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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:14 GMT
Have Your Say on Bangladesh
Bangladesh's World Cup campaign ends on a low note as they lose to Kenya by 32 runs.

What can the Tigers learn from their poor World Cup campaign?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Bangladesh's World Cup campaign appears below.

The ICC should do something for the development of Bangladeshi cricket. They are still in the learning curve. Some series can be arranged for Bangladesh with its relatively weaker opponents like Kenya.

Extensive training programmes should be conducted to remove the basic technical problems the youngsters are facing now in the team.
Ahsan Newaz Khan, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a good team with some very enthusiastic young cricketers
Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, London

I never approved of Bangladesh receiving Test status. This made Bangladesh put on shoes larger than its real size. Bangladesh is yet to have a batsman who has scored two or three centuries in a domestic league in one season. The same goes for the bowlers.

Bangladesh needs to look for good spinners and very lively cricket tournaments throughout the year for different age groups. This means more money for cricket from public and private sources.
Razi Hye, Dhaka

Kenya is better than Bangladesh by a mile - and never has this been more apparent than in Saturday's clash at the Wanderers. Kenya have beaten Bangladesh six out of the seven times they have played each other.

And to think that some fans were looking forward to a Bangladeshi "win" over the Tusker boys! Not in this World Cup, people, not in this one! See you soon!
Peter Wanyonyi, Nairobi, Kenya

The Bangladesh cricket administrators would do well for their country if they send 'A teams' to various Test playing nations. This would not only give their young cricketers international exposure but would also improve their temperament of playing cricket at the highest level.

Bangladesh is a good team with some very enthusiastic young cricketers who have lots of talents. All they need is a good trainer who can remind them about the basics and also encourage them to be more physically capable of taking the pressure when they are in the middle.

Improving their mental strength is also another area which needs attention. Bangladesh might have had a terrible world cup in 2003 but most of the cricket watchers would expect them to come up well in years to come. Good luck Bangladesh.
Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, London

Bangladesh has to continue to show the fighting spirit like Kenya and Canada
Debasish Datta, Canada

I think Bangladesh should seriously consider giving up Test status and stop playing too many one-day games. Rather they should spend the next two years playing 3/4 day matches and one-day matches against the "A" or "B" teams of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Jewel, Texas, USA

Just give the Bangladesh team time. Not many people know that Sourav Ganguly, the Indian captain, is originally from Bangladesh. So it is not about the people, just experience and training. Few countries love cricket with a passion as in Bangladesh, so that is also worth something.
Amit Ranjan Pal, Calcutta, India

I 100% agree with Ahmed Amin. Bangladesh has to continue to show the fighting spirit like Kenya and Canada. If they do, they will succeed. The talent is there, the infrastructure and market are there - now they just have to go out there and show some grit - win or lose. And eventually they will migrate to a higher level of cricket.

So far I have seen positive signs as the tail-enders prevented New Zealand from bowling them out. And Akram Khan's courageous fight at the end of the Kenyan match was also a good sign.
Debasish Datta, Canada

I urge Bangladeshis not to make rude criticizing comments directed to the Bangladesh cricket team in this public forum, please!!
Amin, Canada

I believe Bangladesh have a bunch of talented players who are capable of performing at the highest level. The only problem is the Tigers need to believe in themselves rather than think beforehand at what margin they are going to lose by.

They should start every game thinking they can win it and no team is undefeatable. The fighting spirit the Canadians and the Kenyans showed should be the best example the Tigers could take home from the World Cup.
Ahmed Amin, United States

The Bangladeshi government should punish the BCB selectors by sacking them from their job, because they sent a young and inexperienced team to the World Cup.

The performance of the cricket team in the World Cup it not only disappointing for Bangladeshi fans around the world but also degrading the country's cricket reputation. The wrong selection by the selectors gives the chance to raise questions about the Test stauts of Bangladesh.

The selectors should be given lesson, otherwise it will happen again and again.
Tajbir, Birmingham, England

I clearly believe by looking at the recent performances at the World Cup by Bangladesh, that they should not be playing at Test level for the simple reason that they are not good enough. I believe that Bangladesh should firstly understand the basic concepts of the game such as batting and bowling effectively.

However, the recent performance against Canada shows clearly that Bangladesh have not effectively learned these basic principles. I believe that Kenya should be ahead of Bangladesh when applying for Test status since they consistently perform well against established opposition.

