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Friday, 7 June, 2002, 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK
Golden Jubilee: What did you think of the celebrations?
The celebrations to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee have finished with a huge parade in London.

On Tuesday, around a million people cheered the Queen and other members of the Royal Family as they made their way from Buckingham Palace to a thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral.

And on Monday night a similar number gathered outside the palace to watch a star-studded pop concert in her honour.

Beacon lighting, barbecues, cocktail parties and sports days have been held not only in Britain but in Commonwealth countries and beyond.

What did you think of the Jubilee celebrations? Did the official events capture the mood of the country? What will you remember from the Queen's Golden Jubilee?

This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

As a Republican, the Jubilee did give me some pause for thought. I haven't changed my principled objections to the monarchy, but these last few days have probably given the institution a boost. Of course, we shouldn't perceive the turnout on the mall as necessarily reflecting a major increase in their popularity - the palace has cleverly used pop and pageantry to attract people to what otherwise might have been a PR disaster, but I'd probably be the first to admit that they've played a bit of a blinder. I would hope though that people would also realise that spectacles like this - which are undoubtedly a good thing for bringing people together could also happen in a republic, only under a head of state who would see us as fellow citizens rather than deferential subjects.
Paul, Wales, UK

There's no satisfying some people, is there? The pop concert was too lowbrow for some, not cutting-edge enough for others; the Queen was unable to maintain an expression of euphoria continuously for four days; the princes wore suits (shock horror). I've been to huge stadium rock concerts, small rock concerts, classical concerts, and I've sung in choral concerts. I thought the musical part of the Jubilee celebrations was excellent, and the BBC's coverage well up to the usual standards (give or take the occasional lapse into vacuous punditry, which is a hazard in any televised event lasting more than an hour). The nation did the Queen proud, and she did us proud in return. And I loved Prince Charles' speech. I'm not even a royalist - but I thought it was a great occasion.
Guy Chapman, UK

The parades highlighted the fantastic nature of our beautifully diverse nation and the true brilliance of the Commonwealth

Chris, England, UK
Totally fantastic celebrations! The concerts were great, the fireworks breathtaking and the general atmosphere in the Mall poignant and moving. As an 18 year old I am even more behind the monarchy than ever. It has silenced the pathetic and hollow emotional arguments of republicanism and we will now be able to reveal the intellectual stupidity of republicanism. The parades highlighted the fantastic nature of our beautifully diverse nation and the true brilliance of the Commonwealth. We have collectively shown that Britain is Great again. God save the Queen!
Chris, England, UK

Thankfully the Jubilee was a non-event in Scotland. I didn't see any events, nobody discussed it and I found the wall-to-wall TV coverage had an air of unreality. A lot of us were working as normal on Tuesday. While I'm happy that so many people enjoyed themselves, it is a shame that so much money and effort is wasted on celebrating an outdated monarchy.
Karen, Scotland

I thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations at the weekend. To those who believe that the popularity of the Queen is false, and should be tested by an election for head of state - I think that this weekend has proved she would stand a good chance of being elected! What a weekend to be proud of and what a county to be proud of!
Pips, Scotland

The events of the past few days have done exactly what the politicians and the media cannot - unite the quiet majority of the country, giving us something to believe in and a sense of belonging. The harping from the vociferous minority who disagree is indicative of a small clique who will never be happy when the nation is united as that doesn't serve their objective.
Pete, UK

I have to say the celebrations were great to see and I was pleased to see the colourful parade and so many happy people. I'm not a royalist though, simply because I have trouble seeing just WHAT they do. The Government runs the country now not the ruling monarch. I'm not sure why so many people look up to our Queen when it took a public outcry to get her to even say a few words about Diana's death. The royals are, sadly, too detached from the real world.
Tony B, UK

As a Republican I believe that the Jubilee shows that my views are in the minority and the Royal Family are important to the British public. This very fact frustrates me as I see so many people of the Queen's generation living in relative poverty, and she cannot even pay inheritance tax. Instead they are sharing out more houses and manors amongst themselves. However, one has to accept democracy, although I wish the public would open their eyes.
Anthony, Bath, UK

