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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:13 GMT
Have Your Say on Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe suffer a 74-run defeat to Sri Lanka in their final match of the tournament in East London.

Zimbabwe go out of the World Cup after dismal performances in all their Super Six games left them bottom of the table.

Can Zimbabwe feel satisfied with their showing in this year's competition?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Zimbabwe's World Cup campaign appears below.

A very sad day for Zimbabwean cricket. Flower and Olonga have been tremendous ambassadors for the game and it is hard to see anybody filling Andy's shoes. Flower's heroics over the last few years under trying circumstances, were one of the few things that Zimbabweans had left to smile about.

I was expecting this page to be full of a bit more criticism for a pathetic Zimbabwe
Amit Patel, NC, USA

It is so sad that it ended in the way it did with all the political issues. I really applaud Andy and Henry for the political stance that has effectively brought about the end of their international careers. As Zimbabweans we are tremendously proud of them and wish them all the best in the future.
Bryan, South Africa (Zimbabwean)

Well it is a bit sad it ends like this, especially with the departure of Andy, but I will be one to say that Zimbabwe have not performed to their potential here. They should have beaten Kenya and were better than Sri Lanka. But at least the future after Andy is not too depressing. Just hope the future is allowed.
Larry Kwirirayi, Zimbabwe

Andy Flower, is one of the best batsmen the world has seen. It's a pity that someone like him has to retire from international cricket because of political reasons. What a waste of talent. Good Luck Andy!
Mihir, Chicago, USA

Very sad to see Flower and Olonga forced out of international cricket because of their political convictions.
Linda, UK

I was expecting this page to be full of a bit more criticism for a pathetic Zimbabwe. The facts are they won two games, aren't better then England and for their captain to say they deserved to make it to the Super Sixes is insane.
Amit Patel, NC, USA

First of all, congratulations to Sri Lanka for entering the semi-final. I feel that justice has been properly met with all the teams in this World Cup. New Zealand and England never deserved to be in the last four because they have brought disrepute to this great game of cricket.

As I write this, I am sure my message will not be published, because the BBC itself is a British media company. Anyway, I have nothing against any team, but I would like to make a suggestion that countries which boycott a game at a World Cup should be banned from playing by the ICC for a few months and strict disciplinary action should be taken against them.

I wish all the four teams remaining my best wishes for the final round.
Anwar, Pakistan

Henry Olonga thought by leaving his motherland, Kenya, and playing for Zimbabwe he was heading to the green pastures. Guess who is now having the last laugh? The Tusker Boys!
KenGit Ngugi, United Kingdom

Well done Zimbabwe - many in England doubted that you were deserving of your place in the Stupor (sic) 6 because you got through by virtue of beating two minnows, rain and a walkover. However, your heroic performances have shown the world just what a quality side you are.
Andy C, England

A team in the Super Six by default, a team that should have been banned from playing because of its political situation. A team that haven't beaten a single main country yet. Goodbye and good riddance Zimbabwe!!
Colin, UK

Zimbabwe are being written off too early
Surajit Chakravarty, Netherlands/ India

I agree with Flower and Olonga, that every wicket taken and run scored is a symbolic blow against Mugabe. Good luck Zimbabwe.
Rachel, England

Zimbabwe can and will beat Sri Lanka, anyone who saw them against NZ knows how good they were. Sri Lanka on the other hand will succumb under immense pressure and see the door.

Give credit where it's due, Zimbabwe are definitely better than England and certainly know how to maximise their limited resources. My final four in order are: Australia, India, NZ and Zimbabwe. Good Luck Zimbabwe, go get 'em.
Raj, NJ, USA

Zimbabwe are being written off too early. I think we will may still see them in the semi-finals. They only need to beat Kenya and Sri Lanka. Not TOO big an ask.
Surajit Chakravarty, Netherlands/ India

I think Zim has made a good effort to come in and play in the Super Six good luck to them in there next game
Inoita, UK

Zimbabwe, like England, are 90% ordinary players
Caesar, India

The return of Campbell is welcome news for us, I think we will win our remaining matches and qualify for the semis.
Patrick, Zimbabwe

I do not believe we have seen the best of Zim just yet, if the selectors pick the right team, Sri Lanka and Kenya will have no chance.