Did someone say Tigers? They should be called Bangladesh Mice
Yohan, Japan

This was evident in the 1996 World Cup where they beat the West Indies and more recently in the 2003 World Cup where they have beaten one of the tournament favourites in the shape of Sri Lanka.
Zahid Asghar, Luton

I am sure that none of the critics who are so ashamed and humiliated by the performance of the Bangladesh cricket team knows or ever looks at what goes on behind the scenes. It's very easy to criticize a failure but very hard to lead the way to success. So please let them play, wish them all the best. Sleeping Tigers will rise one day.
Rezwan ul Islam, Dhaka, Lalbag, Bangladesh

The only way to follow cricket in a European country (except the UK) is these online broadcasts, which is not nice for a cricket fan. Even then, we go there, and it makes a lot of pain in the heart to see Bangladesh perform like that. Nevertheless, we keep our hand close, praying that our country will perform better one day. We pray, but do our players care?
Ali, Germany

To all those supporting Bangladesh Tigers....did someone say Tigers? They should be called Bangladesh Mice. Giving Bangladesh Test status is an insult to cricket. Promote teams like the Dutch or the Kenyans to that status.
Yohan, Japan

Why were Bangladesh awarded Test status ahead of Kenya? They have always been rated ahead of them in the ICC One Day ratings. They need more time to develop before being thrown in at the deep end.
Andrew D'cruz, London

Don't worry, don't be ashamed and don't be afraid. Just play and show your ability
Shahzad, London

As far as Bangladesh is concerned, they need at least 10 yrs to come up to standard. Rather than giving them a first class status they should be allowed to firstly play counties and if they win, and that's a very bleak chance, than they should be allowed to enter or rather, play good first class teams.

Right now, they should concentrate on cricket, they are lucky that they even got admitted to play in the World Cup.
Waqas, Houston, Texas

Do you have doubt about the ability of Bangladeshi players? For your kind information, we have the world's youngest Test centurian in our side within just four years of being a Test-playing country. If Bangladesh wasn't a Test-playing country, the world would have missed out on this record.

We have eleven Tigers on the field but there are more than 150 million Royal bengals all over the world who are behind them whatever the world says.

Don't worry, don't be ashamed and don't be afraid. Just play and show your ability. That's all what we want. Those who are questioning the Test status are aristocrats who can't accept new comers in their long lasting kingdom. I also support Kenya's demand for Test status. Tomorrow is ours.
Shahzad, London

Bangladesh should learn from Kenya. They retained their core strength of their team and kept the experienced players. Bangladesh should have let the so-called talents bloom on their own time then pushing them to face players like Pollock, Vaas and Murali.

One can only hope that this World Cup is a lesson for them to refrain from doing too many experiments with their team and further humiliate their country.
Sunny Jahangir, Dallas, TX, USA

Bangladesh need more time to adjust
Sunny, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, do something in your coming matches to save our faces. We don't want any more humiliation. We can't tolerate it any more when people look down on us for such bad performances.

Either do or die. At least give us a win against Kenya. Prove that we are Bengal Tigers. Time is yet not gone. Wake up and save us from further humiliation.
Opel, Toronto

Bangladesh need more time to adjust at the highest level at cricket. So we the Bangladeshi people should support the team. The Bangladesh team is a new team to international cricket, we should have more patience to see them having good results.

Some may say that Kenya is a new team as well, but they are playing very good cricket. But Kenya has a very good plan for the future of the cricket. They have a coach who has been working for them for a very long time. Whereas Bangladesh changes their coach every now and then. And it is only recently that they have got a permanent cricket field.

Some months ago they didn't have any cricket board committee. So I think those who are saying that Bangladesh should have their Test status removed either hasn't thought about the problem deeply, or they just don't love Bangladesh.

I just want to say to them that if you play any game you have to lose sometime. And Bangladesh is a new team so they need time to adjust. They need a permanent coach, and a good cricket committee full of ex-experienced cricket players. So best of luck to Bangladesh.
Sunny, Bangladesh

A victory against those giant Test-playing nation is not far away
Touhid, Bangladesh

Bangladesh's performance against New Zealand was the natural one. No one at this stage expects them to win against teams like Pakistan or Australia, but how they fight is important.

In most of the matches, it seems that players are already drained out of juice as they know that they can't win. The winning habit has to be earned by intelligence and hard work. Their yesterday's approach to the game was positive and above all competitive. That's what is needed at this level of cricket.

