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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 March, 2003, 10:54 GMT
This year's Oscars: Your reaction
Sunday's sombre Oscars ceremony was a departure from the traditional glitzy event, with special measures taken as a result of the conflict in Iraq.

The US National Guard was assigned to protect the ceremony and the red carpet area scaled back as part of toning down the proceedings.

Many of the nominees wore peace pins or spoke of the war while accepting their awards, including Michael Moore who was booed for his anti-Bush speech.

Chicago took six awards including best film and Nicole Kidman won best actress, while The Pianist took best actor and best director for Roman Polanski.

Did the Oscars take the right tone to reflect the Iraqi conflict? Was Michael Moore right to make that speech? And, now it has taken place, what did you think of the winners?

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your reaction:

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

As for the speeches, aren't the Oscars rewarded for talent in the field of film? Not politics?
Steve, London, UK
I still can not believe that the genius of Martin Scorcese over the past 30 years has not resulted in him being bestowed with the best film accolade, something I feel he fully deserves. With Gangs of New York being another in a long line of cult films that have been overlooked by the Academy. As for the speeches, aren't the Oscars rewarded for talent in the field of film? Not politics? Good, that's what I thought, I wasn't sure at one point! No (Michael Moore) names mentioned!
Steve, London, UK

Michael Moore's comments were predictable and self-serving. I like his work... but wish he'd remember that his films are not about him. Lord of the Rings is overdue - for best picture and best director - hoping Return of the King will take top honours. And is Hollywood relevant right now? Yes - trivial distractions needed from 24-hour war coverage!
James, USA

Well done Michael Moore for voicing what many feel, and shame on those who booed him
Amanda, Manchester, England
Well done Michael Moore for voicing what many feel, and shame on those who booed him. Have Americans forgotten their wonderful Bill of Rights which gives every citizen the right to freedom of speech? There's too much of this bullying and silencing of an opposite point of view in the name of patriotism. This is not patriotic, it's jingoistic.
Amanda, Manchester, England

It perplexes me that Hollywood becomes a commentary for social and world affairs. The industry is as dysfunctional as their government, if not more so, and participants within the industry are arch self-publicists. Even Michael Moore is one of the more self-righteous in the industry.
Mark B, London, UK

Well Gangs was completely shut out, Scorsese once again walks home empty-handed. Brody, Cooper, Kidman and Zeta Jones certainly deserved their awards. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the tone of the show, and whatever views were expressed were personal opinions. So what? Are we to question freedom of speech now?
David, Los Angeles, USA

It shows the Academy has a soft corner for World War II films
Sameer Vora, USA
Taking nothing away from Adrien Brody and Mr Polanski, I think it clearly shows the Academy has a soft corner for World War II films made around the holocaust theme. I am shocked the Academy has not ever recognised Mr Scorcese's brilliance over the last three decades. He is undoubtedly one of the best film-makers of all time and last night should have been his big night.
Sameer Vora, USA

I just read a story about a US pilot making it back to his base after being hit by a rocket and losing an engine. Any chance of someone sending this guy an Oscar? As I admire him more than any of these pampered, boring actors.
Paul, Ireland

Protected by the National Guard? At what expense to us the taxpaying "common people" of the US - the backbone of this country? They should get out of their fantasy world and join the real world. They should have cancelled the event altogether.
Ruth, US

Chicago was a feel-good hit in uncertain times
Annie L, USA
I originally wasn't even going to watch because I figured there wouldn't be any surprises this year. Chicago was a feel-good hit in uncertain times, but it was just glitzy. I'm disappointed Peter Jackson was snubbed for a best director nod and Two Towers was snubbed for best adapted screenplay. That film deserved way more than it got, and was definitely the best and most innovative film of 2002.
Annie L, USA

What Michael Moore did was rude and inappropriate. I'm glad he was booed off the stage. The rest of the stars were much more dignified, thankfully. Peter O'Toole was a class act all the way.
Sherry, USA