Olonga, Campbell, Streak, A. Flower, G. Flower, Blignaut, Taibu, Wishart, Friend, Whittall, Ervine. Lets see these boys on the field!

Show the world what Zimbabweans are really made of!!
Michael Williams, Australia( Ex Zim)

Zimbabwe have a good team, but let's get real - they do not possess any match winners, with the exception of Andy Flower, to win a World Cup. Zimbabwe, like England, are 90% ordinary players.

Look at the World Cup history and the teams that won it. All these teams had at least 4-5 match winners in their team. If Zimbabwe are going to win the cup in the next four to eight years, they will have to produce another three or four match winners. Best of luck, but I cannot see Zimbabwe challenging India or Australia for a place in the final.
Caesar, India

A decent effort by Zimbabwe but the top order need to contribute more runs. Andy Flower's run-out was a hammer blow and Zimbabwe never really recovered.
David, UK

Play Olonga, he is our only genuine match-wining bowler.
Nick Byas, Zimbabwe
I think after a horrible start Zimbabwe pulled of a surprisingly good finish. Hats off to Heath Streak - good job with the bat! Unfortunately they lost.
Divya, US

Shambolic boys. When are you going to find the confidence to beat a decent team. Play Olonga, he is our only genuine match-wining bowler. When he gets it right (which isn't everyday) he is world class.
Nick Byas, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe should try and keep their top order from toppling so early in the game as this gives the opposition confidence. They should not rely on the lower order to save the day for them all the time. Maybe our coach needs to start focussing on training openers to break the opposition's attack.

Also remember that critics are not really pleased with Zimbabwe playing in the Super Six so pull up your socks, get your mind right and play some positive cricket!
Tarisai, Michigan

I think Zimbabwe would have beaten Pakistan and we are obviously disappointed that we did not do that because of the rain, but all the same Zimbabwe is through and all the best to Heath and the boys for the rest of the tournament.
Larry Kwirirayi, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe only beat the two weak teams in the group
Huw, Wales
What a joke of a World Cup. Zimbabwe qualify after winning 2 out of 6 matches! I'm sure the organisers can ensure a final against Kenya to make the tournament the complete shambles it deserves!
Andrew Harrison, York

Well done our Zimbabwe, but I do not think we will proceed to the semi-finals with our poor play in the first round.
Brian, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe are only in the Super Sixes thanks to politics, not due to cricket. They should pull out and save themselves the beating.
Ross, Holland

Well done guys I'm ecstatic!!
Bryton Masiye, RSA

Hell Yeah! We are going to make wonders just wait and see, they all under estimated us.
Kevin, Zimbabwe

What a disgrace, Zimbabwe do not deserve to go through. I enjoy England losing as much as anyone; however Zimbabwe only beat the two weak teams in the group.

They only got through because the England team showed some principles unlike the rest of the cricket world.
Huw, Wales

I think they steal all their luck from South Africa!
Anil, India
Finally something to lift our spirits up. Well done Zimbabwe and to the world we say watch out.
Raphy, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe will be the whipping boys of the Super Six! Kenya deserve to be there after beating two Test playing nations! This whole World Cup has basically been a farce and the Super Sixes are no longer super with Zimbabwe there!
Craig Nichols, Plymouth

Zimbabwe are through, whether you think it is fair or not. Well done to our guys. However, England will have a chance at us. We have three ODI's in June/July in UK. You win and I will eat humble pie. Zimbabwe wins and then we will see who has the last laugh.
Grim, UK

Again Zimbabwe makes it to the Super Sixes, this time thanks to the rain. I'm waiting for the day when they qualify for their place rather than a fluke. I think they steal all their luck from South Africa! Hope the permutations and combinations don't save them again.
Anil, India

No one cares about people who make arrogant comments about Zimbabweans, the fact is England is out and Zimbabwe are so best of luck to Zimbabwe, a well deserved two points to them.
Lara, UK

Well done to Zimbabwe's players, it is a shame they never played England. England's cricketers were placed in an impossible position by the ICC and international politics.

