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Last Updated:  Friday, 14 March, 2003, 16:26 GMT
Have Your Say on New Zealand
Sri Lanka's win over Zimbabwe spells the end of New Zealand's World Cup hopes.

What went wrong for the Black Caps?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on New Zealand's World Cup campaign appears below.

The Indians packed the Kiwis off in style! The Kiwis would do well to prepare pitches at home that meet international standards. Also, packing their side with too many "bits and pieces" players caused their downfall. They need a few classy batsmen like Fleming and Astle and at least one more bowler to support Bond.
Praveen, California

The Indian team proved far superior in mind and body
Gautom Dey, USA
New Zealand had a great chance to beat India - I think Adrian's comments (below) are a little harsh as they are a very good side. Today NZ played poorly, compounded by a good Indian display.

NZ comprehensively beat India in the recent series Down Under. It all counts for nothing if you can't do it on the big stage!
Hardip, UK

Them Kiwis and their stupid mind games. It Takes more than that to beat a talented team that is firing on all cylinders. It's time Aberhart and Fleming resorted to cricket rather than beating their gums. The Indian team proved far superior in mind and body. It is unfortunate the Kiwis could not bring with them their 'gourmet' pitches from back home.
Gautom Dey, USA

Shameful performance by NZ on the beautiful batting track. Pack your bags and go home! Super Six has been a super disappointment, not a single close match.
Reetesh, India

A team with only two genuine batsman and one bowler. How far did NZ expect to go in this tournament? They have progressed as far as they can based on ability.
Adrian, London

The NZ/Australia clash had the potential to be a close one. NZ was still in the race (on paper) even at the fall of their sixth and seventh wicket. Unfortunately no one could step up and finish as Bevan and Bichel did.

As an Australian I am proud of the team's success, but I enjoy quality cricket regardless of the outcome. Bond showed today that quality bowling can undo the Aussies.

I hope that NZ overpower India as I feel that if the Black Caps can play again against the Aussies the way they did today, and have a little more luck, then we will see an upset!
Julian, Canada

The way the Kiwis played today, there is no way that they can even think of getting to the semis.
Naveen, USA

New Zealand messed up a golden opportunity by change their batting order in such an important match!
Sachin Rane, USA

With Kenya to face next we might just make the semi-finals and then we can face the Australians again
Dee, Kiwi in South London

If New Zealand are to lift the World Cup they have to beat India twice, in Centurian (Super Six) and Durban (semi-final) and beat Australia in Wanderers.

I don't think they have the skill to do it, although they have very good innovative leader in Fleming.
Pavan, London

Is it just me or are some of the comments made here about the Australian cricket team coming back to haunt some people...
David, UK

Unlucky but badly played loss against Australia today, but still just a glimpse of what the Kiwis are capable of doing as far as bowling stakes go on a good day.

As I've told many disappointed and rather hostile South Africans over the last week, if anyone can break the Aussies it's the Kiwis. With Kenya to face next we might just make the semi-finals and then the finals and have a chance to take justice on the Australians again.
Dee, Kiwi in South London

Kiwis had the game in the bag with Australia faltering on 84-7! Gone is another golden chance to burst the massive bubbles of Aussie egos! Oh well... great effort by Kiwi bowlers.
Krishna, Canada

Australia are a very good side, but this loss is more down to NZ being not quite a good enough side. We're too lopsided with all-rounders.

To beat Australia we need all players playing at their best and clearly today apart from Fleming and Bond the remaining nine players were well off the mark. Chances of beating India and making the semis are possible, but realistically - not likely.
Jerry, Kiwi in UK

I think both Australia and New Zealand are overrated. As England showed the Aussies can be put under pressure. As Kiwis showed they can be kept around 200. But you need batting strength to score even 200 against Aussies.