What happened to the coverage of the ex-servicemen during the parade? My father was amongst the many ex-servicemen and women who waited for hours and hours as the parade got further and further behind schedule - the BBC did not even show them marching past, after lengthy coverage of the carnival. A great disappointment and rather an insult to my father and his comrades, ex-commandos from the Second World War. Surely the BBC could at least have made the effort to film them as they finally marched past? If there is anyone out there who took photographs of the green berets as they waited and waited please let me know!
Liz Milne, Bradford, England

I have just spent five days policing the celebrations. It has been a pleasure to be part of these wonderful events and to see the public at their best - patient, positive and polite.
David , London, England

The royal family have needed this boost for so long

Ben Day, England
This jubilee weekend/holiday will be remembered as the "four days which changed the perception of a monarchy". The royal family have needed this boost for so long; and in a long-weekend they have transformed their image. As Jennie Bond put it, "the monarchy are almost cool". The Queen has shown herself in an almost new light; the more you watch her, the more you feel endeared to her. She looked radiant, and her speech was brilliantly written, even if she did make several small errors in it; after all, she is only human.
Ben Day, Stafford, England

Just as high 'self esteem' is important for individuals, so is it good for nations - and should not be confused with aggressive forms of nationalism. What we have witnessed over the last few days is a nation feeling good about itself and its traditions in a wonderfully positive way. There is an important message here for those who habitually and cynically focus on the negative aspects of the United Kingdom. It may be a set back to the pro-Euro campaigners too!
john, UK

I can't say I've enjoyed the last 48-hours of fawning obsequious pap all that much. The Queen represents everything that's wrong with the UK - snobbery, deference and the fundamental unfairness of a society in which ones prospects in life are determined by an accident of birth.
Paul Warren, Canada (Brit ex-pat)

As a Dutchman who moved over to London half a year ago I was strangely enough amongst those lucky 12.000 who were invited to the Party at the Palace. The Dutch royals are in many ways not as old-fashioned and stiff as her majesty and her family, but there is honestly no way that I can imagine our Queen holding such a party in her back garden... It just shows that her majesty is indeed first among equals as opposed to being out of reach like royalty just to be in 'the old days'.
Martijn Moerbeek, England / The Netherlands

If nothing else, the Jubilee has strengthened communities across the country

Kathy, UK
Regardless of personal views on the monarchy, the Golden Jubilee gave our village, and probably lots of others, the excuse to have an open party with toddlers to pensioners all coming along and joining in. I got to know more people over the last two days than I have in the previous two years. If nothing else, the Jubilee has strengthened communities across the country, not just in London, and that is no small achievement.
Kathy, UK

I have been stunned to see all the coverage this morning over how well we celebrated the Jubilee. In '77 there were celebrations everywhere and it seemed every community had a street party yet over the last three days I have been travelling half the length and breadth of the country without seeing evidence of a single special event. True, most pubs had union flags up but I feel sure the majority of these were there for the world cup with the Jubilee being a convenient second excuse. Thankfully I was able to catch the fireworks at the palace courtesy of the BBC without which I could entirely have forgotten anything of national import was happening.
Andy Hurley, UK

I watched the celebrations on television and found them uplifting, inspiring and moving. My only regret is that I did not go to London. The Queen and Prince Philip have served this country unselfishly for 50 years and they deserved this weekend of thanks. The sense of history and occasion was also fantastic. It was excellent to be able to show we are proud of being British, and perhaps some of our politicians would do well to take this lesson on board. I actually followed the coverage on ITV because I found David Dimbleby's attitude annoying and inappropriate.
Sue, England

I don't know what the Royal Family thought of it, but we had a ball!

Stephen Spark, UK
As a member of South Connections, which led the Notting Hill mas bands (carnival costume groups) down the Mall on Tuesday, I have to say the Jubilee Parade was the most weird and wonderful event of its kind. I don't know what the Royal Family thought of it, but we had a ball! You don't have to be an ardent monarchist to enjoy a party like that, and the symbolism of dancing to sweet Caribbean soca music in front of the Palace and later in Parliament Square in the shadow of Big Ben was really something to savour. The cultural diversity expressed in the Parade and many other Jubilee events IS something we can be proud of and can build on for this country's future.
Stephen Spark, UK

After the last four days, I can finally look at the Union Jack and St. Georges cross without being reminded of the BNP or football hooligans. We as a people have taken our nationhood back into our grasp. This weekend just showed that we can all be proud to be British, whether we're white, black, asian, or any other skin colour or race. This Jubilee has come at a time when this country needed a bit of patriotism, a bit of uniting.
Thomas Yasin, Birmingham, UK