The Oscars reward talent in film, not political beliefs. A polite "Thank you" would have sufficed from most winners, instead of a political rant.
Kieran, UK

Shame on Brody for his prolonged (and unwelcome) physical intimacy with the dignified and accomplished Halle Berry. She bore it well, with what looked to be a most appropriate look of disbelief and distaste.
Sharon, Canada

Well done to everyone - especially my main gal Nicole Kidman. I thought last year was your year but this time round, you were a shoe-in! Disappointed about Daniel Day Lewis not winning best actor though.
Leeann, Scotland

What an awful speech by Nicole Kidman
Katy, England
What an awful speech by Nicole Kidman. For those who didn't hear it she claimed stars were there because "Art is very important". Not the most poignant speech. What I would like to know is if these people are so upset about the war, what were they doing at the Oscars? Will Smith and fellow boycotters made the strongest point - they didn't go.
Katy, England

In reference to Catherine Zeta Jones's win: Oggy, oggy, oggy - oi, oi, oi!
Catherine Tryfona, Greece (ex-Wales)

Well done Adrien Brody for being completely awestruck and still managing to remember that there was a world outside.
James Denny, England

Chicago: I had the misfortune to see this execrable film when I was dragged into the cinema by my partner. Why this atrocious rubbish was ever made, never mind nominated for 13 Oscars, is completely beyond my comprehension. The fact that it has actually won six Oscars makes me glad that I have not seen any other nominated film. They must be bad.
Alan, England

Why did Chigago win best picture after Roman Polanski had won best director for The Pianist? I always feel best director and best picture should go hand in hand.
Jonathan Ward, England

Jonathan Ward: Direction should ALWAYS be considered separately from best film. Best film is a combination of script, acting and direction. The directing Oscar should be only about direction. A strange ceremony this year. As for Michael Moore, it was good to have a dissenter in the ranks on a night like this. All in all, interesting, but I hope the glitz is back for next year.
Pip, UK

Stars will still go home in limos and hold expensive parties
Shao, Singapore
All this "subduedness" and toning down is totally unnecessary. Stars will still go home in limos and hold revoltingly expensive parties and such.
Shao, Singapore

It's appalling that Adaptation did not get nominated for best film. Now that had some really great lines. That was some story. That Charlie Kauffman is a genius. Nicole Kidman won that Oscar hands down. Brilliant acting minus revealing costumes plus prosthetic ugly nose and all.
Krissi, Philippines

What a joy to see Adrien Brody win the Oscar for best actor, especially against all expectations. He thoroughly deserved the award for a painfully beautiful performance which has remained with me long after many others have faded from memory.
Liz, UK

On a night when we can be reminded of the better things in life, somebody always has to put their oar in. The Oscars is an entertainment show, not Question Time.
Ross, UK

I think it is wonderful that Eminem won an Oscar, he is truly the most talented white rapper and songwriter. Congratulations Marshall! You deserve it!
Xiomara, India

I do wish that Far From Heaven had won one of the awards it had been up for. I really thought it was the most cinematic of the ones up for cinematography.
Peter, Atlanta, GA, USA

NO, NO, NO. Chicago is a good, straightforward entertainment musical, that had no stretch of imagination or creativity. It was practically lifted from its previous/current carnations. Two Towers is far superior, far more challenging. As for Michael Moore - can't blame him, his work is about statements, you can't expect him not to make one as his acceptance speech!
Martin, England

What a depressing load of fatuous self-indulgence. Mike Moore, although being the most coherent of the speakers, didn't show the backbone to boycott the whole risible affair.
Richard, Australia/UK

They are NEVER going to recognise the work of Martin Scorsese!
Javed Iqbal, UK
Gangs of New York nominated for 10 Oscars and wins nothing. Could the Academy have made it more obvious that they are NEVER going to recognise the work of Martin Scorsese?!
Javed Iqbal, UK