I only wonder how the ICC would have reacted if the Australians had been in this situation? Surely the threat of losing the biggest income generating team through TV rights alone, would have made them do something to appease the situation?
Roland, London

A win by the cricket team will be victory for all peace loving people
Blessing Murondiwa, Zimbabwe
This is the best day of my life! Watch out world, Zimbabwe is preparing to stand. Well done guys, Super Six once more. I'm brimming with pride for my country, yet I am so far away!
Tendai Chella, Canada

Teams who fail to fulfil matches under the guise of lame excuses deserve to go out at the earliest convenience. Goodbye England! Well done Zimbabwe. Super Six here we come!
Fadzayi Guri, Zimbabwe

Salute to Olonga and Flower, you two are the real heroes of this world cup and I appreciate your courage! You have already won the moral battle against the "evil power" of Zimbabwe and that is the real victory indeed.
Rajendra Aryal, Hamburg, Germany

This Cricket World Cup absolutely stinks. In no way, does the Super Six represent the best six teams in the world. Kenya and Zimbabwe at the expense of South Africa and England don't make me laugh!
Peter Wood, Newcastle, UK

A win by the cricket team will be victory for all peace loving people. This will send a clear message to the world that Zimbabwe once condemned by detractors is capable of everything including self determination.
Blessing Murondiwa, Zimbabwe

Don't get too optimistic you Zimbabweans. You start the Super Six at the bottom with only 3.5 points, way off the pace along with New Zealand on four points. I reckon the semis are almost certain to be Aussie, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya who already have 10 points. Come on Kenya I say.
Jon, York, UK

Congratulations to the Zimbabwe team. I knew you would beat all the odds.
Elison, Zimbabwe

Quite how anyone can suggest for a second that Zimbabwe deserve to have qualified for the Super Sixes is beyond me. They didn't beat any of the test playing nations in the group and only won two matches. How can that be enough to earn qualification?

I hope the ICC gets the criticism it deserves for allowing a tournament to take place in a country that cannot even guarantee the safety of the players.
At least Kenya beat two test sides to go through to the Super Sixes
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K
As for Zimbabwe, I can't see them picking up many points other than at the expense of the mighty Kenya.
Duncan J, UK

Isn't there something fundamentally wrong about the qualifying for the Super Sixes if a team can get through thanks to wins against only Holland and Namibia? At least Kenya beat two test sides to go through to the Super Sixes.
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Well said short...Zimbabwe did not deserve to get into the Super Sixes, they first of all got four points from England and the second they haven't beaten a team better than themselves, England should have gone through!
Imran, Denmark

Hey James Benham, in the last world cup Zimbabwe beat South Africa to qualify, so whilst we might not have the depth to go right the way through it's still impressive to pull off the odd big win and its that determination that we are renown for so you can't play that down.
David, Zimbabwe

A rather 'sodden' end to a most unfortunate/pathetic situation, given the situation in Zimbabwe. Maybe Australia, those 'true defenders of freedom' who played in Zimbabwe should lose in Harare to Zimbabwe.
Nick Brown, Manchester

For the second world cup running a poor and second rate Zimbabwe side has progressed to the next round.
James Benham, London

Congratulations Zimbabwe on making it into the Super Six again. We are proud of you.
R.E.M, South Africa

Zimbabwe might not have the best team in the world but they surely deserve to go through to the Super Sixes.
Pascar, Birmingham

I am glad to hear that Zimbabwe progresses to the Super Sixes - at the expense of England. England deserve to be kept out of the final stages for the irresponsible stance they took while boycotting the match against Zimbabwe. Now the joke is on them.

Well done guys.It was really tough for you to pull through with so much happening around you.
Nicholas, Harare

They probably would have won this match, and now they can come back to the cold March weather and rue their stupidity till 2007.
Steve, Swindon

Very happy Zimbabawe made it and England is out. Something worth smiling about.
Cecilia Chipato, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe must be the luckiest team in World Cup history, they've beaten Namibia and Holland and managed to get thru to the 'Super' Sixes.
Jonathan Brown, Southampton

The world should watch out for the underdogs Zimbabwe
Kuda, Canada

Congratulations to Zimbabwe on reaching the "Not so" Super Sixes, without defeating a single senior cricketing nation. A fantastic feat, and one which will surely never be repeated.
Andy C, England