I really don't want to compare my country with Kenya or Canada. My congratulations to those nations for playing well but my country is always best (to me at least). It really does not matter how they play, it's my team. I love them.

If Bangladeshi team plays with intelligence and definite game plan, a victory against those giant Test-playing nations is not far away. Keep working hard, victory cannot escape forever, you'll be able to catch it, today or tomorrow. Best of Luck, Tigers!!
Touhid, Bangladesh

The Tigers are back I guess. Hope to see them in good form again. We are desperately waiting for the match between our great Tigers and the Kenyans. We don't expect much, but at least hope that we can be a competitive opponent. Anyways, GOOD LUCK! And keep your spirits HIGH!
Riaz, Dubai, UAE.

This is for Peter from Manchester. Stop throwing bricks Bangladesh's way. As I recall, Canada thrashed your Scots in the ICC Trophy (scoring the required runs in under 40 overs) while Bangladesh ripped Scotland in the 1999 World Cup. Remember?

Ireland didn't fair much better - in the ICC Trophy they lost to the UAE, the US, and Denmark. Now if they can't beat those nations why would we want to give them Test and ODI status?
Debasish Datta, Canada

Use every bit of cricket knowledge necessary to perform well
Zinnu Ryne, Michigan

Yes, I have much to agree on with the comments which have been placed, many political disputes have entered into the game. Cricket and politics just don't mix.

The team has a selection of bright young contenders, who can reach their potential in all aspects of play. The Tigers now face their next match against Kenya. That match will greatly anticipated.
Atif Kazi, London, England

Well played Tigers!! Go on boys...beat Kenya... show what the Tigers can do!
Nasif, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Long before the World Cup 2003 had started, obviously no one was expecting Bangladesh to win the World Cup, or even make it to the finals. But people, especially Bangladeshis and cricket enthusiasts, were hoping to see good performances and temperament from the Bangladesh side.

That single hope was demolished after the game against Canada. This is not to undermine the Canadian team, but very few were expecting such a result! Needless to say, the Bangladesh team needs more practice.

Instead of thinking about a win, the players should think more about learning from it. Use every bit of cricket knowledge necessary to perform well. We should remember that it is not about winning, it is about getting better every day!

From now on, every single ODI/Test match Bangladesh plays, the players should emphasize more on grammar and longevity. Of course, the winning desire should be in the heart, but not so much that it affects performance. There is no pressure. One day the Bangladesh team will rise, just like Sri Lanka, New Zealand, or Zimbabwe.

Two ten-wicket defeats and a loss to Canada is just not good enough
Mashreque Meah, Essex

Kenya has improved a lot since the last World Cup. Bangladesh cricket officials should make arrangement for more ODIs between the two. We have to build the confidence, and the fastest way is to see more winning innings. All the best to Bangladesh cricket team.
Zinnu Ryne, Michigan, USA

It saddens me to see Bangladesh performing so badly at the World Cup. The talent and potential is obviously there and Bangladesh has a highly respectable and strong National League.

It therefore puzzles me why these levels of skills cannot be reciprocated on the international circuit. I do not expect them to win every game but they are not even coming close! Two ten-wicket defeats and a loss to Canada is just not good enough for a Test nation.

Bangladesh needs to show the world that they deserve this Test status. I hate to admit it, but in terms of merit, Kenya should have Test status ahead of us. I also believe a lot of it is down to poor management and politics but sadly, such problems will never go away and Bangladesh need to find other ways of getting around this.

I am not angry, and sure they are a new Test nation. It is a well known fact nations such as Sri Lanka and New Zealand took a while to be established. I am still behind you Bangladesh. Give me something to be proud of. A win over Kenya would be a massive start.
Mashreque Meah, Colchester, Essex, England

Perhaps this is the best game of Bangladesh in this World Cup. This time, their batting ability strengthened, but alas, the bowling performance diminished! It would be a perfect game if the Tigers play with their batting performance against Kiwis and the bowling performance against West Indies.

I'm sure our Tendulkars and Laras are out there
Abdul-Bari, London

I support them no matter what. There is loser and winner in a game, but it doesn't mean one has to win every single time. There are winners because of losers.

