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Monday, 16 December, 2002, 18:18 GMT
Test your world news knowledge

At the end of the year, test your powers of recollection with our world news quiz

What became legal in 12 countries on 1 January 2002 and has had its highs and lows since then?
A: Private consumption of cannabis
B: Sale of condoms to under 16s
C: The euro
Which world leader said to another: "You are very rude and I have never been spoken to like this before"?
A: Gerhard Schroeder to George W Bush
B: Jacques Chirac to Tony Blair
C: Yasser Arafat to Ariel Sharon
Which actor who played Napoleon, Mussolini and Al Capone in films and won an Oscar for his portrayal of a bigoted town sheriff died in July 2002?
A: James Coburn
B: Leo McKern
C: Rod Steiger
There was little common ground between Israel and its Arab neighbours this year, but Israel and Jordan agreed on a joint project to save something this year - what was it?
A: The desert leopard of Negev
B: The Dead Sea
C: Biblical sites in the Jordan valley
Who is Lula, and why was he or she in the headlines in 2002?
A: A 1960s Scottish singing star who revived her career with a global hit
B: A cloned calf which offered new ways of breeding dairy cattle
C: A trades union leader who became president of Brazil
What is the Malaysian island of Penang doing to attract more tourists?
A: Offering cosmetic surgery
B: Offering free flights to and from the mainland
C: Allowing tourists to shoot wild elephants
Which unfortunate animal was involved in a murder mystery in a Kenyan game reserve, and ended up dying after being drugged?
A: A lion
B: A giraffe
C: An elephant
The US likes to have the biggest and best of everything, but a tiny organism is threatening the future of which of these national icons?
A: The Grand Canyon
B: The Everglades alligator
C: California's Giant Redwood trees
Which high profile American said in a speech: "The glass ceiling was broken and I hope that this ceiling is shattered forever."
A: Colin Powell, recalling his feelings on becoming the first black secretary of state
B: Halle Berry, on becoming the first black woman to win a best actress Oscar
C: Hillary Clinton, looking back on her first year as a senator
South African Mark Shuttleworth became the first of his countrymen to do what?
A: Walk from Cape Town to Cairo
B: Reach the South Pole
C: Travel into space
Who did Indian authorities call to account for breaking strict conservation laws in the Himalayas this year?
A: More than 1,000 Western mountaineers, whose rubbish litters large areas of protected land
B: The Indian air force, after reports that it had used remote areas to test missiles
C: Soft drinks companies Coca Cola and Pepsi, after unauthorised adverts appeared painted onto rock faces
Which sports team known as the Lions beat their old colonial rulers, whose symbol is a cockerel, only to lose to Turkey?
A: Senegal
B: British Lions
C: Brazil

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