I thought the greatest thing about the celebrations was how they reflected the diversity of our nation and how it has become our strength. It was wonderful to see so many different parades with such different influences from around the globe, and yet we were all celebrating as one nation. How many countries can present such a picture to the world? It can be argued that the Queen and the idea of a Commonwealth may be based on old and archaic vales, but what was on display was unadulterated human spirit. A spirit that can overcome differences and communicate to bring about change which can only serve our nation's future. Our diversity is our strength, and our ability to celebrate the past and our history while building a bright future makes us unrivalled
Joanna, Japan

The Golden Jubilee celebrations have been a resounding success and I look forward to the next party.

Carol, England
I am a second generation black Britain and I for one was extremely impressed with the whole four days of Golden Jubilee celebrations, the way the organisers managed to include everyone nation and community and the sheer delight the Queen showed in her 'Oh so regal way'. I don't care what the anti royalists say, I think the Queen is an extraordinarily important figure head for this country and the commonwealth and Princes' Charles, William and Harry, as well as the other royals have come a long way in just a few turbulent years. The Golden Jubilee celebrations have been a resounding success and I look forward to the next party. I for one will be there.
Carol, England

I'm not a native of England, but on the whole I thought the shows and processions were very good and for a country that spends so much time putting itself down, it was wonderful to see everyone happily celebrating being British. My only complaint was the presence of too many American pop artists in what should have been a celebration of British music. Brian Wilson was quite simply an embarrassment.
Nikki, Bristol, England

Most of you don't get it. Brian Wilson has been ill for many years. To see this genius of modern music perform many of his classic songs with an excellent band was a unique opportunity. What did you want instead? Westlife?
Fred, Ireland

I was part of the million in the Mall yesterday and had a wonderful time. It was a fantastic contrast between the old and the new and a huge tribute to our Queen - even the weather was smiling on us. Now, yet again, the battered republican movement seeks to defend its position that the monarchy has had its day. The events of the past weekend yet again show how pathetic and hollow those arguments are.
Phillip Henwood, Britain

Thank goodness it's all over. Why are we celebrating this anachronism? The woman, her family and all it stands for are out of date and out of touch. Why, if she is so popular, can't we have a vote to make her an elected head of state?
Kevin Gent, England

Other than having a day off what else happened?

Natasha Britt, England
Other than having a day off what else happened? I looked in the local paper to see if anything was going on and it was all car boot and jumble sales. The local town had a fun fair in the town centre as it does on every bank holiday. I'd love to know if anything exciting happened anywhere else or was it just London? What about Edinburgh, Cardiff or the Commonwealth? Were they celebrating 50 years?
Natasha Britt, England

Its so refreshing in todays world to have a Head of State that is above the filth of present days politicians of all stripes and countries. People need some one to look up to and respect and in the Queen we have that person, she is the star in the crown and I have been honoured to take my oath of service to her. Long may she rule.
Dick Evernden, Canada

What a great weekend. Although I live in London, I didn't make it into town for any of the celebrations, and now feel as though I've missed out on a once in a lifetime event (I just hope she makes it to her Diamond Jubilee now!) How great that everyone could just celebrate being British, without the PC-brigade worrying about Union Jacks causing offence to minorities. It was an incredible, moving occasion.
Katherine, UK

There was very little mood of celebration around where I live in London - just a couple of houses and the old people's home in the street having some jubilee flags up and no street party. Most people I know could not give a fig for the royal family. They are an historic institution and that is where they belong, in history.
Paul Selous, England, European Union

Having a picnic tea on the lawns of Buckingham Palace was something neither of us will forget.

Caron Kennedy, UK
My daughter and I were two of the fantastically lucky people who had tickets to the Queens Pop Concert. Right from the outset, the organisation was fantastic! Having a picnic tea on the lawns of Buckingham Palace was something neither of us will forget. Apart from the phenomenal concert we were to witness in the evening, the whole afternoon was a delight enjoying some great bands and music. Fantastic! Will there be a BBC video because that would just complete my memory box for the Jubilee 2002?!!
Caron Kennedy, United Kingdom