I would love to see Tendulkar against this attack. The re-emergence of India should worry Aussies more than anything.
Jay, USA

I'm worried our team has been replaced by Englishmen
Jackie, NZer in UK

Well, the overhyped team here appears to be New Zealand. Once the Aussies put the squeeze on the Black Caps, the result was inevitable. Give some credit where it is due - this Australian side can play a bit.
Steve, London, UK

Having watched today's game unfold over the internet today, I'm worried our team has been replaced by Englishmen, so effectively have we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Very worrying.
Jackie, NZer in UK

New Zealand's unfaltering ability to forge the steel of victory from the cotton wool of mediocrity will always lead them to the sweet, sweet summit of cricket's sport mountain. KIA ORA, BOYS!!!
David, Osaka, Japan

I think Australia are the team which everyone predicts will take home the cup but anything can happen in cricket, as in South Africa's World Cup semi-final exit in 1999. I think New Zealand are the team who can bring the cup home.
Abdul Quddos , UK

I think New Zealand have a great chance to beat the over-hyped Australian outfit.

New Zealand are the only team who have a chance of beating the Aussies
Jim Baldwin, Nottingham

Stephen Fleming has to be one of the greatest captains of all time and ranks just under Kepler Wessels for captaincy ability. The Kiwi bowling attacks is also looking ominous, including the Phil Tufnell-like Chris Harris.
James, Auckland

I have great respect and admiration for the Kiwi character. This is one team to look out for and at the moment looks like the team to beat Australia.

My predictions: Australia beats Lanka, New Zealand beat India (although that would shatter my heart, me being Indian); it's the dirty yellows versus the resplendent blacks and yep, baby, the blacks cap it all.
Setu Roday, USA/India

I think New Zealand are the most exciting team to watch because they score runs quickly and are the only team who have a chance of beating the Aussies.
Jim Baldwin, Nottingham

Aside from mere patriotic fervour, I hope New Zealand win as the team play cricket the way it should be played - honest, aggressive and positive.
Mark Glengarry, Kiwi in London

I think New Zealand will scrape through to the semi-finals
Martin Sparrow, China

I would love nothing more than for us to upset the Aussies in the World Cup. But this Australian team has to be respected. They are probably one of the greatest cricket teams in history and it will be a tough task.

We can do it as long as our bowlers find a bit of form - they have been kind of lacklustre throughout the tournament.
Daniel, Kiwi in Japan

I think New Zealand will scrape through to the semi-finals and beat the Aussies but lose in the final to a team like India.
Martin Sparrow, China

NZ played well and made it to the Super Sixes, but with the points they carry - there's not much hope. Their boycott cost SA/WI a spot in the Super Sixes which now works out to the pool A teams' advantage. All in all they deserve to be in the semis but probably won't end up there.
Rahul, New York

Do New Zealand deserve to be in the Super Six? Yes of course they do! They beat South Africa and West Indies on the field, walked away from the Kenya match (and four points) because of genuine security fears and yet still qualify.

We have by far the best recent record of any side over Australia
Frizzer, UK

One side that can regularly beat Australia is at this World Cup and that side is New Zealand!
Richard Prebble, Acton, New Zealand

Contrary to what several people have suggested, rain shouldn't prove to be a problem in the Super Sixes as reserve days are in place, it was only for the Group stages that they weren't.

It's therefore hard to see Kenya getting any more points, and given that Sri Lanka carry through 7.5 points, two wins should see us safely into the semis. Astle is due for a big one and Bondy is about to really fire. Come on the Black Caps.
Sol, Kiwi in London

New Zealand are following the pattern of many a previous World Cup winner, begin slowly and gather momentum through the tournament. In terms of form we are second only to Australia (we have only lost one match on the pitch so far).

We also have by far the best recent record of any side over Australia. Two wins in the Super Six will see us through to the semis but I believe three wins are on the cards. Other teams are definitely more scared of us than we are of them. I like our chances - a lot.
Frizzer, UK

As long as the weather holds NZ have a good chance to reach at least the semis. They are one of the few teams in recent years to have done well against the Aussies, even in Australia.

New Zealand are the next best team behind Australia left in this tournament
Jeremy Davies, Australia

As well, they have recently thumped the Indians 5-2 in a one day series - admittedly on their own turf - but they may be able to exploit the weaknesses learnt at home about Ganguly's men to SA.
Ty, London

Come on you Kiwis. Show us Pommies how to beat the Aussies and give us something to be happy about for a change.
Pete Knowles, Cornwall

Does anyone know how I can contact Mr Duckworth and Mr Lewis, 'cause I'd like to buy them a drink. Stuart, (London UK) I'll buy you one too.
Mile End 1st XI, London

New Zealand are the next best team behind Australia left in this tournament without any shadow of a doubt. They destroyed India over the summer and had a minor blip against Sri Lanka.