So I say, lets not discourage our players for their performance. Let's hope for the next time. To get to the top, we have to progress as much as we can without pressure from supporters.
Crik Freek, New York, USA

At last!! Bangladesh show their batting performance against a Test-playing nation. I hope BD will against Kenya. Thanks to lil Ashraful.
Dipu Chowdhury, Spain

Judging by the performance of Bangladesh in this World Cup, they are clearly the worst side in the tournament. Although I was a big supporter of the Test status claim, with benefit of hindsight, Bangladesh have been given Test match status too early.
Mo, England

What Bangladesh needs to in order to improve is to find talented players from grass roots. Look at the likes of Tendulker and Ganguly. I mean, forget the politics and start searching, in rural areas where cricket is played on the streets.

I'm sure our Tendulkars and Laras are out there. I'm confidant about Bangladesh's future. Bangladesh will be a team to reckon with...maybe in 2007, who knows!! Bangladesh, all the best.
Abdul-Bari, London England

I would just like to say, good on Bangladesh for how far they have got. Everyone has to start somewhere and they can only get better. At least they can take away with them the fact that they played against the world's greatest and learnt something. You never know where they might be in a couple of years...
Bushra Mazhar, London, United Kingdom

Some day we will win the race. It is just matter of time. Bengal Tigers will make it happen one day. We need enough patience. Please keep up the mission.
Mostofa Karim, Bangladesh

This is a big question here in Bangladesh and abroad. It is now clear that though we have a great chance with cricket, political stupidity and changes are limiting those chances. But I want to say to the world that those players in the World Cup are the some talented guys.

It's very easy to criticize a failure but very hard to lead the way to success
Aftab, New York

The only thing they are lacking is exposure and when they have this, I swear that they will be the best team in the world. Three cheers for the Bangladesh cricket team, their days are coming!
Saiful Islam, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"If the brain doesn't work properly, you can't expect the hands or the feet to show optimum performance". If one takes a close look at the socio-political situation of Bangladesh, he/she would understand the inconsistency of its cricket team.

I am sure none of the critics who are so ashamed and humiliated by the performance of the Bangladesh cricket team knows or ever looked at what goes on behind the scenes. It's very easy to criticize a failure but very hard to lead the way to success.

So please let them play, let the Tigers grow their teeth. Don't ask them to go home and do nothing. If Sri Lanka and New Zealand were forced to stay home after their early performances, I hope everyone understands what the cricket world would have missed.
Aftab, New York, USA

Please save us from more humiliation - remove Bangladesh from the Test arena, appoint full-time coaches without political interference and put more concentration on tactics instead of being heroes.
Kal, London

I have always supported the Bangladeshi team, but I do not have any more patience for a team that does not understand how to apply the basic concepts of cricket.
Wahoo, CT

There is too much politics involved in the selection of the team
Zak, Loughborough

This is to all the cricket pundits who have been making sweeping negative comments about Bangladeshi cricket. Yes the Tigers are playing badly but please stop to think for a moment. How many years did it take New Zealand/Sri Lanka to win their first Test match? I am not condoning their performance, but do you know who is at the helm of Bangladeshi cricket? It is the political leaders, having no understanding of the game and who make experiments with team and coach selection. What we need for the development of Bangladeshi cricket is to put a stop to these experiments and stick to a long-term plan under a good coach/administrator.
Rais Uddin Ahmad, Bangladesh

There is too much politics involved in the selection of the team. Bangladesh will never progress unless measures are taken to get rid of the internal wrangling within the Bangladesh Cricket Board.
Zak, Loughborough, England

Go home, save yourself further embarrassment. You should be stripped of Test and one-day status.
Yousuf, UK

Bangladesh have finally found a strategy to gain points in this World Cup - pray for rain! I predict, however, that the team will take heart from the no result against the West Indies and now go on to beat Kenya and restore some measure of dignity back to Bangladeshi cricket.
Samiul Abedin, New York

Tigers have lots of potential. I think that they need more match practice. Back home they play lots of game for the club and these do not give them enough time for practice that can be helpful for the international tournaments.
Amin, California, USA

Bangladesh shouldn't be in this World Cup, or even be recognised by the ICC as a Test nation. There are plenty of other teams that could soon have enough talent to play at Test level, like the Irish or the Scots. Maybe Cricket in Bangladesh would improve if it was not part of the ICC Test Championship.
Peter, Manchester, UK

Save yourself further humiliation and go home now. The team is pathetic. No pride. No hunger. No chance.
Ger, Ireland

We need more time and more experience
Shamim, New York
It's understandable why the Bangladeshi supporters are disheartened by their team's loss against Canada and the bad batting display against Sri Lanka.