After such convincing wins against Namibia and the Netherlands(?), one can be assured that their place in the last six, if the rain continues, is nothing but deserved!
Roger, England

Rain stops play and it is not restarted; Zimbabwe are awarded two points and qualify. What a joke :-(
James Harrison, Lichfield

The world should watch out for the underdogs Zimbabwe because they now have a chance to make history. After the win they have now a chance to beat the three Sri Lanka, Kenya and New Zealand and earn a chance to make it to the final. Well done boys and show the world what you are made of.
Kuda, Canada

Why was Andy Flower wearing a WHITE wristband today, instead of a black one? Surely it doesn't get him out of trouble with the ICC.
Alex, Shrewsbury

Why is there such a big fuss over Henry Olonga? First, he is not even that great - Doug Hondo is miles ahead of him even if not fully fit. Secondly, he knew what he was getting himslef into with the protest, so now he's got to face the consequences. That's life Henry.
Tendai Gambahaya, Holland

I have great admiration for Henry Olonga and Andy Flower for taking a stand for democracy. What a pity the rest of the team didn't have the guts to do the same. The whole team couldn't have been sidelined as Henry has.

Well done guys - what a shame the rest of the team didn't feel it necessary to support on such a serious issue.
Cynthia, UK

The ZCU have let the whole cricket world down.
To drop Andy flower would have been cricket suicide
Rob, England

Many people fought to give Zimbabwe the honour of hosting World Cup games despite serious political pressure, hoping to highlight the plight of millions of Zimbabweans.

By dropping Olonga for a peaceful demonstration against a regime that is killing a country the ZCU have buckled to the very policies that the world is fighting against.
Brendan, South Africa

If we had to look at this from a purely cricketing point of view, Hondo has always been the Zimbabwean selectors first choice bowler due to form ahead of Olonga. We are at a stage where qualifying for the super sixes may come down to run rates.

If Hondo's injury was that restrictive he would not have passed the medical and he would not have played, as was the case with Andy Blignaught. And with ZCU policy of always fielding at least three players of colour Olonga would have played.

You have a team who wants to progress and truly do have a chance of making the Super Six. To drop Andy flower would have been cricket suicide. And the players knew that, and that is why the protest was made.

It has nothing to do with race bearing in mind the boards of selectors are made up of an equally diverse ethnic background. So stereotypical comments that have been made are purely unsubstantial and have no place here. Let's play cricket.
Rob, England

Olonga has been very courageous, he needs to be supported by his team and the rest of the cricketing world
Ameet, London
Henry Olonga now faces a dilemma!! As a Kenyan he has a choice of playing for the country he came from. I am sure he will be more than welcome in the newly inspired Kenyan team
Tosh Bhogal, London

Go Zim! Zimbabwe have such fantastic talent, and spirit. These people judging the Olanga/Flower issue have no possible idea what is going on in the background, so it is silly to judge. Give the rest of the guys a break for goodness sake. I'm sorry about Olonga, but I still support the rest of the team 100%. Go Babwe!!
Andrew, S.Africa

It seems that in Zimbabwe's cricket team, as well as in the country as a whole, freedom of expression is dying along with democracy.
Nick, Scotland

Olonga has been very courageous, he needs to be supported by his team and the rest of the cricketing world
Ameet, London

I think other teams should now refuse to play against Zimbabwe due to their treatment of Olonga and Flower. It's about time the world of cricket stood up to the corrupt political influences within cricket in Zimbabwe.
Simon Bowyer, Portsmouth

It seems that Henry Olonga is a new-age martyr. He has sacrificed his career for what he believes in. I think it is disgusting the way he has been treated but he is doing the right thing by not giving in to the outside pressures. Keep striving for what you believe in.
Neil Usborne, Portsmouth

What hypocrisy the Zimbabwe team are showing? As soon as news broke that Andy Flower was going to be dropped, the other players threatened a boycott. But poor Olonga has been left on the side lines without the same level of support.

And to add insult to injury, the captain goes as far as saying it's for cricketing reasons! What utter tosh!! Poor Olonga, sided with democracy and he alone is punished. Shame on you Zimbabwe.
Dipak, England

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