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Last Updated:  Sunday, 9 March, 2003, 13:21 GMT
Should US host World Cup games?
Cricket bosses want America to host several matches at the next World Cup - with Disneyland a possible venue.

Would the move be good for the sport?

Tournament organisers for the 2007 World Cup, due to be held in the West Indies, are ready to stage several matches in America, with Florida the most favoured location.

The International Cricket Council are desperate to boost the game's worldwide popularity.

But critics of the plan argue that sports fans in the States have already given lukewarm receptions to football and rugby - and that cricket will fare no better.

But with Disneyland muted as a possible venue, do the ICC risk turning 2007 into a Mickey Mouse competition?

Cricket is far too complicated for the Americans' short attention span and won't fit well in with the TV scheduling.
David Ellis, Ipswich, UK

A great idea. Cricket is a game played by few, in few countries around the world so that would certainly widen the appeal.We might then really have a World Cup!
Colin, Manchester, England

I don't have a problem with the US hosting a game or two. There are enough expats from cricket playing countries in the US to give any game a great atmosphere.

But keep it serious; no Disney, no cheerleaders and no alchohol bans. And if this is designed to impress Americans with the excitement that a one-day match can generate, then for God's sake dump the Super Six notion and make sure the tournament lasts only a fortnight.
David, UK

Keep it serious; no Disney, no cheerleaders and no alchohol bans
David, UK
How could the idea even come up. US of all the places, they will make the sport a mockery like any other thing they go into.

I think that the next World Cup should be in Kenya. What better team to host than the team that has proved that its made up of men and not chicken!
Mush, US

No way should USA host any games. Do they let other countries host the "world championship" baseball competitions?

No, of course not, they keep them for themselves (fortunately). Let's not take any attention away from the West Indies.

They have been loyal supporters of world cricket & deserve sole rights to & benefits from the World Cup. This competition would mean so much to the Caribbean people, but would be just another quirky little sport to the Americans.
Hatto, England

Actually why not? The can have a commercial break between each over and when they realise they are losing the game, rush and fight it out on the field (like what's that game... base something??) with the added bonus of being able to use weapons (6 stumps, 2 bats and a ball). I am surprised this game hasn't caught on yet.
S Ghose, UK

I believe only the West Indies and Canada should host World Cup games. Canadians deserve to host World Cup games. They gave a good performance in this World Cup beating Bangladesh and giving the West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand a scare. I liked the guy John Davison who smashed the fastest century.

I think this is a brilliant idea. The cricket World Cup should be about romance adventure and dreams coming true
James, UK

Canada should be given automatic qualification and ODI status, not USA. USA doesn't deserve longer cricket. They should be happy with baseball.
Amit, India

Not in a million years! The USA are interested in three major sports: baseball, basketball, and more lately (since the advent of Tiger Woods) golf. Cricket has never been and will never be their cup of tea.

They have no historical links with the game (like the West Indies, which is where the competition really ought to be held)and have never before now displayed the slightest interest in its development.

To allow them to host games there (at Disneyland of all places) would be to pander to their money-making capabilities and to sacrifice the soul of the sport.

Have the competition in a country that at least cares about the game. Have pride in the game.
Kerwyn Garcia, Trinidad and Tobago

Complete nonsense. America has already rejected cricket to the extent that they completely bastardised it and invented baseball. Doesn't that make it clear that they have no interest in the game? What they do have an interest in, however, is making some quick cash by involving themselves in a highly profitable sporting event. All the more reason for not involving them.
Evan Kearney, South Africa

I think this is a brilliant idea. The cricket World Cup should be about romance adventure and dreams coming true. Disneyland, aspires to these ideals doesn't it? Or have I been fooled by the TV ads?
James, UK

You can forget about cricket in USA. They only follow their own sports and soccer struggles to get publicity over there. Try Cuba or Brazil.
Mark Hili, Australia

I suggest the ICC forget about the idea, a complete non-starter. You would never be able to explain the rules of the game to the American public in a million years.