My British family, who lived in England for years, watched most of the fun on the computer, as our television stations did not cover much. Thanks to the BBC radio and tv for such good Internet coverage! We had a party with home-made decorations, as I could find absolutely no British or English paper flags or decorations in the entire city. I went to one party supply shop and the proprietor said, "We do not carry British things. We are Canadian." How sad for a commonwealth country to forget its roots.
Marie, Canada

Many thanks to the BBC for the coverage of Tuesdays parades etc. BUT please use somebody other than Dimbleby for the next in 10 years time. He was truly appalling in his presentation and he had no interest in any of the goings on apart from making jibes at the series of "experts" wheeled on to give him something to talk about.
Ian Stewart, UK

The RAF flypast to bring a close to the celebrations was outstanding. What a moving and extraordinary way to mark such a momentous occasion.
Jack , UK

Well organised, varied and, above all, British through and through.

Sheila Sweeney, England
I was in The Mall on Tuesday and thought the whole day was superb - well organised, varied and, above all, British through and through. The Police did an excellent job - much to the delight of an American man next to me, who could not believe their informal manner. Delighted that so many people grasped the opportunities to show their support for the Queen. How many other people are still working at 76, doing jobs for which they did not apply, and from which they cannot resign! A fantastic weekend of celebrations.
Sheila Sweeney, England

Fantastic time and great performances over the many days that I think brought the people of Great Britain together. However, we could have done without any of the political rubbish by Ben Elton! It was a celebration not an opportunity to make a stand on political issues that didn't belong at that wonderful event. It spoiled and embarrassed the nation as a whole with his unprofessional banter that did not have any merit or interest to any of us watching the performances!!!
Kimberley D, Bristol, England

When one considers the cost of the Jubilee against the fact that so many elderly care homes in the UK are closing due to lack of funding and schools and hospitals are still under-resourced, the events of the Jubilee leave me cold! Why should one, already hugely pampered, woman be treated with such blind adulation when so many unsung heroes in our society do far more for their community and country than she does.
Jane, UK

Watching the celebrations yesterday on TV in Canada brought back memories of the past. For the 1952 coronation my whole street was festooned in bunting, tables and chairs were brought out, we played games and held a best costume competition, won by a girl wearing crepe paper, dressed as a queen. The highlights of this year's celebration were the crowd's spontaneity, the parade with its colourful and lively multi-cultural displays of music and dancing and the rapture as thousands of voices sang Land of Hope and Glory. Inspiring.
Frances Roberts, Canada

I think the pop concert was excellently done. It was a great mix of musicians. People who are on here slagging off the royal family should have actually gone there and seen the tremendous support for the Queen. The people were all very well behaved, polite and patient. More events like this should be held.
Chris, London, England

It certainly had a positive effect or me and hopefully most of the nation.

Matt Lloyd, Wales
I thought the celebrations were brilliant and really did cover every aspect of British and the Commonwealth's life. I'm not a royalist but I thought it was an excellent display of Britain at its best, partying, singing and just having fun. I thought the Queen did excellently and again we saw he in a different light. The concert, fireworks, some of the procession were all good. I was amazed to see how popular she was and very glad that we celebrated or at least watched with her. It certainly had a positive effect or me and hopefully most of the nation. I don't think it was meant to be anything other than a party to say thanks, from the Queen to us and from us to the Queen. It certainly achieved that and although a Welsh patriot it also made me proud to be British and to have a monarch.
Matt Lloyd, Wales

Golden Jubilee versus Millennium Party: contrast and compare. No contest. In 10 years time we can do it all again, perhaps even better. Thankfully we don't have to repeat the Dome experience for another 1,000.
Robin, UK

I was hoping that living in a World Cup city, I would be overwhelmed with excitement. unfortunately this has not happened yet! However, catching glimpses of the celebrations back home over the last few days on BBC World, has been more than adequate to lift the spirits of us expats. You have to consider what is happening elsewhere in the world at the moment and to be able to forget about Kashmir, nuclear war and Bin Laden for a few hours is not a bad thing.
Greg White, Kobe, Japan

What a pity that the newspapers managed to get a shot of the Red Arrows, Concorde and the Mall, all together, while TV cameras only showed the planes as they flew over. Nevertheless a wonderful day for Britain and the Monarchy. The golden coach and the church service without doubt the best part of the Jubilee Celebrations so far.
Philip Ward, England

