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Last Updated:  Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 15:44 GMT
World Cup final: Over-by-over
India 234 all out (39.2 overs) lost to Australia 359-2 by 125 runs

Australia have defended their World Cup title with an emphatic 125-run win over India.

India's innings started awfully when Sachin Tendulkar departed in the first over, and wickets fell regularly after the demise of Virender Sehwag for 82.

Ricky Ponting earlier blazed an unbeaten 140 to propel Australia to their highest one-day score.

40th over: McGrath returns to remove Zaheer as Australia seal World Cup glory. India: 234 all out

39th over: Lee returns to the attack to immediate effect, yorking Srinath and crashing his stumps. Nehra ends the over with successive boundaries. India: 226-9

38th over: Symonds strikes again as Harbhajan swings ambitiously and finds McGrath in the deep. India: 223-8

37th over: Lehmann returns to the fray, beating bat, stumps and kepper as four byes are conceded.

36th over: Mongia falls to a blinding catch by Martyn in the deep. India: 209-7

35th over: Yuvraj perishes to the cause, mis-hitting a sweep and holing out to Lee at deep mid-wicket. India: 209-6

34th over: Bichel overpitches to Mongia and is driven through the covers for four. He ups the ante later in the over, cutting gloriously on the up for the same result.

33rd over: Yuvraj steps to the pitch of the ball and sweeps Hogg nicely for four.

32nd over: India suffer a massive loss as Dravid drags Bichel onto his stumps and falls for 47. India: 187-5

31st over: Yuvraj is dropped for the third time as Symonds spills a hard but straightforward chance at short mid-wicket.

30th over: Dravid picks singles off Bichel with ease but India's required run-rate climbs all the while.

29th over: Dravid lifts back for a massive shot but misses as just four more runs are added to the tally off Hogg's over.

28th over: Yuvraj and Dravid push four runs off Bichel's seventh over.

27th over: Yuvraj is given another life as Martyn spills an easy chance in the deep.

26th over: Dravid French-cuts Bichel, running two as the inside edge misses the stumps and runs down to fine-leg. There is nothing chancy about his next shot, a beautiful on-drive for four. Ponting drops Yuvraj with a one-handed dive to his left.

25th over: Yuvraj is the new batsman at the crease and he has no problem dealing with Hogg's spin.

24th over: Sehwag chances Lehmann's arm at mid-off and fails, falling well short of his ground when the direct hit meets its target. India: 147-4

23rd over: Sehwag launches Hogg high and deep over mid-wicket for a massive six followed by a four, racing onto 83 in the process.

22nd over: Bichel appeals for lbw but Dravid survives and the players get a single. Hogg then drops a sharp one-handed chance off Sehwag at backward point.

21st over: McGrath is pulled from the attack with Hogg given the ball to start his third over. Sehwag wastes no time, slog-sweeping to the fence against the spin.

20th over: Sehwag latches onto a short-pitched Bichel delivery, playing along the ground through mid-wicket for four.

19th over: Dravid survives a run-out chance as Symonds' shy at the non-striker's end misses and runs for four overthrows. McGrath repeatedly beats Sehwag's outside edge.

18th over: Bichel resumes the attack for Australia, bathed in sunshine after 25 minutes were lost to rain.

17th over: McGrath comes on for his second spell as rain becomes heavier and the floodlights are turned on. Sehwag lofts over mid-wicket to bring up the 100 before umpires force a halt in play.

16th over: The expensive Lehmann makes way for Bichel with the fielding restrictions now dropped. Sehwag beats the cover fieldsman for a single to bring up his fifty. Dravid steers sublimely through mid-wicket for four as rain starts to fall.

15th over: Sehwag helps himself to Hogg's spin, hitting through extra cover for four and over mid-wicket for a massive six.

14th over: Lehmann is brought on at the other end, much to the liking of Sehwag who carts him for three successive fours.

13th over: Leg-spinner Hogg is given the ball as rain clouds loom ominously in the distance. Ponting will want to get to the 25-over mark as quickly as possible for this game to be vaild.

12th over: India go into the shells after the double loss, scoring just a single off Lee's sixth over.