India and Sri Lanka are extremely inconsistent whilst the Kiwis are a very well balanced side led by one of the best captains in the game. Unlike England, they have the attitude and the commitment to challenge Australia and on the right day could cause a big "shock."

As an Aussie, NZ are the team I fear (and respect) the most and it would be no shame losing to them.
Jeremy Davies, Australia

New Zealand are unlikely to make it to the semi-finals and will be the next team to come crashing to ground due to the fickle weather and the even more fickle rules. Kenya only need a rained out match to qualify and New Zealand only need a rained out match not to qualify.

I believe Chris Cairns is our trump card and could be poised for a match winnings innings
Reuben, Brussels
Do they deserve to go through? Probably. However their bowling attack is pretty toothless and all teams have been able to hit them round the park, even Bangladesh. They have a great batting line up but will be lucky to chase down another total of 300+ in this tournament.
Greg Mclaren, London from NZ

The Kiwis have shown good form to date. They are at least the second best side in the Super Six and have a great chance of beating Australia to win the cup!
David, Auckland

Earnie from NZ, you have my agreement and disagreement. The whole 'over-hyped' America's Cup has been tedious to the extreme, and I for one am glad to see the wretched thing gone from NZ.

But you seem to be suggesting that the World Cup of cricket should be treated to the same sort of media frenzy as the America's Cup has been, presumably with the parochial drum-thumping included.

You call the World Cup a 'truly global sporting tournament', yet I only see 14 countries, and for half of these cricket is a marginal sport, at best. The World Cup is a great event for cricket enthusiasts, and that's as far as it goes.
B, New Zealand

Due to the strange way that points are carried through to the Super Six, it seems to be a big ask for the Black Caps. The maximum that we can finish the Super Six with is 12 points, Australia are starting the Super Six on 12 points !
Mike Liddell, Norwich, England (Kiwi)

I reckon we need two wins out of three in the Super Sixes and that means knocking off either Australia or India and blue skies! I believe Chris Cairns is our trump card and could be poised for a match winnings innings.
Reuben, Brussels

For the Kiwis to win the World Cup, we must almost certainly beat Australia twice. At least if we make the semis, we can boast to have won against South Africa, West Indies, India, Zimbabwe, and potentially Australia. Go the mighty Kiwis!
Brett, Austria

2003 ... the year NZ won the cricket world cup AND the rugby world cup. That's what I am looking forward to thinking at the end of this year - especially with all the Aussies littering the BBC pages with their constant barrage of 'we are the greatest'.

I, and I'm sure most of NZ, seriously believe we can do it. Perhaps that is the difference between NZ and some of the other teams at the World Cup.
Reuben Woods, London

If anyone can, a Kiwi can.
Catherine Ingham, France

New Zealand are looking more and more like world champions every day
Peter West, Sydney

If the Black Caps manage to get through they could go far, as so far only Australia seem to be anywhere near invincible. If NZ can mange to get some consistency throughout their innings they could make it to the final. C'mon the Kiwis!
Conor, Cork, Ireland

I think the Kiwis have let the Canadians score too many. Their only chance now is to rely on a Sri Lankan win.
Bill, Japan

By the time the Super Sixes come around the Black Caps will be on a flight back to Auckland. Talk is cheap my Trans-Tasman friends! Go Australia.
Stuart, London UK

New Zealand are looking more and more like world champions every day. They may be the only side able to beat Australia.
Peter West, Sydney

After reading your pages I can see there are a lot of knockers out there.

Go Kiwis...we love you guys! We need to have a bit of morale go the Silver Fern...and Kia Kaha to the Kiwis!
Helen, Gisborne NZ, and proud of it!

While the New Zealand media has whipped itself into a frenzy about the oh-so-overhyped America's Cup yachting saga for the past six months, cricket has ridiculously been treated as a fringe sport.