Being in Australia, I have seen other Bangladeshis losing hope and lashing out against the players. I am a cricketer myself and I have always thought it will take at least 10 to 15 years for our team to come closer to the standards of the other Test playing nations.

Sure we can get upset, but it is not right to lose hope and give up. We love our country and our cricket, and I am sure we want our team to do well better than any other supporters. Some have asked for Bangladesh to be sent home from the World Cup and remove their Test status. I would say that they are ignorant and they do not know much about cricket.

Our team is new and the players are young in heart and experience. We cannot expect the Ashrafuls and Alok Kapalis to bat like Sachin, Jayasuriya or Chris Cairns. We cannot expect the Mashrafees and Manjurals to bowl like Wasim Akrams and Brett Lees. It is not even fair to think that way.

Those eleven players in green know how much the people back home wants the team to do well and I am sure they are trying their best. So please, let's continue our support and keep loving our cricket the way we did. Let us be patient. It is Bangladesh cricket's darkest hours. But remember that every dark night has a sunset. The dawn of the Tigers will come one day. Let us look forward to that.
Onabil, Australia

Please don't listen to any one who say's go back home. Try your best and reset the team for next game. If you lose that does not mean you will always be bad, think you have to do batter then last game. If you think that way one day you will get the Cup.

You just need to work out and be ready for next match; forget what happened in your past, think about your future. This is the second World Cup for our team we need more time and more experience to win, so take your time and try to learn good things from the other teams.
Shamim, New York, USA

Look down the road when New Zealand, Zimbabwe and even Srilanka were new comers. I'm sure they had failed miserably several times before winning the World Cup in 1996. The point is they did not give up.

Bangladesh you should be trying harder and harder. Give your best effort and aim high. You will get there soon. No matter what, don't be discouraged. Don't let failure hold you back and don't let success make you over confident. When you go out there to play, play with all your might.
Tahniat, Canada

Bangladesh is fairly a young team compared to India, Pakistan or even Australia. They need time to develop, and I am pretty sure 10 years down the road, they will become cricket power.

I think the management should stop their politics and let the players go out there and do their thing freely. They shouldn't lose heart for losing to Canada, these kind of upsets happen all the time. So, just concentrate on future games, and give your best shot, and at least try to make a game out of it.

I hope that everybody could stop lashing out against the team, believe me when I say this, they will make you proud one day. Win or lose, remember one thing, when the entire world is against you, there is a country behind you all the way, way the go BANGLADESH.
Neo, Canada

Don't be upset. We are always with you. We know that you have to try hard to show this talent to the world and prove that you are not a "toothless tiger".
Haroon, Bangladesh

I say to the players to stand firm, be aggressive and careful like a pouncing tiger
M Ali, London
Go Home. We don't want further embarrassment. This team does not deserve a place in World Cup.
S Basu, USA

Our team look like they want to cry even before they come out to bat. There is nothing worse than a team that has no confidence in itself representing their country. You were good enough to qualify and to get Test status. You have talent.

Dont give up yet. Get some confidence, regain your team spirit, and you'll be fine. Things can only get better if you want them to! Good luck!
Onima, London, England

It's a shame some people are so cruel and they are making stupid comments on Bangladesh team rather than encouraging them. I am hopeful that, Bangladesh will become a leading world class cricket playing country soon.

Now I say to the players to stand firm, be aggressive and careful like a pouncing tiger. Don't forget to show the opponents your scary teeth. All the best wishes.
M Ali, London, UK

I think it's nothing but pressure. The tigers are not so bad as they performed in World Cup. My suggestion is to play the rest of the games thinking we've nothing to lose, and without any pressure of thinking like we've got to beat Kenya or something else. Just play the natural cricket coz the tigers have that ability to play good cricket.
Ferdous Nadvi, Dhaka

Losses are part of the learning process
Asanga , Washington DC
The shambolic performance against Canada was degrading. Canada, a team unheard of in the cricketing field basically disgraced us. The team and the management really need to consider if the country is good enough to compete against the other cricketing countries. If so they need to get their act together. Other new teams entering the cricketing world prior to Bangladesh did not get humiliated like we are.
Joynal, Luton, UK

Bangladesh's bowling is better than before. Much thanks to the new young bowlers. Some credit may go to the new coach who was basically a bowler at his time. Bangladesh should have hired a coach for the batsmen (somebody like Greenidge or Gavaskar or Miandad). In batting department, they failed miserably. Let us hope that, the team and management will make the right decision from now on.
Arif, Silicon Valley, CA

