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Guide to baseball

Baseball is huge in the USA, and it's growing in popularity on this side of the Atlantic too.

But what is it all about and where can you start playing?

Similar to rounders, baseball is played by two teams of nine players. They take turns fielding and batting, with the home team batting second.

Action from Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers

The fielding side consists of a pitcher, catcher, four infielders and three outfielders.

The pitcher throws overhand to the home plate where the batter is waiting.

The batter attempts to hit the pitches and then get on base, while the fielders attempt to get the batter out.

A run is scored every time a batter becomes a runner and crosses home plate after touching each base.

If you want to play baseball, the British Baseball Federation is a good place to start. Wherever you live, they'll help you find your nearest club.

British Baseball Federation
Tel: 020 7453 7055
Fax: 020 7453 7007

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