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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical FAQ

  1. Which browser should I be using to get the most from your site?
  2. It is optimised for versions 3 and above of Netscape and Internet Explorer. If your browser can't display tables or Java, use the Low Graphics version.

  3. How do I know if I am viewing the most up-to-date material?
  4. Click the refresh or reload button on your browser every time you visit.

  5. What's the best way of hearing audio and viewing video?
  6. Download RealPlayer from RealNetworks to get multimedia capability. We are also planning to support Windows Media Player.

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Editorial FAQ

  1. Where does all this news come from? Who writes all this stuff?
  2. Nearly 100 experienced journalists working around the clock put together text, audio and video from the vast range of material that comes in every day. The Editor is responsible for the quality and integrity of the site. Send him your comments.

  3. Can I use your content in my own site?
  4. No, because it is BBC copyright. Click on the copyright symbol at the bottom of every page for an explanation of our rights policy.

  5. How do I find a story which you put out about a year ago?
  6. We have archived everything we have published since we started in November 1997. The Help files tell you how to search for it.

  7. How do I comment on other BBC TV and Radio output?
  8. See this page.

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