Bangladesh shouldn't despair; losses are part of the learning process. Hopefully, the Bangladeshi Cricket Board will take a more pro-active approach to encourage younger cricketers, and to structure a first-class domestic tournament. This is the key ingredient to be successful in the international sphere. Having confidence in yourself is the second ingredient. Good luck Tigers - hope to see a much improved performance in '07!
Asanga , Washington DC, USA

Hey, I love Bangladesh. So okay, this is not the best of starts, but cricket is a funny game. Who knows what happens next? They have my support for sure.
Nico, the Netherlands

Don't let the blame games and ridicules dishearten you, Tiger! You have the talent and courage. Try to remain cool under pressure. You beat Pakistan in the last World Cup. Surely you can beat any of the top ranked team before this tournament is over. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, we'll always support Bangladeshi Cricket program. Now, get back to work, and play your best against those boys from West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand and Kenya. Have fun.
Sohel, Canada

I'm quite sure the talented Bangladeshi team will have some great matches later on
Giles, Canadian in Malaysia

Has Bangladesh won any game since being promoted to Test status? I do not count the obviously thrown match against Pakistan as a win. I believe that Kenya is a much better candidate for Test status - we are even ranked above Bangladesh in the ICC one day ratings! No, Bangladesh does not belong to the rarefied circles of cricket that is the Test circuit.
Peter Wanyonyi, Kenya

Bangladesh were given Test status when the level they should be playing is against sides like Canada, Holland, Kenya etc. They would not beat a Premier division amateur side in Australia, South Africa or Sri Lanka. When Sri Lanka entered the test arena with players like Bandula Warnapure they were a far more experienced and competent lot with the appropriate talent and ability. For years before they were awarded that status, Test nations toured Sri Lanka which had players like Michael Tissera, David Heyn etc.

Bangladesh have not improved (who would when even Sri Lanka 'A' walloped them so severely recently) The ICC needs to look at a 'B' Test setup where these lads can play each other at competitive levels rather than being decimated by vastly superior opposition. To get better they need talent and also the gradual increase in standards and level of play - not thrown to the sharks like is happening now.
Iva Pregunta, Asia

Bangladesh, don't lose heart, play your game. The Sri Lankan team too, was like yours some time ago, but with very hard work they are one of the very best today.

So keep it up and work very hard at it. Wishing you all the best and hoping you would be at the very top soon.
Rocky & Jean, Japan

I'm quite sure the talented Bangladeshi team will have some great matches later on. Surprise wins like this do happen.
Giles, Canadian in Malaysia

I think Bangladesh, not Shane Warne, deserve to go home. They are a disgrace to this World Cup.
Zubair, UK

I don't know what to say. I am in so much pain to see my beloved country loosing like this.
Ahmed, Virginia, USA

What is the point in entering the world cup when you know you are only in it to make the numbers up. You know you are going to lose every game, so you may as well go home now!
Stony, Broughton

Bangladesh are not doing great at the moment, but in twenty years they will be as good as any other team. They are now on a steep learning curve. Come on the Tigers!
Matt Grant, London, UK

Despite the fact that Bangladesh can "set alight" any stadium with their "outstanding" array of shot selection, brilliant display of bowling and athleticism on the field.

I believe that the world is not yet ready to embrace their "unique talent". Therefore I would advocate putting Bangladesh in a separate group with Djibouti and Hawaii. As for Canada, congratulations, you've overcome the "toothless tigers"
Shiv, Montreal, Canada

Please withdraw Bangladesh from the World Cup and save us from the humiliation.
Arif, California, USA

I think our country is rubbish. We should be stripped off our Test status and play against non Test teams to build our confidence because if we can't play properly against teams like Canada, what is the point of playing the likes of South Africa?
Supi, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Amidst the frowning pundits, I still retain hopes for Bangladesh Tigers to roar soon. Every critic conveniently forgets the poor performances of the "hero" teams in the cricket arena. So why should Bangladesh's performance be grilled alone?

I thank Al Nash, from Boston, USA for coming up with right criticism and encouragement!!
Amin, Canada

I believe Bangladesh have a lot of talented players but the problem with the team is that they are overcontrolled by the management, who change their decisions without giving them a lot of thought.

I am expecting some miracles that can take Bangladesh into the Super Six
Shamim, Toronto

As a result Bangladesh is in an unstable position and cannot hold on to a permanent coach who can lead the team in the right direction and give them the guidance that they need.
Hasan, New York

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