. It is unfortunate that people have been wrongly informed about his intentions before he could carry out any of his duties as the King. Let him perform and prove what he really is.
S B Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal

The first thing His Majesty Gyanendra will have to do, to gain acceptance of the people is to tell the people the truth about the tragic happenings to the Royal family. The rest depends on this, because the people are more or less in complete darkness about the events of the last couple of days.
Reji Varghese,India

As a Nepali studying in Perth, Australia I think the people should move ahead although it may be hard to put the tragedy behind them. Without letting the new king rule the country we should not judge him immediately and portray a negative image about him. I am sure that he will like his brother lead Nepal into the new dawn of constitutional monarchy. I request the people of Kathmandu to put off their violence because they are being sparked by the political parties of Nepal who wants to destabilise the country and take absolute powers in their own hands.
Raghu, Australia

As a Nepali, I think it will take time to heal the wounds until justice is done. But the people of Nepal won't accept King Gyanendra's son Paras as the next Crown Prince. He has tarnished the royal image and the majority Nepalese won't accept his role as Crown Prince.
N, Nepal

The official story that "a machine gun exploded" is clearly a lie. Guns do not just blow up, and any weapons used to guard a royal family should be well maintained. There would also be the proof; if Dipendra did kill his family then turn the gun on himself the weapon should have been found. If not, an exploded gun should have been produced as evidence. Nepal should request a delegation from the UN or Britain to carry out the investigation to ensure impartiality.
Felix H, Britain

What the Nepalese people need is a full explanation of the events surrounding the deaths of their King, Queen, and members of the royal family. Since information regarding the deaths has led to frustration, and hence the riots and anger. The new King and government officials should immediately inform the people. The Nepalese people are a proud people and they will overcome this tragedy.
A. Rastogi, India

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