Why didn't Daniel Day Lewis win best actor? Once again the Oscars show how biased they are towards American actors/directors. I think the Oscars took the right tone but it was not the place to make political statements. We need some happiness and smiles in this world at the moment.
Ric, UK

Roman Polanski's best director award proves you can be a controversial figure and still win support. As for the tone of event, it did seem a bit flat.
Stephen Hoye, UK

Michael Moore acted foolish and deserved to get booed off the stage. As for the entertainers, taking their interpretation of world affairs is akin to taking medical advice from an actor! What knowledge do these "entertainers" think they have that world leaders don't?
Mary, US

In reference to the comment about taking advice on world affairs from a entertainer, I'm sure Ronald Reagan was an actor. Sums up the American Government doesn't it? Well done Eminem, fully deserved of his award.
Chris Gregory, UK

I think the Academy was pretending to be cool and hip by giving Eminem the Oscar when U2 was the obvious winner!
NoNo, Scotland

I felt the ceremony was tasteful and respectful in light of the world situation. The best actor award should have been given to Daniel Day Lewis and Christopher Walken should have collected the award for best supporting actor. Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta Jones certainly deserved their awards.
Craig Linden, UK

I think it's a shame Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers only won one award. It's not as if some of the competition was that great. And where was About Schmidt?
Paul Baker, UK

I am impressed by Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman risking the wrath of Hollywood
Clare, UK
I thought the frivolous and sycophantic nature of the Oscars (though fun to watch most years!) would jar awkwardly in the current climate but was relieved to see certain celebrities use the ceremony to voice their opinions. I am impressed by the small efforts of actors like Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman risking the wrath of Hollywood to let the world know that this war is wrong and damaging.
Clare, UK

I found it embarrassing that these actors used the occasion to launch into diatribes against the war. Overall, this years Oscars ceremony has highlighted, at this difficult time, what an utter irrelevance celebrity is.
Gavin, UK

Booing Michael Moore was unbelievable. When the US are so proud of the freedom to express views openly, this speech should have been welcomed not jeered. Drowning him out with music was a depressing end. Moore is a brave filmmaker who should be applauded for standing up against the status quo. Incidentally, I support the action he spoke out against.
Mark, UK

Congratulations to Nowhere in Africa for best foreign film. Love triumphs over prejudice amid the horrors of war. It's "missing in action" on UK cinema release lists though.
Dave Pearson, UK

I rather prefer the more subdued Oscars. Too much money and glitz is an insult to a world that is starving.
Lesley Gould, Scotland

None of the winners thanked those men and women in uniform
Doug White, US
I found it extremely telling that none of the winners thanked those men and women in uniform who make it possible for them express their art.
Doug White, US

This year the nominees in the best actress and supporting actress categories were all stunning. It's nice to see Catherine Zeta Jones winning an Oscar, but I feel Julianne Moore was more deserving as she gave a fantastic performance in The Hours. I'm glad Adrien Brody won best actor as The Pianist is a powerful film with Brody in every scene!
Roger, UK

As Jonathan Ross was saying, why only two make-up nominations when clearly Lord Of The Rings would have walked that category? I also thought it was horrible that they took the mic away from people. How can they expect winners to say all their thanks in 30 seconds?
Sara, UK

I remember Disney promising to re-release Spirited Away if it won. Do we really have to wait until September for a UK release? It's coming out on DVD in most other countries now.
Neil, UK

Seems the Academy actually took a few risks
Andrew Twigge, UK
The Pianist's success with three awards, Gangs Of New York getting none and Eminem winning were the biggest shocks and by and large I approve of them. I'm certainly glad Chicago didn't have a huge sweep of awards. Seems the Academy actually took a few risks for once after all voting for Polanski and Eminem are hardly the politically correct thing to do when you think about it!
Andrew Twigge, UK