Anything more complicated than rounders is beyond their attention span - not a Mickey Mouse competition, more a Donald Duck!
Peter, UK

Cricket is too long a game to excite the American people, who prefer sports which are of a much shorter duration.
Siddharth Kanjilal, Mumbai, India

I think that this is a shocking decision and devalues the game. If the US does not want to get involved in a sport (I am thinking of the football World Cup here as well), there is no need to show them the way. They are more than happy with their "world" series in their sports so let them be.
Saif, UK

Do the Americans deserve cricket? I don't think so
Nitin Chopra, Canada

Considering that the England and NZ teams boycotted matches because of safety concerns in this World Cup, and the likelihood the supporters of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka will probably struggle to get visas into the US, (oh, and people with beards). The US should be the last place in the world to hold the Cricket World Cup...
N Akram, UK

Definitely, NO! Holding the tournament in the West Indies is debatable, but thinking of holding matches in the USA is absurd! The current World Cup being held in three countries was a shambles, surely the 'organisers' have seen this!

Mind you, the current tournament is such a joke, I'm sure the 'organisers' will include the USA, it wouldn't surprise me if Mexico, Canada and Greenland were used too!
Steve Murphy, Middlesex, England

Do the Americans deserve cricket? I don't think so, if you need to reward a North American country with a few World Cup games, it should be us Canadians. We make a genuine effort to understand the game, we had a decent showing in this World Cup.

Yes, we do watch ice hockey and basketball but we also watch curling. Forget the Americans. I am also a big fan of basketball and hockey, but cricket has a special place in my heart for its grace and uniqueness. "Globalize the sport but don't Americanize it."
Nitin Chopra, Canada

Totally opposed, I think it is a ridiculous idea. Never agreed with the USA hosting the World Cup soccer.
Angela McKay, Australia

When I moved to America, I sold all my cricket stuff because I didn't think I would need it in America, because I thought there would be no cricket. But I made a mistake, for I play cricket nearly every weekend.

Just try to get the rule book down to 200 pages first, so we can understand
John Burgeson, USA

Most of the cricket here is played by immigrants like me, and not so much by the real born Americans, and so it would be a joy to see a game in America. I have a cricket club at my school and have much interest in the game.

All that is needed is a big event like the World Cup to really get America looking at cricket. I'm sure it would not beat baseball or American football, but it doesn't need to. I think, just like soccer, that cricket will really be a world sport.

I read someone say "do outsiders understand the USA"; the only problem, I think, is that America does not know the rest of the world. They act as if no one else is important. Americans must open their eyes to the rest of the world, not the rest of the world to them.
John, USA

Sure, we'd love to host the Cup here in the colonies. Just try to get the rule book down to 200 pages first, so we can understand the game. As you can see by the man in the White House, we Yanks are a little weak under the rafters.
John Burgeson, USA

No. Why should America host the ICC World Cup, what do they know about cricket? What do they care about cricket?
Paul, Jamaica

Hell Yeah. Spread the influence of the game. It's good for everyone.
Arjun Markanda, Western Michiagn University, MI, USA

Canada would be a better choice because they at least play the sport
Ashley, Kenya/ Canada

I should think that the main reason why the ICC would want to think of such a thing is to try to promote the sport in the US. However, why the US? Why not some other country in the region that doesn't have a World Cup playing team, like Mexico. They are just as deserving of a function that will help to popularise the sport in their country as the US is.

So why should the US get precedence over these countries? OK maybe it's because the US have the money, but I think countries where there aren't already developed bat-ball sports (like baseball in the US) will support the cricket cause more readily.

I say that it would be better to place the games in countries where cricket is played. In N. America, Canada would be a better choice because they at least play the sport and their minimal interest in the game can certainly be increased.