Why can't the NZ media get behind our cricket team the way they have the yachties?
Earnie, New Zealand

Firstly the India tour was barely reported, with the only TV highlights available at midnight, and now the Cricket World Cup - one of the planet's biggest tournaments for a truly global sport - has been treated with equal disdain.

The much anticipated India-Pakistan match wasn't even reported on Channel One news, while the sobbing news team bleated about losing the America's Cup for at least half an hour.

During my time in Australia, cricket was treated with the respect it deserves as the nation's leading summer sport, with ample TV and newspaper coverage daily. No wonder the Australians are 'unbeatable' with the media support they have!!

Why can't the NZ media get behind our cricket team the way they have the yachties?? Now the Americas Cup is winging it way to Europe, perhaps the NZ media can finally focus on a truly global sporting tournament rather than saturation coverage of a millionaire's playground. Any other NZers share my views??
Earnie, New Zealand

Another sure step on the way to beating Australia in the final. You read it here first. Kia Kaha!
Andrew, Auckland, NZ

Well done the Black Caps. So far on the field we've put in a big effort and have had some excellent wins. However, we need to find the same mental toughness off the pitch too.

The injection of more pace in the attack is a positive forward-thinking change but on these wickets NZ seem to have lost their miserly streak
Ian Bayliss, London, England

Martin Sneddon needs to back up his players or the 'chicken' brand over Kenya will effect the teams self confidence. He and the team need to take it on the chin and do the rest of their fighting with bat and ball.
Frank, London, UK

The NZ sides of the 90s were arguably the best containing side around. They could defend really 'gettable' targets by tying batsmen down and seldom chased big scores.

The injection of more pace in the attack is a positive forward-thinking change but on these wickets NZ seem to have lost their miserly streak. If they progress they'll have to markedly improve their bowling accuracy to complement their improving batting. Do that, and I think NZ have themselves a team of world-beaters.
Ian Bayliss, London, England

Well done to the Black Caps. They've promised much over recent years without fully delivering but now this team, for the first time in over 10 years, looks to be the business. They have match winners littered throughout the team, a strong batting line-up and a solid pace attack.

They also have one of the hottest players in world cricket, Chris Cairns. Boy, his body is looking so tight these days it's an awesome sight to see, especially when he's fielding on the boundary and sliding around to save one or two runs and getting all dirty.
Hamish Miller, Nanjing, China

Great to see the Kiwis come back like they have, but assuming they forfeit v Kenya, I am still concerned that they might miss out on the Super Six. If SA and WI both beat SL and there are no other surprise results / washouts, WI will win the group with 18 points and NZ, SA & SL will all be tied on 16 points. Then it would come down to net run rate, and since NZ would have missed out on boosting theirs against Kenya, things may start to look a bit grim.
Steve, England (Kiwi)

I think that a more likely spanner in the works could be the weather
Fraser, London
I think it's a shambles, matches being won by awful nations because of the politics in Africa. I understand the problems these countries have, but sending a major sports event there is not the solution. It is turning into a farce because no-one wants to play anywhere but South Africa, and rightfully so. And you think it is bad now? Bet we all can't wait for the football World Cup to be played there.
Neil, Slough

The New Zealanders very narrowly survived a previous bomb blast at their hotel that killed some French navy technicians [and may have been targeted at the Kiwis] and many players saw the carnage first hand.

Why should the cup organisers put the Kiwi's at risk again? Please lets shift the Kenyan game for safety AND humanitarian reasons.
Dave Roberson, Tulsa, Ok. USA

Great result for the Black Caps - well done boys!!!! I just want to remind Mick of Australia, that if Aussie are as great as you think then where were they in the finals of the last world series held in Aussies backyard - pull your head in and recognise NZ as a true cricketing force!
Andrew, Kiwi in London

I think that a more likely spanner in the works could be the weather. If New Zealand (or any of the other strong nations in Group B) have a game against a 'minnow' rained off, they will share the points. This would have a dramatic (and possibly definitive) influence on which teams will make it to the next round.
Fraser, London