Prince Andrew came and chatted and shook hands with us

Sharon Warburton, England
I was lucky enough to be at "party at the palace" and I would firstly like to thank the queen and all of her family for their generosity - it was an unbelievable experience. Prince Andrew came and chatted and shook hands with us along with Beatrice and Eugene and on the way out Prince Edward took the time to wish us a safe journey home - what lovely people. I would also like to point out that whilst her majesty gave the nation 2 days holiday, she herself was working hard as usual!
Sharon Warburton, England

A fantastic weekend BBC. Congratulations to all involved in a meticulously planned occasion. I spent yesterday half way down the Mall with my family and had a fantastic time, like the thousands that surrounded me. I hope you will produce a compilation CD of all the music, especially the Carnival music. It will sell like hot cakes.
Frank Considine, England

I was in the Mall all day yesterday, and it was fantastic, glorious, magnificent and absolutely amazing! Especially at the end when the crowds were allowed onto the road ¿ I was lost in a huge sea of union flags and people laughing, singing, cheering and joking with total strangers. How many events can bring us together like that? A politician could never manage it ¿ when Tony Blair appeared on the screens in the morning, he was roundly booed! This morning I am even more proud to be British than ever before ¿ long live the Queen!
Laura, UK

Overall, we did enjoy ourselves but it wasn't by far that great joyous party that the BBC claims.

Lizzie, London
I was there in the Mall with a little 10 year old relative who wanted to 'see the Queen'. We arrived in good time and got quite a good position, near the front of the barriers, just in front of a screen. Great! We waited and waited and waited for the beginning of the processions. But we never saw any royals. Some of them whizzed past in a car.. then Prince Charles and co came out but could not be bothered to walk all the way up the Mall - so no chance to see them but on the screen... We saw the Notting Hill carnival, brilliant!! But by then more and more people had arrived, and all they had in mind was to see the show, no respect for other people. We got squashed, kicked, pushed, after a while it became so unbearable that we had to leave. Overall, we did enjoy ourselves but it wasn't by far that great joyous party that the BBC claims.
Lizzie, London

The celebrations this weekend were a surprise, well organised, striking and touching. The Queen might be very proud of herself but it is the nation that should be proud, proud of our culture, our history and our sense of good spirit and hope. The fantastic sound of 'Land of Hope and Glory' said it all for me. It isn't about one woman, far from it. Change the National Anthem to reflect this National Pride, change it in time for the lads on Friday, with that tune ringing in their ears it can't fail to help them win!
L P, England

I enjoyed the weekend immensely and am looking forward already to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. In particular, the "pop" concert should be that much more enjoyable next time since I expect that most of the "stars" from Monday night will be physically unable to perform (if they're still alive at all) and cannot embarrass themselves and us to the same extent again. But Concorde, the processions and the final sing-song were the best memories.
Ian, UK

I was surprised - the whole thing was fantastic

Ralph Matthews, England
I was surprised - the whole thing was fantastic on TV. I now feel bad for not going to the Mall and I know that I have missed out on something that is once in a life time. To the negative comments been written here, Maybe the royals do have some German blood, that is no reason for you to be a racist. Where do your ancestors come from? Grow up. I feel, right now, totally proud to British and having a royal family. Great.
Ralph Matthews, England

Despite having no interest in the Royal family whatsoever I would say that the celebrations exceeded all expectation. What I saw of the BBC coverage was very good. The fly past was spectacular. On the other hand I would like to say that the Jubilee is now over and I would urge the BBC, as I would all media not to indulge in six months worth of sociological analysis of the event. That sort of thing gets very irritating and distracts peoples attention from other more important news.
Andy , UK

I was lucky enough to be 14 rows from the front at the pop concert at the Palace. The whole day was fantastic, well organised and fun. Everyone attending was friendly and up for a party! OK, so Ruby Wax and Ben Elton were embarrassing, and Brian Wilson was on another planet, but everyone had a great time anyway! Thanks Your Maj!!
Claire Maplethorpe, UK

Fantastic! The jubilee confounded the vocal minority of republicans. The silent majority proved that we are very happy with the Queen and will be with Charles and William. Have a referendum on a republic and we can shut the anti-royals up for good. God Save our Queen.
Nick Davies, UK

For anyone outside London it was like looking in on someone else's party.