Furthermore, even if a few matches are played in the US, I think it would be a crying shame to have the game reduced to a side show in a funfair.
Ashley, Kenya/ Canada

Yee-ha! Betcha ass we is just longin' to see yo' silly points, fine legs, deep extra covers, third men, an' maiden overs ! Y'all tell me it ain't true a game kin go five days without a result. You kiddin' me?
Jefferson D Hogg, Dixie

Most emphatically NO. The Americans are not ready for this very interesting and intriguing game. This game requires a high level of attention and it would be very difficult to keep them away from the hot dog stands without disturbing the more ardent fan. The West Indies will be more than equal to the challenge.
Benedict Pius, Canada

Hosting a game in the USA is a fantastic way to broaden the game's appeal to a very large audience
Daniel, South Africa

I would recommend the ICC take thoughtful steps to make cricket more popular. Take your time and don't rush into things. How can they even think about allowing the US to host World Cup games? Let the games be held in other upcoming countries that do take the game a bit more seriously. This is all absurd and I hope the ICC can do better than this.
Yogesh, USA

I personally think it would be a great idea to have some of the matches from the 2007 Cricket World Cup played in the USA. It's about time! One cannot understand or appreciate the game unless one is exposed to it. Americans seem to be quite interested in cricket, but they do not understand it at all. So, we have to bring the game to them. The same was true of soccer a few years ago. Now see where America is vis--vis soccer. They have made great strides in just a few years in men's as well as women's soccer.

In this age of information and technology, it's not just how good your product (cricket) is, but also how well you package and market it. Thus, in order to popularize cricket in the USA, we have to familiarize the Americans with it and make it financially appealing for the big corporations to market it so that cricket realizes its full potential in the 21st century and becomes a true international sport. In this 21st century, I see a real possibility of players of repute switching over from cricket to baseball and vice versa. And, why not?
Shariq Sherwani, USA

Disneyland maybe a good idea for a few World cup games. Let's face it, right now any team that expects to beat Australia is in fantasy land...
Kathy, Australia

Why Florida? There are more cricketers in California than any other state in the USA aren't there? At least 'it never rains in California'...
Mick, Australia

I just have one question: Does the US play Cricket? Why is it necessary to hold a World Cup there? I think that the World Cup should be about cricket and not the obvious commercialism that the organisers are trying to import. Just play the game and stop worrying about interesting people that don't like the game anyway

Hosting a game in the USA is a fantastic way to broaden the game's appeal to a very large audience. If the USA should qualify to play in the CWC 2007, then why shouldn't they be entitled to a few home games? And it is, after all, our moral duty to save the Americans from the boredom of baseball. Hang on there in the USA - a real sport is on its way!
Daniel, South Africa

If cricket is to be hosted in Florida, I can imagine the briefing to explain the game to the locals:

"There are two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that's in the side that's in goes out and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out. When all the men in the side that's in are out, the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out! When both sides have been in and out including the not outs, that's the end of the game."
Steve Harvey, UK

I've seen both the World Series Baseball and International Cricket. Bringing the Cup to America will open the eyes of Americans who are stuck on our traditional sports and will also give us a better understanding for sports which we are in dire need for. A game played for the love and not the money.

As I know there are no cricket players that have a 252 million dollar contract as some baseball players do. This could be a great place for the sport to expand as many Americans don't have the talent or drive to play the traditional American sports. This could overall have the same effect that rugby and soccer have had in this nation in the Past 10 years!!!
Sundevil, USA

It is a risk that has to be taken at some point if cricket is to become a truly global sport
Gareth Duddington, South Africa

No. I think there are enough countries that make up the Windies to take care of the world cup. These are loyal, passionate supporters of the game that for the sake of an agenda of the bosses will be denied. In fact if anything, why not let Canada host one or two matches. After all they did ever so well in South Africa. Do Americans even know what cricket is?
Larry Kwirirayi, Zimbabwe

While there are a lot of reasons why there should be a World Cup in the US, I for one didn't even know that the US had a cricket team before today! If the games are played in the US, at least choose a more respecting venue than Disneyland.
Thinus Swart, Western Cape, South Africa