This might sound strange coming from an Australian, but if Australia don't manage to win the World Cup, then I definitely hope New Zealand do. They have very capable players in every position, and few, if any weaknesses. Maybe not a team of champions, but rather a champion team.
Stephen Rutkowski, Australia

I thought NZ were taking a huge risk in only playing one specialist quick against WI and SA. In the second instance, they conceded over 300. Do they really need all three of Styris, Adams and Oram playing in one match? Australia would punish them for packing the side with all-rounders down to 9 or 10. Anyone else agree?
Milan, UK

Magnificient! It's Flamin' Fleming!
Sanjay Kapoor, UK
Well done to the Black Caps! It will be good to see us in the Super Six. But let's not forget cricket is a funny old game and there are still a few games to win yet! Even though the remaining teams in Group B are "minnows", let's not blow it by thinking we can win by just turning up!
Gary, Kiwi in London

Magnificient! It's Flamin' Fleming! Whoever said that Group A was the Group of Death in this World Cup had better start eating his hat quickly. Group B has turned out absolute scorchers in their matches. Being a rabid India supporter, I have taken a conscious decision to back the Black Caps all the way.

I refuse to watch anymore dribble churned out by the much-vaunted Group A matches. Australia who must be thoroughly bored of their (non?) games with India and Pakistan, must be actually looking forward to meeting Holland or Namibia, if for nothing, but for the pluck and courage of these weekend cricketers. For those of you who are screaming that the Aussies have to play England yet, don't make me laugh.

What else can I say? Go Kiwis Go, the funeral of Indian cricket was performed on the streets of India yesterday, after a sad and spineless demise in New Zealand.
Sanjay Kapoor, UK

Hey Brad Anderson - you're an idiot. I think you should look at the Kiwi cricketers results over the last few years before you make comments like that. We're a small country and do well with the population base we have to work with.

Admittedly the team is prone to inconsistent performances, which is gutting for fans, but you have to keep supporting them. I bet fair-weather supporters like yourself were loving it when we almost beat Aussie in the Test series last year.
Rob - Kiwi in London, London

The true gentlemen and quiet warriors of international cricket are the New Zealand Kiwis
Mo Khan, Los Angeles
It looks like all those who accredited New Zealand's crushing defeats of India prior to the World Cup to sub-standard pitches were missing the point - both teams faced the same conditions but NZ came out on top seven times out of nine.

This is a team that knows how to win. As long as other results don't go against them, they're through to the super 6. Just ask yourself the question - if Australia makes the final, which of the others would they least like to face?
Greg, Japan/NZ

Congrats to NZ for having the guts to stand up and say no to playing where known cells of terrorists exist. With the added pressure of facing the three top teams in their group straight up minus 4 points, they now look good for the super six where the POMS won't be.
Darlo, Spain

The Kiwi's do it again. Dark horses as ever. It's hard to name world class players in their side, especially the bowling without Cairns, but they're so gritty. On their day they can beat anyone and by the same token, lose to anyone.
Paul, Gloucester, England Being an avid fan of cricket and particularly my Pakistan, the time has come to accept that the true gentlemen and quiet warriors of international cricket are the New Zealand Kiwis. Always in with a fight, these boys have always been a pleasure to watch and there is nobody else in this tournament who would have challenged that total by South Africa (at their home ground) with such professionalism.

It was worth staying up all night to watch Stephen Fleming pull and hook the Africans all over the park. Go KIWIS, hope you go as far as you deserve!
Mo Khan, Los Angeles, California

The Kiwi's just had their World Cup miracle, surely lightning wont strike twice?
Mick, Australia
Before this match yesterday, I didn't really think much of the Kiwis in cricket, but the game yesterday sure did demand respect. I just feel it was a shame about the rain, more so for the Kiwis then for SA, as I am sure they would still have beaten the African side and left them no excuses whatsoever. I look forward to seeing them play my side, Pakistan, in the super six stage and beyond.
T Kiani, London, England

I hope the game against South Africa will make people like Manjunath see that the Kiwis aren't a useless team at all and as for Peter Parmeres of Nairobi saying the Kiwis are chicken's for not going Nairobi is completly stupid.

