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Euro Quiz

On what date will shops stop accepting national currencies in most eurozone countries?
A: 28 February 2002
B: 1 January 2002
C: 30 June 2002

In only one country in the eurozone will the euro be worth less than the former national currency unit. Which one?
A: Germany
B: Finland
C: Ireland

The European Central Bank which sets interest rates in the eurozone is located in what city?
A: Brussels
B: Paris
C: Frankfurt

How many years has the euro existed as an electronic currency before it was introduced as a cash currency?
A: One year
B: Three years
C: Introduced simultaneously

Which European currency being replaced by the euro has had the longest continuous existence in its own right?
A: German mark
B: Greek drachma
C: French franc

Which Eastern Europe country has officially adopted the euro on 1 January 2002?
A: Poland
B: Kosovo
C: Slovenia

Who has paid the cost of converting cash machines and tills to take euros?
A: Businesses
B: The European Commission
C: Shared equally

In which of these places is the euro NOT legal tender?
A: Reunion
B: Madagascar
C: Martinique

How many new euro banknotes have been printed for the changeover?
A: 1.2 billion
B: 14.5 billion
C: 160 billion

Euro banknotes are all illustrated with a common theme on the back. What is it?
A: Portraits of prominent Europeans
B: Famous European buildings
C: Historical bridges
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