I feel that all the games should be played in the West Indies. They are perfectly capable of handling a World Cup. America don't play cricket and shouldn't host any games.
Lucille Huntley, South Africa

I think the US hosting some world cup matches is a good idea in theory as it would enhance the globalisation of cricket and bring it to a new mass audience. However in practice it may be a gamble if the matches turn out not to be well supported, but it is a risk that has to be taken at some point if cricket is to become a truly global sport!
Gareth Duddington, South Africa

Cricket? In America? Why? What for? They've never expressed any desire to learn the game and now, suddenly, they want to host the biggest cricket tournament!?!? The only reason they would want to do this is for pure economic gain and also to improve their 'world status' with their allies (who, apparently, play cricket...).

Also, as said by an American "It (cricket) is boring as hell." They have no respect for the game or its heritage... why give them a piece of the pie now? What about one the many other cricketing nations who could also benefit from the tournament being played there?
Andrew McArthur, Taiwan

The World Cup is a prestigious event and should be represented by a country that genuinely has a tradition of cricket and not just a focus on promoting the sport.
Rafiek, South Africa

I'd love to see cricket become more recognised world wide like football
Richard, England

What a load of cobblers. The US has no interest in cricket, they are totally mystified by the game and will not show up to watch. Any TV coverage will be restricted to local channels. Who is going to prepare the pitches? Who is going to teach the cameramen/directors, etc how to televise the game?

I find the whole idea quite nonsensical. Let the genuine cricket-playing countries have the opportunity and revenue. How about those Kiwis eh?
Frank Peters, Istanbul, Turkey

I don't think that the USA should host the Cricket World Cup if they do not even play in the tournament.
Jaclyn Adams, South Africa

Should we not first try some small internatioinal tournaments there instead of risking a big event?
Atif, Denmark

Just checking its not April 1st!
John McGarvey, England

Excellent idea. I'd love to see cricket become more recognised world wide like football. To get the USA hosting matches will be a great boost for cricket.
Richard, Doncaster, England

That'd be fantastic. The fielders can have giant gloves to catch the ball, the batsmen can change their bats to narrower versions and the bowlers can throw underarm. The square can become a diamond and lots of really bad organ music can fill the time. There can be 9 innings per side and the Aussies would triumph during the 'beer innings'. Best idea ever!
Kevin, UK

When the US has a world series tournament they do not invite any other country.
Malcolm, South Africa

You people around the world are so naive. Baseball and the NFL are much better than cricket will ever dream of being here in America. It is a scham to think anything else. People care about Derek Jeter, not a cricket star. I mean seriously, do outsiders understand the USA? Soccer has yet to catch on.
Vijayan Nair, USA

Half the people in America can't even spell cricket correctly - totally a bad idea
Steve, USA

Yes surely the USA should be allowed to host the next world cup. Intelligent game is cricket. Not like ice hockey or football where they fight on the rink or crush the bones of the player on the ground and injure him by piling on him. Cricket is neat and beautiful.
Ranjan, Canada

Half the people in America can't even spell cricket correctly and when they hear the word the first thing that comes to their mind is the insect called cricket! And the ICC is thinking of the USA to host the World Cup? Totally a wrong idea!
Steve, USA

I think it is great to promote the game of cricket in US. There is a great potential for this game to grow in this country.
Umer Saeed, USA

I know times in one-day cricket are desperate but there's no need for the ICC to panic. Would Uncle Sam really be interested in staging a World Cup in cricket? I doubt it. If they did, the response will be as dry as the 1994 Football World Cup.
P Walton, UK

I think it would be good to take cricket to the USA. There are many Americans who would appreciate the essence and thrill of cricket. Even the World Cup one day - but not yet. How about a suitable three or four team series, say, with some of the matches hosted in the USA as a 'tester'?
David, UK

I think it is a bad idea to host cricket games in America because the US has different climates around the country and the pitches will react differently and it may cause problems.
Hitesh, England

Please, no cricket on my TV. It is boring as hell, I watched a little of it in Bermuda and that was enough.
Carl Philbrook, USA

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