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Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 09:31 GMT
Murder - boyfriend sought
Louise L'Homme
Louise L'Homme was found dead at her home on Monday
The boyfriend of a woman who was murdered along with her baby daughter is being sought by police.

An investigation was launched after the bodies of Louise L'Homme, 23, and her 10-month-old daughter Tia Roberts were discovered at 1745 GMT on Monday in a bedroom at their home in Parry Street, Tylorstown, Rhondda.

Baby Tia with her elder sister, Demi
Baby Tia's sister Demi was with her grandmother

Two men aged 20 and 21 who were arrested in connection with the murders were later released on police bail from Pontypridd police station.

Detectives have appealed for Ms L'Homme's partner, Andrew Roberts - the father of baby Tia - to contact them.

In a statement, police said Mr Roberts had not been seen since Monday. He was seen leaving Parry Street just before the police arrived.

He was described as white, slim, clean shaven with straight, fair hair.


The police believe he may have vital information about the murders. They have also expressed concern for his welfare.

The last reported sighting of Ms L'Homme was on Saturday, 15 February, and detectives want to hear from anyone who saw her recently.

Ms L'Homme also had a five-year-old daughter. The child was out with her grandmother when the murders happened.

Post mortem examinations were due to take place on the bodies of the two victims later on Tuesday.

Parry Street
Police are still examining the house in Parry Street

Detectives have dismissed reports that they were stabbed to death, but have not revealed the cause.

Parry Street has been completely sealed off by police.

Residents on the street said on Tuesday that there had been intensive police activity at the time the bodies were discovered.

One resident said a police helicopter was above the area between 1730 GMT and 1830 GMT on Monday.

Tylorstown councillor Michael Brittain said the whole community felt a sense of devastation.


"You hear it happening in other areas, but not in your own patch," he said.

"People in the village are very frightened - the news is devastating.

"All our thoughts go with the family. It is such a tragedy. Everyone is so shocked in the village.

"It is a typical valleys village. It is a nice place to live."

Neighbour Eiddwen Mason added: "They were very nice people - they haven't been here all that long.


"You don't expect it in your street - it is shocking for the community.

"I was awake all last night worrying about it."

Another neighbour, Steven Brown, said: "It is a total shock - completely out of the blue.

"I heard a commotion on the street and went out and that was it. Women were crying - it was terrifying.

"There was not much the neighbours could do.

"The police were brilliant - they calmed everyone down.

"I never want to seen anything like this again.

Neighbours have started a collection to buy flowers in memory of the dead woman and baby.

An incident room has been set up at Pontypridd and detectives are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 01656 655555 or via Crimestoppers on freephone 0800 555111.

BBC Wales' Sian Lloyd
"Police were called...after neighbours heard screams"

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