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Main sections

  • Front Page: Latest UK and world news as it happens, with background links. The 'ticker' shows breaking news.

  • World: International news in depth supplemented by expert reporting from renowned BBC programmes like "From our own Correspondent".

  • UK: The main news from Britain and Northern Ireland, with background and analysis.

  • UK Politics: Live coverage from the Houses of Commons and Lords, including the weekly battle at Prime Minster's Questions and background on the big political issues.

  • Business: Market movements, London share prices, foreign exchange rates and other financial news and comment.

  • Sci/Tech: What's happening in science, technology and on the Internet.

  • Health: Everything you need to know about the latest medical developments.

  • Education: News from the learning curve.

  • Entertainment: Soul to Shakespeare - news and reviews, trends and tastes.

  • Talking Point: Controversy and comment - tell us what you think and vote on the big issues of the day.

  • In Depth: Deep background on major news stories.

  • Audio/Video: Live and recorded video and audio news coverage with links to major BBC news programmes.

  • Archive: Preserving all BBC News Online's stories since our site opened. To access any story, enter keywords in the box at the bottom of each page. Stories are ordered by relevance and date. There are also instructions for more advanced searching.

  • Sport: News, results and comment from Britain and around the world.

  • Other sections
    • Contact us: We welcome your comments. If you're having problems accessing the site or want to talk about a story, send us an email.

    • Low Graphics: Faster download, fewer graphics and useful if your browser does not support Java or tables. The Low Graphics version contains almost all the site's content.

    • Help: Make the most of BBC Online with our other sections - Technical, Contact us, Searching our archive and Frequently asked questions.