11th over: McGrath strikes again as Kaif flashes outside off-stump and is caughty behind for a duck. India: 59-3

10th over: Ponting sets a field stacked heavily to the off-side. Ganguly moves towards point to open up the on-side but succeeds only in lofting Lee into the safe hands of Lehmann at mid-on. India: 58-2

9th over: Ganguly expertly drives a McGrath half-volley through the covers for his third boundary. A mistimed pull then falls safely out of reach of three chasing fieldsmen.

8th over: Lee peppers Sehwag with a string of short-pitched balls that rattle the batsman. But he drives the last ball of the over through the covers for four.

7th over: Sehwag gives himself room outside off-stump and clears point for a boundary off McGrath. The Aussie paceman doesn not like it one bit and gives the batsman a few choice words.

6th over: Lee marginally overpitches outside off-stump and is spanked to the extra-cover fence by Ganguly.

5th over: Ganguly top-edges over the keeper for four but there is nothing lucky about the six he blazes over point next ball for six. Sehwag gets in on the act with a six over extra cover.

4th over: Lee's focus wanders as he offers two no-balls and two wides. Sehwag gets off the mark by flicking the quick over square leg for four. The right-hander is then caught by Martyn but off a no-ball.

3rd over: Ganguly dances down the pitch at McGrath, swinging wildly but missing the ball by a distance.

2nd over: Lee hits top speed straight away, moving the ball away from the right-handed Sehwag and starting with a maiden.

1st over: Tendulkar pulls McGrath to the boundary before trying the shot again and failing, offering the bowler a simple catch. India: 4-1


50th over: Yet another full-toss from Srinath is dispatched through mid-wicket for four. Ponting follows up with a six as Australia reach their highest score in one-dayers.

49th over: Zaheer returns to the attack, pitches short and is pulled over mid-wicket for a huge six, Ponting's seventh.

48th over: A Srinath full-toss is hammered over the fence by Ponting before a lofted shot which lands safely brings up the 200 stand.

47th over: Martyn gives himself room outside off stump, launching Nehra over extra cover for his first six. Ten runs come off the over.

46th over: Ponting works Srinath off his pads for a single to bring up his 13th one-day century, scored off 103 balls.

45th over: Six singles off Nehra's over is a better return for India.

44th over: Zaheer returns to the attack but cannot stop the rot as Ponting straight-drives for four before launching a full-toss over mid-wicket for six.

43rd over: Australia exceed the highest score in a World Cup final as Ponting and Martyn's stand becomes the greatest in the history of the tournament's decider.

42nd over: Ponting continues his offensive, driving Mongia over long-on for an enormous six.

41st over: Nehra offers a subtle slower ball but Ponting is equal to the task, late sweeping for two down to deep square-leg. Ponting then treats a full-toss accordingly, hooking over the same area for six.

40th over: Ponting throws the bat at Mongia but cannot find the middle of the bat. Martyn shows his skipper how it is done, piercing the gap through extra cover for four.

39th over: India's only successful bowler, Harbhajan, returns to the attack to bowl his eighth over. Ponting pushes a single to reach his 50, scored off 74 balls, before launching two huge sixes over mid-wicket.

38th over: The century stand is brought up off 106 balls as Australia cement their platform for a final thrash at India's attack.

37th over: Australia continue to milk India's part-time spin attack for ones and twos to all parts of the ground.

36th over: Mongia maintains a tight line, restricting Australia to no more than a few singles.

35th over: Martyn dispatches Yuvraj to the mid-wicket fence, notching his half-century in 46 balls.

34th over: Ponting and Martyn effortlessly push Mongia around the ground, concluding the over with a sharply run two.

33rd over: Ponting charges at Zaheer and strikes a full-blooded drive through extra cover, but cannot beat the sweeper and scores only two. Zaheer bowls another wide before Martyn flicks a wide ball down to the fine-leg fence, bringing up the Aussie 200.

32nd over: Mongia impresses again with a tight over in which the batsmen can take only two runs.

31st over: Opening bowler Zaheer returns to the attack after his opening three-over spell leaked 28 runs. A good piece of fielding by Ganguly at mid-off saves a boundary.

30th over: Mongia curiously replaces the disciplined Sehwag as India try to quicken their slow over-rate.

29th over: A Ponting single brings up the fifty partnership off 51 balls.

28th over: Sehwag's tidy spell keeps on into a third over, costing five runs.

27th over: Tendulkar struggles to control his leg-spinners and Martyn dispatches a full-toss through wide mid-wicket for four.