Joanne, UK
It was all very nice but for anyone outside London it was like looking in on someone else's party. Once again they forgot that the UK isn't just London. As for the pop concert - if only Terry Wogan had been doing the commentary. He'd have had some great things to say about such awful performances.
Joanne, UK

Well done to the British establishment, the queen and the media for convincing the British people that the Monarchy is not an offensive, pampered, parasitic and completely outmoded institution.
Joe Molloy, Liverpool, UK

The Golden Jubilee was great. Speaking not as an avid monarchist, but as one who appreciates the diversity of talent and culture that the UK has to offer, this weekend's celebrations really did show off the best of British - and the Commonwealth. The Party at the Palace concert was great - it obviously didn't suit all the people all the time but with an audience of millions I think the BBC got away with it. And I particularly admired Brian Wilson's appearance since recovering from his years of illness - inspirational.
Liz, UK

Returning to work today, I find that I am far from alone in having found David Dimbleby¿s snide remarks on BBC 1 yesterday both irritating and insensitive. What was the matter with him?
John Culme, Sussex, England

The resilience of HM and Prince Philip was amazing considering their ages.

Diana Donald, UK
This was a wonderful show of support for our Queen and her husband who has been her rock. The pop concert was a bit of a let down except for Brian May on the roof. The resilience of HM and Prince Philip was amazing considering their ages. I think her serious face was to cover her emotions. The fireworks on the pop night were unbelievably beautiful; the fly past incredible and the sea of waving flags amazing. All in all a great weekend giving needed heart to this much maligned country, especially England. Well done everyone.
Diana Donald, United Kingdom

I thought that the whole weekend was fantastic! I really enjoyed the TV coverage and the positive atmosphere whenever I went out in my local area. I never really felt British until I lived in the States for 3 years - I felt very proud to be British this last weekend. Seems like there are a lot of miserable sods out there who say "I don't like the Queen, therefore I refuse to have fun!" Your loss!!!
Rachel, Cambridge, England

I am filled with admiration for the way the BBC presented the events over last weekend. The organisation required to pull off such a magnificent spectacle is mind-blowing. I also had my faith in 'Britishness' restored by the fact that with over 2 million people coming to watch the events, there was only a handful of arrests. The only disappointments for me were Ben Elton's unnecessary crudity, Brian Wilson's inexplicable performance, and the fact that the rocket went the wrong way up the Mall - it should have been directed towards John Prescott's flat in Admiralty Arch!
Tony Bullock, UK

I have just been watching the Jubilee concert live on Mexican TV... I felt very proud to be a young British person this weekend! When I was watching the finale I was sad as I didn't have anything to wave so I stood up in my hotel room waving my passport as it was the only thing remotely British I could find! I felt a bit silly but still felt like I was taking part in the celebrations... from Mexico I send my love.
Greg Rose, England/Mexico

Ludicrous sexy dancing in front of her Maj

James, Oxford, England
The fireworks were brilliant, hi-tech painting in the sky by inspired people. The concert was mostly terrible; badly-rehearsed, poorly put together and sometimes downright embarrassing, especially Brian Wilson, the "Queen" act and ludicrous sexy dancing in front of her Maj, who would have been spared all this if we really loved her. Amused to see her ignore Ozzy as if he didn't exist. Best bit was watching the spoilt young royal females lolling in their luxury chairs trying to be cool. Eeek.
James, Oxford, England

It has brought back that much-needed pride back to Britain and has strengthened us as a nation. This weekend the people of the Commonwealth again realise that they are part of a unique and proud history not seen anywhere else in the world, and together they go forth into the 21st century stronger and better than ever. I am a Scot, but I am proud to be British and part of the Commonwealth, and to be able to do that we have to support the Queen.
Andy, Scotland, UK

I watched the pop concert. The comperes were appallingly rude and how come that bloke off pop-tarts was attempting to sing?
Simon, England

The concert was fantastic and all concerned deserve praise. For me the highlight was Will Young's début as a true star, but the 60s favourites, tribute to Queen and Beatles songs made it very enjoyable although poignant as the musicians of that era show their age. It was worth the licence fee and such a welcome change from sport! I'll never forget the fireworks: top class.
Pop Fan, UK

The display shows how outdated the idea of a Royal Family is

Carolyn A. McDonough, USA
I have enjoyed reading all of the news reports during this Jubilee weekend. I think the Queen has performed well over the years, but now is the time to move on. The display shows how outdated the idea of a Royal Family is. I wish the Queen would retire to one of her country places and keep Buckingham Palace as a museum. Let Prince Charles become the gardener he's always wanted to be.
Carolyn A. McDonough, USA

