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Tuesday, 19 June, 2001, 10:30 GMT 11:30 UK
Who is the surprise guest of your dreams?

A newly wed couple got the surprise of their lives when former US President Bill Clinton dropped in on their wedding reception.

Mr Clinton was playing golf in the grounds of the reception venue in northern England. As he finished his round, he went over to wish the couple good luck and took part in the family picture.

For many, uninvited guests are the last thing they want on their special day. But this time, the newly married couple were more than happy to welcome the unannounced visitor.

Who would be the surprise guest of your dreams? Did your own wedding have any extraordinary moments?

This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

At my wedding I would like to have: 1) A contingency of the former US presidents - Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, 2) Edward Heath and John Major, 3) Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell and Jean Chretien, 4) Nelson Mandela
OL, NSW Australia

I would like to have Morrisey show up at my wedding and play, "Heaven knows I'm miserable now".
Jaye Chandra, India (living in UK)

My ideal surprise guest would be Lady Margaret Thatcher

Jeff, USA
My ideal surprise guest would be Lady Margaret Thatcher.
Jeff, USA

The Pope, John Paul II, would be the best surprise guest.
Jupiter, Hong Kong

Well, there was this guy who turned water into wine at a wedding....
David, England

I'd love for James Brown to drop by

Lee, USA
Though my sophisticated bride would be mortified, I'd love for James Brown to drop by and do "Papa's got a brand new bag". The Godfather of Soul can crash my party any time.
Lee, USA

Bill Clinton, I would ask him to come back and be President. We could reminisce about the old days when we used to elect our leaders and not appoint them. Save us, Bill.
Lori, USA

Clinton as a dream guest at my wedding?! No way! I would have to spend the whole day keeping his hands off my bride.
Aaron Hooks, Germany (from the USA)

My dream guest would be a combination of Virgil and Bernie Winters. They would give me both culture and entertainment.
Robert, Northumberland

I would really not like uninvited guests to intrude at my wedding, least of all Bill Clinton

Richard Banner, Kansas City, USA
To Chris of Canada: I agree totally. I would really not like uninvited guests to intrude at my wedding, least of all Bill Clinton. He still never misses an opportunity to grab whatever attention he can. Maybe he can stay in Europe a while; then they might understand a little better why Bush is president
Richard Banner, Kansas City, USA

It would be delightful if Patrica Routledge (Keeping Up Appearances) would make an impromptu visit.
Chester, UK

I'd like Paul Daniels and his lovely wife Debbie McGee to come to my wedding, just to make our special day even more magical!
Miss Stake, England

My wedding day was attended by two remarkable people with strong historical links

Bruce, USA
My wedding day was attended by two remarkable people with strong historical links: the grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the daughter of Josef Stalin. Believe it or not, they both live in the same town where I live and are both friends of my family.
Bruce, USA

Certainly not Bill Clinton. Was he hitting on the bride?
Ralph, USA

Imran Khan, my hero. Although I met him lots of times as we lived in the same city, I would be very excited if he showed up to my wedding, suddenly. Wow...........
Qasim, Canada

Being a Liverpool supporter, it would have to be John Barnes! Instead of having the speeches, he could astound us with his silky football skills!
Amanda, Uk

We had Elvis as a guest at our wedding

Graeme, England
We had Elvis as a guest at our wedding in Las Vegas! Alright it was Eddie Powers, but he was a fantastic substitute.
Graeme, England

That would be Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei - a person which holds so much wisdom, knowledge and skills in the martial arts is always welcome in my house, even more so at a wedding.
Richard, Canada

Some people in this column have said that Mr Bill Clinton is a person who broke his marriage and a lot of other stuff...but I am sure you would have done the same thing at that point of time, buddy, or even something worse than that. We are all human beings and we do err. Mr Bill, my house is open to you and I hope you would be my surprise guest.
Sunder, India

I'd like Freddie Mercury to turn up

Gerald Humbing, UK
I'd like Freddie Mercury to turn up. Perhaps he'd sing "Another One Bites the Dust"!
Gerald Humbing, UK

Sarah Michelle Gellar - just in case any vampires turned up. Honest. (It's June 30th by the way, just in case you are listening, Sarah.)
James Hughes, UK

I would be pleased to have Paulo Coelho in my wedding since his books have built a little of my personality today. Of course he would be the focus of the party but I don't care what other people would say. The wedding is mine and I'd be glad to have people I like near me in such a special day.
Renata, Brazil

I will be very very happy if Nelson Mandela to be unannounced visitor on my wedding. He is a man of everyone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because my wedding will be in Cape Town.
Safiel, Tanzania

The one, the only: Sir Sean Connery. Who else would you really want?
Vocabulon, Canada

He is my role model and I strongly admire his long road to emancipation

Tulani Nhamoinesu, USA
Nelson Mandela would be my surprise guest. He is my role model and I strongly admire his long road to emancipation.
Tulani Nhamoinesu, USA