How the Academy could award so many Oscars to a film (Chicago) that, in comparison to the stage show on which it is based, is totally flat and without the sex appeal is totally beyond me.
Richard Bucknall, UK

Why do you fail to mention that the winner of best adapted screenplay for the Pianist was the BRITISH writer Ronald Harwood - or are you just ignoring the writers, editors and technicians like Hollywood does?
David Wrede, Scotland

This was the worst Oscars show ever! The winners should have left their personal opinions at the door. This was an awards show, but Hollywood and their big egos cannot resist the urge to make political comments on such a giant stage. What a shame.
Ed Kasper, Los Angeles, USA

Everything was perfect.
Sam Rupani, USA

Michael Moore receives boos for simply exercising his right to free speech whilst Roman Polanski, a man wanted in the US for the statutory rape of a minor, is applauded?? What a strange country the US is.
Arthur Mathie, USA

I'm glad Polanski won. The mistakes he made are many, many years ago now, and it's great that the Academy can see his brilliant film and award him for it, without his previous wrongdoings getting in the way.
Jon, UK

Must every star gala turn into a political arena?
Rebecca, USA
I greatly appreciate our grand right to free speech but must every star gala turn into a political arena? I would like to view one ceremony where the stars keep their speeches to the reason they are there, thanking those who helped them achieve success!
Rebecca, USA

Interesting that Gangs of New York won nothing after its rather obvious politics. It's great that those against the war made their feelings known, it's their time, they have earned it, and it's the only time the mainstream listen to guys like Michael Moore.
A Legge, UK

Nicole Kidman reinforced her reasons for attending the event by saying that in times such as these, art is very important. I'd like to add that the Oscars prove to be one of the few venues where real people can express their views on issues that are extremely important. Moore put it best: "We live in fictitious times" so why be superficial about it?
Matt, UK

Good on Michael Moore and the others who spoke out. It is good to see some actors have a conscience about what their country is doing. No doubt many will now be blacklisted by Hollywood studios which makes me respect them even more for speaking out.
Barry, England

Booing Michael Moore was rude
Erika, USA
Booing Michael Moore was rude. Everyone should be allowed to say their piece onstage. That is one of the perks of winning the award in the first place. Personally, I'd much rather hear Michael Moore's comments than listen to another Hollywood darling recite a tedious list of people they have to thank.
Erika, USA

I was surprised there weren't more political speeches. I applaud Mr Moore for having the effrontery to make such a meaningful speech, while at the same time making it quite clear that he is an American and as loving of his nation as any in the Kodak Theatre. I'd also like to note that it appeared many more people applauded and, indeed, rose to clap for him, then there were any who booed.
M. Lyon, Canada

What happened to The Quiet American? Not a surprise to see this film forgotten among inferior competition. Just a reminder that the US has not got over its involvement in the Vietnam War even now. The film of Graham Greene's classic book must still touch a nerve even today. As for the winners airing their political views, it is not the time nor the place to discuss such matters.
Paul, Thailand

Well done to Miyazaki's Spirited Away, beating all the Disney contenders for best animation. I hope this film gets a UK cinema release at last.
Bernard, UK

Polanski's win was surprising
Miles Smojo, Canada
Polanski's win was surprising, though artistically deserved. It's as if the Academy was using it to send an anti-war message. And aside from Michael Moore's excellent anti-war acceptance speech, the rest of Hollywood was uncharacteristically subdued - even the normally outspoken activist Sarandon. It fell to Mexico's Garcia Bernal and Spain's Almodovar to make unambiguous and fully articulated statements against the immoral and illegal military invasion of Iraq.
Miles Smojo, Canada

Although most of the acting guild agrees with Michael Moore, I think the booing was over the timing. They are there to celebrate cinema, not protest politics. Chicago is a good movie, but doesn't hold a candle to The Two Towers. Minority Report should have won best art direction, it was not even nominated.
Brett, Canada


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