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Friday, 3 May, 2002, 13:39 GMT 14:39 UK
In their words: the candidates speak
Jean-Marie Le Pen
Mr Le Pen has little chance of winning
As the French presidential campaign draws to a close, BBC News Online gathers some of the key statements made by the two candidates standing in the second and final round of the election on Sunday.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, National Front leader:

On immigrants

Against the invasion of foreign immigration we say: "This is France, our home, and only those for whom France is their cherished fatherland are welcome here!" For the rest, I'd like to use the words of an American campaign against those who criticised the US: love it or leave it.

Jean-Marie Le Pen
Le Pen casts himself as a man of the people
On the elections

Something changed in France in the first round of the vote, something that cannot be undone. The French people will never let themselves be led by remote control in the abattoirs of Euro-globalisation. Let us prepare for the fight.

On incumbent president Jacques Chirac

Chirac has dirtied the image of France... he is the godfather of a clan who have been enjoying the good life for decades courtesy of the French taxpayer.

On politicians generally

For 20 years politicians have lied to you about crime, unemployment, immigration and Europe not to mention the rest. You have been ignored by the state.

On himself

I am a man of the people, and will always be on the side of those who are suffering. Orphan of the war, I know what it feels like to be cold, to be hungry, to be poor.

Socially I am on the left, economically on the right, and nationally, more than ever, I am French.

Jacques Chirac, incumbent French president

On the far-right

The far-right wants to write inequality and discrimination into the constitution. It is a force for exclusion, discord and violence.

Jacques Chirac
Chirac has devoted most of his speeches to blasting the far-right
In our darkest hour, it was the leaders of the far-right who betrayed the French people by allying themselves with the forces of evil and our nation's enemies .

On Mr Le Pen's proposal to withdraw from the single currency

Pulling out of the euro would just make people poorer. It's a crazy idea. I don't think the far-right believes it. What they are trying to do is fuel rejection and discontent with democracy.

On the French voter

Every individual must realise that they hold a part of the Republic and the nation in their hands and that on Sunday they must use it with all the respect they owe their future, the young people of this country and its position in the world.

What I ask of this leftist voter is to follow his convictions and block the extreme-right. That is what is essential today.

On the future

What is in question is not our institutions but the ability of the men who are in charge of governing France to listen, understand and act.

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