William Shatner. Canadian countryman, amazing actor and author, definitely the life of the party.
Jeff, Canada

My surprise guest, it's got to be Bill Clinton. Are you kidding me, the guy is smart and funny, what else can I ask for! He is the ultimate.
Michael Quinn, USA

I am getting married on July 5, and the most cherished surprise guest would be my dad. I left my home in Manchester for the Royal Navy in 1977 at age 16 and never really went back other than shore leave etc. Then when I left the Navy in 1985 I moved to the USA. He died in 91, and at the time, my life was not good. I am not a religious man but can't help but feel my dad guided me in the right direction to meet my beautiful bride from "up there" I'd just like to buy him a pint to say "cheers dad" and get to know him as a 40 year old man instead of an annoying 16 year old.
Leon Oxley, English in USA

Dream surprise guest would have to be Gore Vidal. Failing that Liz Hurley would do.
Ken Smith, England

The Dalai Lama. To have my wedding blessed by such a man would be the highest honour. Failing that, Clinton Morrison of Crystal Palace would be great.
Doug, UK

I would like to have Robert De Niro or Al Pacino as a surprise guest

Fithum, Ethiopia
I would like to have Robert De Niro or Al Pacino as a surprise guest on my wedding because those two guys, without question, have a tremendous power of making things real as well as interesting.
Fithum, Ethiopia

Unlike most of the people who would welcome "unwelcome guests", I do not share their point of view. When the time comes for my wedding, it will be my future bride's and MY day. I would not want some so-called "celebrity" crashing my party and becoming the focus of attention...let alone Bill Clinton? Who is he to just barge in on someone's wedding? Has he become so desperate for media attention? Anyways, nice going Bill on scoring free dinner and drinks.
Chris, Canada

I guess my uninvited guest would have to be Julian Lennon

Michael Ryan, The Netherlands
I guess my uninvited guest would have to be Julian Lennon as his voice sounds remarkably similar to his father's. I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much rolling out a couple of songs, you know, as a wedding present of course!
Michael Ryan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When I get married I am told that Desmond Tutu will be in the same (small) town at the same time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Tim Saunders, UK

Nelson Mandela. If George W.Bush Jr stops by, it would be hilarious.
Lasitha, Sri Lanka

My ideal guest would have to be Mr David Bowie

Judge, UK
My ideal guest would have to be Mr David Bowie - comes in, shakes hands, belts out a tune or two then leaves.. fantastic.
Judge, UK

To Abiye of Ethiopia: Bill Clinton "the ultimate"? Pleeaase! At a wedding? A man who made a mockery of his own wedding vows, disgraced and humiliated his family (and his country) by having an adulterous affair with a women young enough to be his daughter? Not at my wedding.
Peter C. Kohler, USA

I would love to have Paul McCartney drop by and say hello. How could you be mad at him for dropping in?
Mike Y., USA

I would love to have David Gilmour of Pink Floyd dropping by my wedding and playing a couple of songs. Maybe Learning to Fly.
Muhammad Hammad Nadir, Germany

Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor. She has been married and divorced so many times it could bring a salutary reminder of the fragility of today's vows.
paul, USA

I got married at the end of last year in rather hurried circumstances. I had to rely on two of my University friends to act as witnesses. They both turned up drunk, smelly and full of themselves (one of them with a girl he had met the previous night in a Casino). As their laughter mounted the registrar threatened to stop the ceremony if they did not at least try to take the whole thing seriously. Later they were asked to leave the office promptly after throwing rice in total defiance of the viscous ban placed on this practice by the registrar. They had made fools of themselves. I cannot tell you how funny the whole thing was. I can now never return to Norbiton.
Mr ?, UK

The surprise guest of my dreams would probably be Clinton himself. The guy has an unmatchable charisma; in fact, he seems to have more of it than when he was president. Those were lucky couples. They have been blessed by the ultimate.
Abiye, Ethiopia

As long as my future wife turns up, I don't care who comes!
Stuart, London, UK

I would have liked Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong to drop in on my wedding, as these guys fully appreciate the significance of such a big step.
Nick Roberts, UK

Just as long as he didn't take the attention from my bride on her wedding day, I'd like Ozzie Osborne to drop in on my reception.
Doug, USA

My horse arrived at my wedding, along with horses for my husband and bridesmaids, on which we rode back to the reception!!
Samantha Workman, Wales

Our wedding is this August in St Andrews. If only we'd timed it better Bill Clinton could have dropped in to our reception after his round on the Old Course.
Nick Taylor, UK

I'd be in seventh heaven if Stevie Wonder turned up at my wedding and did an impromptu gig at the reception.
Katie, UK

My ideal surprise guest without a doubt would have to be Harrison Ford or Robert De Niro, our wedding did have a very funny moment -Bruce Forsyth was doing a celebrity round of golf at our venue and also posed for a quick photo!!
Katherine, London, UK

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