26th over: Australia are content to push the non-threatening Sehwag for ones and twos as the total continues to build.

25th over: Ganguly tosses the ball to Tendulkar, much to the delight of India's fans. Aussie fans are quite happy, too, as Martyn beats short third-man for four and nine runs are scored in the over.

24th over: Sehwag replaces Harbhajan and does a fine job, the part-timer conceding just two runs in his first over.

23rd over: Ponting cuts to point but Yuvraj is on the case, diving athletically low to his left to save sure runs. The Aussie skipper hooks low and well through square-leg for four.

22nd over: Harbhajan continues into his seventh over. Ponting plays through the on-side with the spin for a nicely run two.

21st over: Martyn is the new batsman and he pounces on a wide Srinath delivery, cutting over point for four.

20th over: Hayden fishes at Harbhajan once too often and is dismissed, edging faintly into the gloves of keeper Dravid. Australia: 125-2

19th over: Srinath returns to the attack, extracting a thick edge off Ponting that beats second slip and runs to third man. The Aussie skipper has not yet settled in at the crease.

18th over: Ponting advances Harbhajan but what should be just one leg-bye down to fine-leg turns into two as Yuvraj misfields.

17th over: Nehra's admirable spell carries on into his sixth over. Just two runs are scored as he continues to make Australia work for their runs.

16th over: Ponting prepares to cut Harbhajan but is fooled by the sharp turn and can do more than fend the ball down to slip.

15th over: Nehra bowls a tight over as Australia try to recover from the loss of their first wicket.

14th over: Ganguly claims a catch off Gilchrist at slip, despite the ball hitting hitting the thigh pad and landing in front of the India skipper. Harbhajan then breaks through as Gilchrist slog-sweeps into the safe hands of Sehwag at deep mid-wicket. Australia: 105-1

13th over: Gilchrist lofts a mistimed hook high over mid-wicket but the ball lands safely. He brings up his half-century (off 40 balls) with another mis-hit.

12th over: Hayden misses an attempted sweep by a long way before pushing through extra cover for two and then four. Harbhajan concludes the over with a sharp turner that beats the batsman.

11th over: Nehra puts the ball in the right spot, restraining Hayden with movement off the pitch but an overpitched delivery finds its way to the long-off fence later in the over.

10th over: Ganguly turns to spin, giving Srinath a rest and opting for Harbhajan. The off-spinner beats Hayden's bat but is then swept to the fence for four.

9th over: Hayden flicks Nehra off his pads for two and pulls for four as Australia continue to score at their will.

8th over: A no-ball by Srinath is driven through the covers by Gilchrist for four. The left-hander hoicks the paceman over mid-wicket for another boundary before repeating the shot for six.

7th over: Nehra replaces the wayward Zaheer after the opening bowler leaks 28 runs in his three-over spell. A leg-bye brings up the 50 in ultra-fast time.

6th over: Srinath pitches far too short to Gilchrist and pays the price, Gilchrist cutting twice past point for two boundaries in three balls.

5th over: Hayden mistimes a push past mid-on but scampers through for three. Zaheer answers with another wide before Gilchrist top-edges streakily over slip for four.

4th over: Srinath taunts Gilchrist with a nagging line outside off-stump before erring down leg and being pulled to the fence.

3rd over: Gilchrist hammers Zaheer wide of mid-off for a delicious boundary. The bowler regains composure to complete a much better over than the first.

2nd over: Srinath teases Hayden outside the left-hander's leg-stump early in the over. A loud appeal for leg before is then turned down with the ball pitching outside the line of leg.

1st over: Amid a deafening din, Zaheer beats Gilchrist's outside edge with a sharp outswinger. Later in the over a wide down leg-side runs to the fence before Hayden off-drives a half-volley to the fence.

Australia: AC Gilchrist, ML Hayden, RT Ponting (capt), DS Lehmann, A Symonds, MG Bevan, GB Hogg, DR Martyn, AJ Bichel, B Lee, GD McGrath.

India: V Sehwag, SR Tendulkar, SC Ganguly (capt), M Kaif, Yuvraj Singh, R Dravid, D Mongia, J Srinath, A Nehra, Z Khan, Harbhajan Singh.

Umpires: SA Bucknor, DR Shepherd.

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