NZ cricket teams have been caught in 3 bomb blasts in the last 15 years you should be able to understand why we would be a bit worried.
Matthew, New Zealand

People should not be confused by a team of average cricket players (New Zealand) winning a couple of games and a team overflowing with prolific run-scoring, wicket-taking and fabulous fielding cricketers that is Australia.

Everyone in the world knows who the best team is, with nothing short of a miracle needed by the opposition to topple the might of the Aussie's....the Kiwi's just had their World Cup miracle, surely lightning wont strike twice?
Mick, Australia

If there is one team in the tournament, other than Pakistan, that would give me real pleasure if it won, it is New Zealand. They are a bunch of extremely hard-working players who play as a team. They may not have many paper "super-stars", but they have real fighters who perform well on the field. And no one can match them for their humility and decency. Well done Kiwis! Go ahead and win it!!
Nausherwan Lahori, Lahore, Pakistan

One of the great centuries in ODI cricket by the best captain in the game
D Mahar, New Zealand
New Zealand were never the "outsiders" in this World Cup. The Kiwis have an excellent team with great skills amongst all the players. Many people who have been critical of this team are now eating their words. This side could go all the way and is more than capable of beating the very tidy Australian team as they have done numerous times in the past...what a Southern Hemisphere final that would make.
Murray King, Auckland NZ

After the Indian series in NZ I had predicted and mentioned to many of my friends that Fleming's captaincy, dedication and intelligent analysis of the opponents can see the team into the final. He has made the Kiwi's stronger from match to match.
Siva, Chicago

Eat your words Brad Anderson of NZ and Justin, Kiwi in London. Why bother making such harsh comments about YOUR national cricket team after just one loss. Look at what they have just achieved against two of the biggest teams in world cricket, very impressive. How about investing a little faith in the Black Caps and your country instead of carrying around a negative attitude? Thanks to people like Dee in London, I feel like there are people like me who will support our sports teams through thick and thin. It is worth the wait!
Dan P., Auckland, NZ

Unbelievable result! No one expected they could rock South Africa like this. The Kiwis, always unfancied, can beat any side on their day, and last summer had the wood over the Aussies on their home turf! They're unpredictable, and maybe in the final analysis will lack the quality of other sides, but you can't right them off.
Patrick, NZ

Time and time again people write us off and we still manage to win
Daniel, Kiwi in Japan
Steve Fleming what a fantastic innings! A true captain's knock in a sudden death scenario. One of the great centuries in ODI cricket by the best captain in the game, this gives NZ new hope. Look out Aussie, Sri Lanka and co!!
D Mahar, New Zealand

New Zealand are the outsiders and the way they performed against the South Africans, just proves that they can go a long way. The only team that can undermine them is Australia.

I hope the Kiwis will qualify for the Super Sixes and not wilt psychologically against the Aussies. Being a Sri Lankan fan it would be nice to meet the Kiwis again in the final! The team really has got talent and panache. Good luck!
Omar Nawaz, France

Having just watched the game against South Africa, some of the comments on this page are laughable. Time and time again people write us off and we still manage to win.

If New Zealand are such an "ordinary team", how did we manage to whip India 2-0 in the Test series, and win the one-day series? And there is nothing "chicken" about refusing to play in a place that could be potentially targeted by terrorists...the Kiwi team has witnessed three bombings in the last 15 years.

Stephen Fleming proved in the SA match why he is one of the best captains (and players) in the game, and I think we have a great chance of making the Super Six now. Go New Zealand!!!
Daniel, Kiwi in Japan

Well the Kiwis are starting to fire, beat the Windies, South Africa which no one gave them any chance & look set to make the Super Six...on their day they can give any one a run for their money....dark horses for the World Cup.
Steve, Coventry, UK

The Kiwis defeating S. Africa is going to have a huge bearing on how other teams now view them
Fatema Abdul Rasul, Minnesota, USA

Never right off a Kiwi sports team. All you critics can now eat humble pie. After watching Fleming & Astle totally devastate South Africa, I don't mind going to work (even though I've had no sleep!)
Geoff, Wellington, NZ

Thank you Mr Fleming for showing Mr Ganguly how a captain's innings should be played. Congratulations to the Black Caps for an excellent victory against South Africa.
Ramesh, Austin, USA