Another showcase for tired old codgers

Paul, UK
Disappointing. Most of the acts could have performed at the 1977 Jubilee celebrations. Instead of showcasing groundbreaking acts from the last 10-20 years, it was just another showcase for tired old codgers and new acts with no originality. Misteeq were probably better than everyone else combined - if only because they were thankfully different to everyone else! It was a night that clearly showed how the UK has completely lost its direction in terms of pop music, holding back genuinely original performers from all walks of life with the continued commercial reliance on a pop aristocracy.
Paul, UK

I was among the many refused entry to Green Park last night and the inability to run a concert on time was a real pain, after standing there for over an hour waiting for 10.45. It used to be the time when the British could be relied on to run an event like clockwork. No more. Bit of a let down. And who was the bright lad that decided to hold a fireworks display among the trees?
Joe, Herts, UK

It certainly makes for different morning television. I turned on BBC America at 05:30 my time and there's a noisy royal procession in full go.
T.J. Cassidy, US

Why at the Jubilee concert are Princes William and Harry in suits? Surely more casual attire would have been more appropriate? It goes to show that a great deal of this "updating of the monarchy" is just for show, to keep the public happy. What I think is sad about the Golden Jubilee is that the Royals focussed on the UK. The Queen is also the monarch of the Commonwealth and I think the Commonwealth countries should have been invited to play a bigger part in her Jubilee celebrations.
Alicia, Spain/UK

Funny to see Ozzy Osborne and Cliff Richard next to eachother

Rachel H, Scotland, UK
I have found it interesting watching the procession from a history point of view. When I caught the pop concert on TV I wasn't sure if it was the Queen's Jubilee or the Beatles' Jubilee. Was quite funny to see Ozzy Osborne and Cliff Richard next to eachother on the stage.
Rachel H, Scotland, UK

The BBC's coverage of the Jubilee celebration has been wonderful, marred only by the director covering the fireworks on Monday night. His constant switching from camera to camera without fair pause, was quite disturbing. Apart from not getting a flowing view of the scene, it made me quite dizzy. Maybe a period in the tower would teach him some patience. Despite this, well done the BBC once again. A fine example of the best of British.
Susan Little, England

It made me feel very homesick

Josie, Canada (former UK)
I watched the fireworks at the Palace on TV last night and it made me feel very homesick and desperate to be back in London. It's not very often that us Brits actually allow ourselves to be patriotic, and so the sight of the huge crowds waving Union Jacks brought a tear to my eye.
Josie, Canada (former UK)

I'll remember the Scottish actor who plays EastEnders' Trevor on "V Graham Norton" saying "During the first Jubilee I grew up on the predominantly Catholic side of Glasgow with huge unemployment. The Queen has done nothing for me." The last line rings true for so many.
Dwayne Johnson, UK

I could have done without Ricky Martin

Ronnie Stewart, USA
Super... I lived in Canada as a child when she was crowned and we all ran around with little paper crowns on our heads....I could have done without Ricky Martin though.
Ronnie Stewart, USA

I intended to watch last night's show for a few minutes and ended up watching the whole thing. It was absolutely brilliant, and very well organised. All concerned should feel proud.
Baz, UK

Great concert but whoever suggested having the Beach Boys should be reprimanded as I was embarrassed and felt sorry for the Corrs, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. The guy was emotionless and could not sing.
Donald Grieve, UK

I watched the pop concert and fireworks on TV: Great stuff! It made me feel proud to be British!
Alan, Scotland

What a pathetic shallow nation we are

Simon Moore, UK
Five years ago everyone was in the throes of a rather embarrassing display of pseudo-emotion over the death of Diana, and everyone was saying how out-dated and callous the Royal Family were. The Royal Family haven't changed one iota over the past five years, and now, because the Queen has been happily sponging off us for 50 years, everyone loves them again. What a pathetic shallow nation we are.
Simon Moore, UK

Blah blah blah, yeah thanks Simon Moore, humbug indeed. I was down in Green Park for the concert last night, and I've got to say it was an absolute blast. Sometimes you've got to just surgically remove that rod, kick back and enjoy the moment. My friends and I did and today I'm feeling so much better (or should that be worse?) off for it.
Chris Monks, England

