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Page last updated at 08:37 GMT, Thursday, 27 May 2010 09:37 UK

Cameron: 'We're getting to grips with the deficit'

This week David Cameron's coalition government unveiled its plans for tackling the budget deficit in the first Queen's Speech since taking office.

In his first Today interview as prime minister, David Cameron defended his immediate spending cuts, "until you are actually in charge of the ship you can't actually see what the penalty clauses are and what projects have been signed up to.

"But the key thing is we promised £6bn of spending reductions, we have delivered £6bn of spending reductions, that is good for our economy, it shows us getting to grips with the deficit," he commented.

When challenged on his capital gains tax policies and criticisms of it from his own party, "we have to raise some modest amounts of revenue in order to raise the income tax threshold which we think will help particularly low paid people... but all the arguments people are making are taken carefully into consideration before the budget decisions are announced," he told Today presenter Evan Davis.

"We need a country that really fires up entrepreneurship," the prime minister urged, adding the need for "a strong eurozone" to help the UK's recovery.

When challenged on his attempted reforms to the 1922 committee, the prime minister responded, "if you know my backbenchers you know that they are never be supine and nor should they be. In a coalition clearly it's going to take a lot more work, conversation and discussions and that's something actually that I welcome.

"In the last five years, changing and modernising the party, sometimes I was quite forceful in doing that, and I recognise that in this parliament in this coalition, you've got to take people with you... This is an exciting time in our politics."

And in what was an unexpected first for the Today programme, the Prime Minister provided listeners with his horseracing tips for the day's races.

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