The Kiwis defeating S. Africa is going to have a huge bearing on how other teams now view them. I have always said you cannot under estimate the Black Caps - Fleming is a great captain, and when they play a good game, they can thrash their opponents. Hats off to the Kiwis for a great job!
Fatema Abdul Rasul, Minnesota, USA

NZ now is the team to watch. After a very successful series on home ground with the stunned Indians, they have now taken West Indies and South Africa for a walk. If Fleming, Styris, Cairns and Co. get moving, I bet they could the dark horse in this World Cup!
Shanx, Tokyo

I remember watching an ODI game between New Zealand and India recently where former players Martin Crowe and Ian Smith were critical about the lack of enough pure upper order batsmen in the team and too many all-rounders being selected for this WC2003 squad.

I thought the Kiwis would be able to hold it together in this World Cup
Justin, Kiwi in London

I have to agree with this and believe the batting will let them down and mean they don't even make the Super Sixes.
Darshin, London,UK

Regardless of the strength of any Kiwi side, never write them off until the last ball has been bowled. Time and time again various Kiwi teams have shown that to win any game of rugby or cricket all you need is guts and sheer determination, and I think you'd agree this is something the Kiwis certainly possess.
Dee, Kiwi in London

Agreed; Kiwis beat India in all the games where they won the toss, but I am not really impressed by them. In South Africa Bond might be faster but he looks very amateur and so does Tuffy.

There are no others worth mentioning really. Chances of their going into Super Six are very minimal..
Manish, USA

I thought the Kiwis would be able to hold it together in this World Cup, coming off a series of good performances. However, they are playing like a bunch of school boys! Where are the men in the team, when you need cool heads?
Justin, Kiwi, London

Kiwis are really a bunch of losers. First they lost their supremacy in rugby, then their cricket standards deteriorated so badly it's laughable.

Why doesn't the ICC set up a World Cup for the minnow nations or those up-and-coming nations who aspire to play with the big boys, much like the 1st Division and the Premier League in football. This way, the Kiwis will feel right at home in such tournament.
Brad Anderson, NZ

Good side. I think the Kiwis have a huge contribution to make to this World Cup. If fate is fair, any loss of points will not prejudice their ultimate attainment. They are deserving of better than that!
Anon, Canberra, Australia

Before this tournament I thought New Zealand had a very good chance of winning the World Cup coming off good form in the Indian tour, but after pulling out of the match in Kenya and losing early to the Sri Lankans, the Kiwi's have applied way too much pressure on themselves to do well in this World Cup.
Tim, Queensland, Australia

Now, being a Kiwi and also a cricket fan, it is no doubt that I support our team to the full. But I have to say that in these last few years our batting has gone to the dogs.

Thank god for Scott Styris stepping up the other day or we would have had a dismal game against Sri Lanka. I have to say that anyone who is counting on New Zealand to get through to the finals or semis shouldn't hold their breath.
Blair Parkinson, New Zealand

New Zealand have made it very difficult for themselves in trying to make the Super Six. However I agree with their pulling out of the Kenya game, the New Zealanders have twice been involved in terrorist attacks and you cant blame them for not wanting to be in another.
Edward, Korea

I don't blame the Kiwi's pulling out of the Kenyan game. Anyone who has had their hotel blown up by bomb has a far better perspective on the realism of terrorism than just the politics of a "Security Report". I only hope that this doesn't ruin the Kenyan/NZ relationship as my wife and I had a fantastic time in when we visited Kenya a couple of years ago.
Deano the Kiwi, London

New Zealand are going down to South Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka and can't make it to the Super Six
Manjunath, USA

The Kiwis have proven themselves to be a scared bunch since chickening off playing in Kenya. I wonder how they expect to win any match while looking always looking behind their backs. I suggest they leave sports to those who dare!
Peter Parmeres, Nairobi

New Zealand is a very ordinary team. Macmillan and Shane Bond are the only specialists. All others are ordinary contributors. They are going down to South Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka and can't make it to super six. They should have toured South Africa some time during last year, to have some exposure to other pitches other than their own unique useless pitches.
Manjunath, USA

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