Well said Simon Moore! Couldn't agree more

J. Hennings, London, UK
Well said Simon Moore! Couldn't agree more and when I think about some people's brain condition I often wonder whether it is the TV to blame, or the Royal family's Jubilees that have been stupefying us all these years!
J. Hennings, London, UK

Couldn't agree more Simon. This country is full of too many middle-England Daily Mail readers who don't have a clue.
Ian, UK

There was nothing pathetic or shallow about the party at the palace last night (comment from Simon Moore). One million people don't turn out like that for someone they consider a sponger. Seems you're out of step with the general feeling, Simon.
Eddy, The Netherlands

I watched the concert on German TV, punctuated by over-long commercial breaks which meant that some of the highlights weren't shown, nor were the fireworks. Wish I'd been at home to see it live and I too felt proud to be British. As to Mr Moore's sniping - one of our more highly praised virtues abroad is that we are very pragmatic and it is this pragmatism that enables us to have reservations about the monarchy while still respecting someone's 50 years in the job and knowing how to have a good 'do'.
Mike Seymour, England (living in Germany)

Watching the celebrations from America with my husband, I have been proud to be British and wish that I could have been at home to celebrate with the rest of my family and friends. Simon Moore (and all the others who complain about the Royal Family) should be grateful for the vast sums of money the Royal Family brings into the country.
Annis, USA (British)

Simon Moore you miserable sod!

Gianni, US
Simon Moore you miserable sod! Don't be such a Dave Spart; you can enjoy two days of holiday in the sun without signing up for wholesale feudalism: I've loved the whole thing, even if I'm not a middle class revolutionary...
Gianni, US

The events over the weekend make me proud to be English. Would you have a barbecue in your back yard for 12,000 people?
Mike, UK

The celebrations were a great show. It's only a shame that the show could not have been longer. Perhaps this episode in British history here and now answers the question of what it means to be British.
Matthew T. Brown, Scotland

I am confused as to why so many people are so taken by a bunch of right wing inbred Germans...
Alex Harper, England

What medals were prince Edward and Prince William wearing? British soldiers who have served five years and more were awarded the Queen's Jubilee medal. Has the Queen awarded two of her sons these medals without serving their country? If this is so then this is scandalous.
Steve Johnson, UK

It was like a re-run of one of those charity concerts which infested the late 80s

Matt P, United Kingdom
What is it about the sight of Brian May, Cliff Richard and Annie Lennox on the same stage which makes your heart sink and your hand reach for the remote? It was like a re-run of one of those charity concerts which infested the late 80s where Phil would gamely sit in on the whole gig and ruin everyone else's songs and Eric Clapton would inevitably turn up at the end.
Matt P, United Kingdom

What a fantastic weekend of events. The two concerts were spectacular, particularly last night's pop concert and firework display. They really made you feel proud to be British, especially since they were being shown all round the world.
Richard, UK

I thought the pop concert and fireworks display were jaw-droppingly magnificent! At least that's what I would have told my loyal subjects if I were Queen... instead we got a speech by proxy with more praise... and an occasional smile at the fireworks!
Pete, UK

I would like to express that I was deeply impressed about the royal pop concert and the positive way how the Royal Family is able to change their mind. This might be a start of a long process - thanks to all of you who made the Royal Family thinking about this matter to become a more likely and modern monarchy. God save the Queen and all of you. I'm German but feel sorry not to be a Scot!
Helmut Schnug, Germany

The concert last night was absolutely fantastic

Thomas Yasin, Birmingham, UK
I have enjoyed the celebrations immensely over the past few days. The concert last night was absolutely fantastic, and shows that the Royal Family is indeed modernising. I'm only 20 years old, but I still think the Queen plays an extremely important role.
Thomas Yasin, Birmingham, UK

I'm not entirely sure about the monarchy and its role, but I was looking forward to a street party. Unfortunately there weren't any in my town, or any that I know of in the surrounding towns either! This won't encourage me to be a royalist!
Mark Cordell, England

The Queen looked bored. She lit a ridiculously long fuse, got bathed with a tremendous amount of smoke when it launched. Someone should have at least got her a chair to sit on.
Mario, Surrey, UK

BBC - magnificent coverage from St Paul's but how do you stop that pompous Dimbleby from droning on in the background? If he would stop we could hear the music without him having to tell us the bands are playing
Mark Steer, Devon, England

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